The Life Of A Companion

Life with the doctor isn't always easy. Louise knows that better than anyone. But she still doesn't can shes enjoying the ride and the Doctors happy to have her on board the TARDIS. Especially when she shows similarities of Rose...


2. Missing People

The Doctor leans on the TARDIS doors watching the block of flats that stand in front of him. In no time at all Louise comes up to the doctor clutching a big green suitcase. A nice green not a mouldy green but a nice summer green.

"Wait did you forget something?" asks the Doctor,

"No, at least I don't think so..." Louise looks confused...

"Like the kitchen sink? You've bought the rest of your home" The Doctor says sarcastically,

"Ha ha very funny my names bugs bunny... having said that will it fit I mean your... your thing its tiny" 

"Its not a thing" the doctor looks straight at the TARDIS "Don't listen to her" 

"Ok do you two want a moment?" Louise asks, whilst laughing at the Doctor

"Oh yes right your here... do you want to come inside then?" a big grin paints itself on the Doctors face,


Louise enters the TARDIS, and is stunned the second she sees the inside. She quicky runs out and around the TARDIS she circles it at least 3 times. When she goes back inside, the Doctors already inside with her bag. 

"But... but its, its, tiny dinky even, and in here its massive like huge! BIG I can even see a hall way down there"  Louise exclaims, 

"Ive never had it put quite like that before... you could just say bigger on the inside" 

"You love this don't you" 

"Just a bit" The Doctor grins the most cheekiest smile. 

"So were do you want to go? Forward or backwards in time, space or we could even go forward in space, or backwards in space your choice?" The Doctor says so fast he barely catches his breath. 

"Umm... forwards" Louise says,

"ok" The Doctor runs to the controls of the TARDIS,

"No no wait... backwards" 

"Are you sure?" The Doctor asks,


"Gosh take your time!" The Doctor says sarcastically,

"I'm joking the past please" 

"Ok hold on" The Doctor presses several buttons, which impresses Louise, and then pulls, what looks like, a hand break.

All of a sudden the TARDIS shakes and moves Louise and the Doctor everywhere, anywhere. They both hold on whilst the TARDIS makes a wheezing noise. Until they stop. And their both thrown on to the floor of the TARDIS. 

The Doctor jumps up and heads for the door. "Right lets get ready to go" this makes Louise smile. She heads for the door but is stopped by the Doctor. 

"You can't go into the 1940's dressed like that... well to be exact 1942 I think... I hope" exclaims the Doctor,

"Well what else do I wear? I might have packed a lot but I never packed for the 1940's" Louise worries,

"The first corridor, then the third door on the left theres a walk in wardrobe for girls" Says the Doctor,

"Ok..." Louise walks on "Wait do you have a lot of girls?" she wonders,

"Sort off... but there all ok they just wanted to be with there families thats all, intact your the third companion of this face" 

"Companion, it has a certain ring to it don't you think?" Louise smiles, "What were their names?" 

"Rose and Martha" 

"But... it doesn't matter see you in a minute" Louise begins to think about the first time she met the Doctor and how he called her Rose, but she soon forgets it when she enters a massive, but amazing, room filled with cloths from the past to the present and to the future. She's overwhelmed and wonders how long it will take her to find an appropriate outfit, but in no time she finds one. She puts on a white dress, with red flowers and a silk belt followed by red shoes. She then fashions her hair into a  war styled hair do, she then adds white purls, and does her make up with red lips. In no time she is finished. When she  finds the Doctor he hasn't moved. He still remembering Rose. He soon notices Louise.

"Shall we go then?" asks the Doctor,

"yep" Louise and the Doctor link arms once their outside, the Doctor locks up the TARDIS, and they both stroll through the London market, which isn't as busy as usual. The Doctor nor Louise notice the tiny black bug/camera which has been following since they left. They both have a great time, laughing joking and just enjoying the scenery. 

"Thank you thank you thank you!" Louise excitedly raps her arms around the Doctors neck. The Doctors just enjoying how happy he's made her. But it doesn't last for long as an air raid begins and every one flees. The Doctor and Louise then run back to the TARDIS, but its gone.

"Were's my ship" exclaims the Doctor "I left it right here" he pulls out his sonic screwdriver and begins trying to scan to see if he can find which way it went. 

"Right now we have to go or we will die, now come on!" Louise pulls the Doctor away, and they both run to the nearest public shelter, which is strangely empty. 

"Were is everyone?" asks Louise "In school, when we learnt about it, they said it sometimes got very cramped, it can't just be us in here surely"

"Your right" The Doctor scratches the back of his head "But were are they?"

"Thats kind of what I just asked, your suppose to be the brain box" 

"Ok ok its hard being smart 247" 

"But more importantly how are we going to get home?" 

"If I can find the TARDIS then we would be home" exclaims the Doctor,

"Alright! Do you think that maybe the person who's got the TARDIS also has something to do with the missing people?" asks Louise,

"Yes yes yes!" The Doctor begins hitting his head. 

"Ok don't injure yourself as you said we need your brain" Louise says,

"No we need our brains, every time I've been in a crisis people who travel with me they always save my life, so everyday, if I'm honest" 

"This happens often?" 

"Oh yes!" They both smile. Then a familiar man walks in.

"Captain Jack" The Doctor says under neath his breath.

"Doctor! Wow good to see you" he spoke with an american accent. 

"What you two know each other?" says Louise,

"And who's this" Jack says, 

"Stop" the Doctor demands,

"Stop what?'"

"you know what" 

"Hi who are you?" asks Louise

"Jack. Captain Jack"

"Wait we haven't met yet at least I don't think we have..." says the Doctor "How can you possibly know me" 

"I used my..." says Jack,

"Not that thing again I swear I deactivated it..." says the Doctor,

"Oh you did but I managed to Reactivate it." says Captain Jack,

"Will you to stop we have a bigger crisis on our hands" 

"New?" Jack aks,

"Oh yes" Replies the Doctor.

"Excuse me?" asks Louise,

"Don't worry, look I actually came here looking for you I saw the TARDIS, and well... people seem to disappearing and..." 

The all clear bell rings. Before Jack can Finnish both Louise and the Doctor run out.  They both run out to a state worse then they thought. Everything's been ripped to stressed almost nothing remains. To make matters worse nobodies their. Not even the wardens. 

"But I don't get it, a bomb didn't even touch here." Louise explains, and Captain Jack comes out from the shelter.

"Thats what I began telling you before the all clear belt went off, its not just missing people, the whole of London's being ripped to shreds." explains Jack, 

"But how do they know their missing? wouldn't they assume their dead?" asks Louise,

"Not if they don't have any bodies to confirm that" the Doctor pipes up. 

"Its like they've ripped this market to shreds trying to find something" exclaims Louise.

"Thats because they are," says the Doctor before he runs deep into the market both Captain Jack and Louise follow him "Jack is their any part of London that hasn't been touched?" 

"Urr only the Big Ben... why?" asks Jack curiously, 

"Doctor, what is it?" Louise ask curiously, 

"I don't know what it is but I know now, that its after an army thats why its taking people, and its using Big Ben as its power source it can send one out to the whole of London from their" 

"Ok" Louise thinks he's now just talking gibberish "That still doesn't explain the TARDIS going missing" 

"That I don't know" 

"What do we have to do?" asks Jack,

"Get what they need to complete their army, before they do." explains the Doctor,

"What happens if they have enough power to function their army?" Louise wonders,

"The end of the world" 


     To be continued...









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