What if Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy had twins.


12. 2 Years on

Delilah P.O.V


So in 1st year my brother's best friend and my crush saved the Philosophers stone and Quirrel died because he had You-Know-Who in the back of his head.

Last year Harry saved my little sister from you know who in the chamber of secrets after my best friend got petrified.

Mum told Ron, Fred, George and I that we must be careful this year as Sirius Black, a notorious mass murderer escaped from Azkaban. Ronald's stupid rat is acting stranger since then and he is blaming my cat Sky. Hermione arrived here at the Burrow today and tomorrowwe will be going to The Leaky Couldren. I like having Hermione around because it means I can have a converstation with a girl other Mum or Ginny. About a week ago we got back from Egypt, it was fabulous there.


The Next morning...

We are all sitting aound a long table, all except Ron and Hermione who are bickering because Ron is no longer blaming Sky but is blaming Crookshanks, Hermione's cat.


Harry and Holly walk down the stairs casually and sit on either side of me.

"Hello.." Harry starts

"Delilah," Holly finishes.

"Hia Harry, Holly. how is your Summer so far?" i ask

"Well not very good Delilah, we caught the Knight Bus here," Holly replied.

"Why? What happened?" I curiouslly ask.

"We kinda blew up aunt marge," harry said laughing.


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