What if Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy had twins.


21. Akward Potions


I will start doing P.O.V for the other twins.


Draco P.O.V

I walk into potions and sit in the only avaliable spot next to Holly Potter. I don't mind that much because she is good at potions and she is pretty. I don't know why she isn't sitting with that other ravenclaw Grianne. Oh she is sitting with Weaselette. Well whatever. I know she will never like me because I despise her idiot brother.  I start to crush up the bezoar. 

"And here is where I stop you," i heard a sweet voice from beside me as I adding the measures of the power.

" Why would that be?" i asked nicely.

"you nearly added too many measures," she replied blushing looking down,her glasses falling of a little bit.

Our hands brushed as she kept doing the potion while I was working how I was going to get her to like me.

1. Stop being mean to Harry Potter.

2,Be nicer to people.

3. Take her on a trip to the kitchens.

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