little mix and one direction dark

this story is about little mix and one direction not knowing either other until something happened


6. four years later

                                        nikki prov ............... 

it's been four years and my band and 1D are the biggest bands 

i am married to zayn  

alex married liam 

niall and marie are engaged 

harry and selena are engaged 

and louis is married to eleanor with two baby girls named 

perrie jade tomlinson and jesy leigh-anne tomlinson 

and we all live in the same neighborhood  

and when one direction goes on tour little mix or 5sos are are the opening act or they are for us when we go on tour and eleanor and the kids 

and that is the story of little mix and one direction 

(this is my second movellas so please comment and like it and give me idea's foor my movellas it means alot


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