The Life Of A Companion

Life with the doctor isn't always easy. Louise knows that better than anyone. But she still doesn't can shes enjoying the ride and the Doctors happy to have her on board the TARDIS. Especially when she shows similarities of Rose...


1. Teddy Terrors

Beep Beep Beep...


The annoying beep of an alarm consistently hovers in Louise's ear. Turning on her side she rolls over and puts her alarm on snooze, for the 3rd time and turns back on her side. Until she's disturbed by her brother and his girlfriend having yet another fight...

She has no choice but to get up and get ready for work. Ready for another day of annoying screaming children demanding toys. She effortlessly puts on a pair of black trousers followed by a red hamelys top and walks through to the kitchen were a pale woman with multi-coloured curlers in her hair stands singing along to different christmas tunes whilst making tea for two.

"Morning darling did you sleep alright?" The woman asks in a sweet tone

"I was until they started" she can tell by the look on Louise's face said it all.

"Soon you'll be traveling and besides you had to get up for work so no harm done hay" The woman takes a sip of tea. 

"I'm never going to travel with the wage I'm on" She takes one sip of tea before reaching for a purple leather jacket and the heads out of the front door. She walks down the streets of London catching a bus, whilst on the bus she fashions her hair into a qwifded fringe. When she gets of at her stop a strange man with sand shoes and a long coat shouts "Rose" and runs after her. Louise is oblivious until she turns a corner and he runs up to her. Tapping her on the shoulder. 

"Rose" The mans hopeful eyes watch Louise as she turns around. The light in his eyes dimmer, and then, just like that its gone. 

"What?" Louise looks round "My names not..."

The man stops her before she finishes her sentence "No... no I know" He takes a gulp and ruffles his hair "I... I just got confused. I'll... just leave... then" she nods and walks on whilst the man heads back to a blue box. Louise enters work rather late.

"Theres new stock that needs to be moved downstairs into storage do it now, or no wages." the moody half asleep women holds a cup of coffee whilst giving orders to every worker who enters the store. Louise makes her way to the stock were she begins moving boxes bigger then herself. Her friend Tracy walks over to give a hand.

"Thanks" Louise politely says, 

"Thats cool what are these things" Tracy asks curiously,

"I'm not sure" Louise takes another look at the box, before proceeding to move it, "all I know is, it's so heavy I bet a cars lighter.

"Whooooooo" Both the girls screech as the box falls over and a giant teddy bear comes flying out. 

"And they say this shop can't go any crazier around christmas, and now this happens" Tracy gestures towards the teddy bear. 

"Err creepy" Louise laughs,

"Girls!" A loud moaning comes from round the corner before there boss appears "What on earth are you doing Tracy your not even suppose to be here, I sent you the other way now move! And as for you Louise well what can I say?" She waits a moment and Louise and Tracy just look in any direction that isn't her face "Get this cleaned up you both on late's!" 

"But its Christmas eve" Tracy moans,

"Exactly the shop will be packed now move" Neither girl attempt to complain. 

Very quickly the shop fills with anyone who walks past it. Including the man who Louise encountered earlier. But this time he's carrying a weird toy, that makes a beeping noise the closer and closer her gets to the car section, where Louise is stood putting out new stock.

"Hello" says the man, a lot happier then he spoke earlier. 

"Hello" Louise turns round so she is facing the man "What the... what the hell are you doing here?" 

"Looking for some batteries double A" 


'My names the doctor" 

"Doctor who?" 

The doctor laughs "No no just the doctor" 

"Ok just the Doctor why are you following me"

"I'm not I'm looking for" he quickly pushes himself and louse to the floor in attempt to protect themselves... but nothing happens.

"WHAT THE ARE YOU CRAZY! first you stalk me and now this..." She doesn't have a chance to Finnish her sentence before a massive explosion goes off and people begin screaming, as giant teddy bears, the ones Louise had to move this morning, begin killing any one close. The Doctor grabs Louise and takes her to the cctv room were he seals the door tight shut with his sonic screwdriver.

"What the hell do you think your plaint at locking us in here!" 

"Incase you haven't noticed we have bigger things on our hands" He says it so quickly he doesn't have time to catch his breath. 

"What is that whats going on, what are those things? People in costumes right?" Louise wonders. 

"No there robots disguised as teddy bears, they're hear to take over London, then England and then the whole world" 

Louise laughs. "What? Are you having a laugh?" 

"NO. I was on to them weeks ago, I just had to wait until the right moment. I hoped I still had a week to stop them I was so close and yet so far away" He begins sonicing the machinery,

"What are you doing?" Louise asks,

"Keeping an eye on our guests I now can see the whole shop in my sonic screw driver so I know when the cost is clear to retrieve the bag that I need to block out there power and stop them before they kill the whole of London" The Doctor says at the speed of light.

"Why this shop" 

"It's at the heart of London, it holds some of the strongest power which they need to bring alive the other robots that are scattered over London" 


"Yeah" The Doctor stands up and puts his hands on Louise's shoulders "stay here whatever you do stay here where its safe I'll make sure I stop them" He opens up the door were he is greater by a robot who scans him. 

"Whoo whoo whoo now come on were friends you and me if you just let this slide then we can..." They drag him away and close the door.  Luckily they didn't notice Louise, she instantly checks the computer and watches the Doctor being transported to the power room at the bottom of the store. She instantly heads secretly for the room with the bag that the Doctor was telling her about. She half way their before she comes across a crying woman. 

"Are you ok?" Louise wonders,

"They killed my husband, we were here shopping for our sons birthday" The woman explains,

"Look if you come with me, we can help save everyone else, try to stop as many life's being taken," The woman gets up and follows Louise, both looking out for any robots.

The girls turn up to a power room were the doctor hid the cream bag. They head into the room closing the door behind them. The woman stays at the door whilst Louise grabs the bag. 

"I've got it now lets go save the doctor." Louise begins to leave the room before the woman stops her. 

"Not so fast" 

"What? what do you mean lets go" Louise exclaims,

The woman twitches before Louise realises she two is a robot. The robot backs Louise into a corner. She goes into kill her, but Louise ducks and the robot puts her hand into power source which electrocutes her to death. Louise doesn't waste any time before she leaves the room and heads down into the base meant. When she arrives she sees the doctor in a clear box, which he can't get out of, rattling on getting as much information out of the robots as possible. 

"See if I was going to kill all of you I would take some sort of tube say, and put it into a yellow box and press A red button" exclaims the doctor. It takes several minutes for Louise to realise what he means. She begins looking around for this box. But she has no luck. And begins thinking no one will survive. She leans her head on a yellow box, feeling as though to give up. Her throat closes up and she can hardly think about anything. Until... 

She notices the box and opens the back to find a silver skinny, but heavy tube. She puts it inside the yellow box. Were a button lights up red, she doesn't even take a second to press it. The robots collapse on the floor and the doctor is realised. He grabs Louise hand and they run. 

When they arrive up stairs the police are already there and Louise's friend Tracy, quickly hugs her. As they hug both relieved their still alive. The doctor walks off leaving her, as Louise notices she heads after him.

"So thats it your just going to leave" Louise asks,

"Yep. Its kind off what I do" The Doctor replies. 

"But.. whats that?" 

"My ship" 

"Your ship ok" she laughs,

"No seriously it is' 

Louise nods. 

"You can come with me. Thats if you want"

"Were to?" 

"Any were in space and time"

"Its a little small..." She takes a minute to think about it "Ok"



They both smile.




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