What if Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy had twins.


33. Gianne Leaves

Holly P.O.V

I had the best day with Draco and then Grianne had to ruin it by owling me a stupid letter about how she was going to a freaking American school. Like seriously AMERICA! My 3rd best friend is moving halfway across the world and doesn't tell me 4 weeks before before we go to school and now I am going into hiding so I won't see her like ever again.. I burst into tears in the middle of the weasley living room. Delilah and Hermione don't ask they just sit down and comfort me.  Harry ran to floo Adora to come over. Ron picks up the letter that was now 3 feet away from me. He skims through it and drops it. He runs up stairs and I hear a door slam. I clear up my tears and go to the kitchen to ask Mrs weasley if she needs any help for dinner. She notices my bright red eyes.

"What is wrong Holly? Please don't tell me that you got only 1 O on your O.W.Ls" couldn't even think about that. I shake my head vigorously.

"Grianne is moving to America.." I then burst into tears again. I run away to Fred and Georges room. This is where I go whenever I am upset. While they have left school they still live here. George pats the spot next him in-between him and Fred. Why do they always do that? I smile and sit down. Fred puts his arm around me and pulls me in. I cry into his shoulder and then go to the bathroom to clean off. The clear water clears my face instantly. All those spells when the muggles sorted it out years ago.

I pack my bags and trunk and put them downstairs ready to leave in the morning. I pack Harrys bag knowing that he won't bother until 5 minutes after Draco gets here. Ron just sits there looking like he has just been put into a body bind. The poor guy...

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