What if Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy had twins.


7. Hogwarts

Holly P.O.V

We arrived at Hogwarts we're led across the lake by a huge man we met before called Hagrid. He took Harry and I to Diagon Alley and picked us up in a flying motorbike.

We were led into the castle by an old witch by the name of Professer McGonagall. Professer Dumbledore said a few words before the sorting. I was called out after Harry. I walked up slowly and sat down on the stool before McGonagall placed the hat on my head. 

"Ah-Ha!" begun the hat.

"Brave, yes very brave. Cunning too! Loyal yes and a steady mind. Hmmm very hard. Qualitys of all houses. Better be Ravenclaw!" He finished.

I gasped in shock. The Ravenclaws were cheering very loudly while the rest of the school silent. A Potter in Ravenclaw. Impossible. This was the first time I had to part from Harry We were together all the time. I stood and walked to the table. A lone tear escaped my eye. A girl about 4 or 5 years older then me wiped the tear away and said "Don't cry. Let me guess.  First time seperated from your brother," she said.

"Yes..." I whispered "I am Holly Potter."

"Yes I know, I am Penolepe Clearwater" She said back.

She led me to the Commen Room after dinner and we sat down in front of the fire. Then suddenly I realised that Adora was in Gryffindor with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Delilah was in Ravenclaw. I walked up to my dorm and levitated my books to my desk. I said no incentiations or anything. Everybody looked at me strangly. "Ya?" i said out loud.

Pamda answed quickly "You didn't say anything,"

"Ya?'' i repeated.

"It is not normal for a first yeay to not say anything while doing a charm," another girl answered.

"Oh well, It is easier to say it  in my head," I said changing into my pajamas "Goodnight everyone." i put silencing carms around my bed, I brushed my hair and put my glasses and wand onmy sidetable.



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