What if Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy had twins.


23. Dracos POV

Draco's P.O.V 

Great so there will be a ball. Aaahhhhh!

I'll have nobody to go with and Holly will go with some handsome... Well more handsome than me, boy. I wish I could kill every other boy in the school, THEN she'd have to go with me.

Oh well, at least I get to wear a mask. Father sent me black dress robes and a green and blue mask. Perfect!         

I was talking to that disgusting... thing Pansy Parkinson. She was going " oh and of course I know who I'll be going with, isn't that right Draco?" Fluttering her eyelashes. Stupid girl. As if I would dance with her!          

Professor severe cat taught us how to dance. I was so embarrassed. I stepped on her toes so many times that she said she was going to cut my feet off. Great for when I... Oh wait, I amn't going to dance with Holly isn't that right?  




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