If you kept secrets...

Auden Adams is new to Lyra Stuart's school, and befriends her instantly. On the other hand, Kelsey Kramer doesn't trust Auden. People who were mean to Auden disappear, but Lyra doesn't see it. Lyra then gets suspicious of Auden once Kelsey goes missing, because something about her seems off...


1. New Girl

"Okay, pencils, check. Erasers, check. Schoolbooks, check."

"Annoying friend who keeps blurting out what she needs for school, check."

Kelsey Kramer laughed as she pushed in her glasses to look at me. "Very funny. School is important to me. I want to get--" I rolled my eyes and joined her. "A good scholarship. I know." I brushed my blonde hair outta my eyes. Someone grabbed me from behind and sniffed my hair, making me jump outta my skin. "JAY!"

Xavier Jay Sipheon, my super annoying boyfriend. One minute he's nice and sweet, then the next he's a total jerk. I want to break up with him but he's my ticket to 'being noticed'. He's so full of himself. I mean--"What's the matter, babe? Why are you sooo jumpy all the time?" I wiggled from his grip to look at him. "I'm not. You just make me."

He ignored me and went about rummaging through my locker. "I told you to stop using Watermelon Delight and change to Strawberry Swirl. You should start listening to me if you want to get noticed." There he goes. We met at the beginning of high school, he was so sweet back then. AND HE LOVED MY WATERMELON DELIGHT SHAMPOO! My shoulders drooped and I narrowed my eyes.

"I hate that kind."

Kk, who was watching from the sidelines, finally decided to speak. "Jay, there's a stand for MoonShine conditioner in the auditorium." Jay was out of my locker fast. "Why won't you break up with him?" I shrugged and bumped into a redhead with a black hoodie with a grey skull on the back. "Sorry." 

It's okay, I wasn't watching where I was going." She looked up at me and smiled. "I'm Auden. I'm new here." Kelsey stared at her with a unsure face. "I'm Lyra and this is--"

"None of your business."

I glared at Kk for a minute and gave an apologetic look to Auden. "Don't mind her, she's being moody." Auden smiled. "That's okay." Kk gave a not caring smile and turned the other way. "She's probably jealous that I have a new friend." I smiled at Auden and she gave me a soft look. "We're...friends?" Huh, has she never had friends before? "Yeah, of course."

She suddenly hugged my and I felt her breath on my ear. I backed up and awkwardly smiled. She pushed up against me. "Gotta go to class." I zoomed away hoping for my heart slow down. That was creepy. I guess she was happy?

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