What if Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy had twins.


32. Muggle London

I know this isn't in the book but anyways.

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Draco P.O.V

I so nervous because I asked the most beautiful woman ever to muggle london so i can break up with her.

I don't want her getting hurt by You Know Who because she is dating me. He has put me up to murdering Professor Dumbledore because he is too scared to do it himself. After a lot of thinking i am taking her into hiding until school goes back so that she will be protected.   


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Skip to London +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We are in Ln-CC buying shoes why she needs them, i do not know. We are next going to Topshop and Selfrigdes. Then to end the day we are going to Bocca di Lupo for dinner.  I buy 3 pairs of shoes two heels and 1 sandels, a purse and 2 pairs of diamond earrings. 

We arrive in Topshop and Holly literally drags me to the mens section and starts throwing clothes at me to try on. I end up getting myself two v-necks (black and white), a denim jacket, a black blazer, black skinny jeans, moron skinny jeans, dark green skinny jeans and a pair of brown boots. We decide to skip Selfridges and we go to dinner. We share a bowel of spagetti and a brownie.


As we walk to the entrance of diagon alley I tell her what i need to happen and if she so wishes Harry could hide out to but no one else. I ,of course, would be secret keeper. She happily agrees and we then go get our books and I get a new wand. I floo to the burrow and tell Mrs Weasley the plan. She really doesn't want them to go but she agrees. I tell her that I will floo in the morning to get Holly. She just smiles and walks away.


I kiss Holly on the lips before...

"No PDA's in the kitchen" Ron shouts "Oh and get a room."

"Charming Ronald, Very charming," Delilah says walking into the kitchen. I pick up Holly's bags and take them to Delilah and Ginny's room. 

"See you all tomorrow then," I say cheerfully. I walk to the fire place leaving them all confused.


"Malfoy Manor!" I shout as i throw down the powder, Green flames engulfing me.


OMG I am soo sorry for not being on.

It is because I just moved houses and the computer has been packed away. 

In about 2 weeks I am getting my laptop so I will be updating regularly.

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