What if Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy had twins.


15. A Note From Seamus

Adora P.O.V


Back at Hogwarts, I found a small piece of parchment in my cloak pocket. I opened it and it said

'Dear Adorable Adora,

Meet me in the Common Room at 11.30 tonight.

Don't tell anyone.

Yours Truly......


Who wrote this letter. It looks a little bit like Seamus' writing. I had liked Seamus for a while now but I didn't tell anyone not even my best friends Parviti, Lavender and Hermione. I didn't think about the note anymore until the feast had finished.


It was very dark in the Common Room at 11.29 because everyone else was asleep. A Grandfather clock in the corner was ticking away happily when it went dong signalling 11.30.


A figure stood at the clock but I couldn't see his face. "Hello? Seamus is that you?" I asked.

"How did you know who it was? For all you knew it could have been Sirius Black." he whispered, "Can we talk? I have to tell you something."

"Yes but can I please tell you something first? I have liked you for about 6 months." I say.

"Really?" then he reached towards me and kissed me passionately. It felt like there was nothing around us. "Will you be my girlfriend Adora Malfoy?"

"Yes I will Seamus. I love you," I told him.

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