What if Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy had twins.


4. Preperation

~~Adora P.O.V



So you know how I said I wanted a green and gold wand, well it is pretty close to that but better. It is Gold and Red. We going to Hogwarts in about an hour so I am checking I have everything. Yep that is good.



Dad hates muggles but mum and I don't mind them so I have a lot of muggle clothes. Today I am wearing skinny black high-waisted jeans and an orangey white top tucked in. With that I am wearing orange (the same color as my shirt) boots. My hair is pulled back with an orange head band into a French braid down the side. Mum comes in and tells me breakfast is ready. I waltz down the marble stair case and look for the door to the Southern Dining room. I find my mother at one end, Father at the other and Draco in between. I sit down across from Draco and Dobby brings me bacon and eggs. "Thank You Dobby!" His ears perk up and he smiles as he walks away.

I eat and walk out back to my room. You know it can get very annoying walking up and down this place. As I reach my room I push open my white door to reveal a pale green room with a queen four-poster bed in the middle. my covers are white and I have pale green pillows with pale green curtains. My wand is lying on the floor near my neatly packed trunk. I stick it in my boots and close my curtains. I pull my trunk out of the room and say goodbye to it as I wont be seeing it for a while. Snowflake slyly prances over to me as my little white kitten does and sits on the trunk. I walk up two flights of stairs and find my stormy grey owl ,Thunder, sitting in the window. He turns around and nips me lovingly. I hold out my hand as he jumps on and put him in his cage.

I soon realized it was time to go. I went back to my room to see that my trunk and snow flake were gone. Dobby must of taken them downstairs.

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