little mix and one direction dark

this story is about little mix and one direction not knowing either other until something happened


3. court

                                        nikki prov......... 

we were about to leave they told us the boys are coming and sitting behind us the guard said 

ok we all groaned 

shut up you love us they said 

shut up marie said 

come on the guard said 

                                       court room 

are you going to tell us who did it the judge said 

i said the wanted and fifth harmony in a low voice so they could not hear me 

speak up young lady the judge said  

i did not say anything i looked at the girls and boys they mouthed tell them  

the wanted and fifth harmony  i said  

jury what is your vote guilty or not guilty the judge said 


it was an award silence  

not guilty the girls and boys sighed in relief 

and the boys got let go a day early 

so we got our stuff and got food and drinks and went to sleep because we have to drive to x factor and try out


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