I've missed you this whole time

This story is basically my real life. I'm not even going to change the names. I've been confused and lost for so long. Life isn't all rainbows and unicorns. It's hardships, hurt, and heartbreak. Maybe you guys will learn from my story. I would love it if you guys give me advice. Doesn't happen to me often so it would be something new


2. My Parents

My mom's name is Guadalupe Adriana Rodriguez. She is commenly refered to as Lupita, she hates being called Guadalupe. She is 35 years old. She was born December 27th, 1980. My dad's name is Bernardo Castellanos. He's Mostly refered to as Berny. He was Born October 1, 1980. My parents met at San Diego High School, home of the cavers. I don't know exactly when they met. My mom and dad were both acholics and drug adicts. My dad has been sober for more than 8 years now. My parents were dating for a while before my mom got pregnant. They were both associated with gangs. My mother was known as the hood rat baby cakes. My dad was known as the school bully. My parents had a very unhealthy relationship. When I was born It got worse. My dad abused my mom because of the use of substances. My mom doesn't have much family. She has 4 siblings. She is the youngest of 5. One of them is in jail for life, his name is Jerry, he's the oldest. Argelia is the second oldest and swears she's portarican (she's obviously black). Argelia has 4 kids, Aundria, Myleah, Elijah, and Zaraiah. Next is my tio Ricardo, he has kids, but I don't know them. Also, there's my uncle Jose, he's the only person who shares the same dad as my mom. No one knows where there dad is. My grandm Maria Ellena Past away in 2009. I remember that day. Me and my mom were arguing. She got a call in the middle of her rampage. She started crying and yelling bloody murder. She was saying," No ... NO SHE CAN'T BE... THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING..... MA!!!". At that point in time I had ran outside and sat down on the steps. I cried and yelled asking god why? Thinking," I never got a chance to get to know her that well."  I looked up at the sky. I saw a wave made out of clouds and a hand going under. That was my sign that she was really gone. I know it seems a little cliche, but it's true.  Anyways, they were married for maybe a year. My dad was only there for the first year of my life. My mom struggled with me. We've moved to many places. I've lived in Tj, Nevada, Washington, and mainly California. My mom re-married my step dad Armando Correa. I call him my dad more than anything. 

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