Angel With A Shotgun

Supernatural fanfic..."They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for. Well baby, you are all that I adore, if love is what you need, a soldier I will be."


2. One

It was just another normal day with Sam and Dean...*buzzer noise* day is normal when your older brothers are hunters and you're a hunter in training. I leaned against the Impala, 'Baby', as Dean calls it, listening to Dean talk to our contact. Sam came over and leaned against the Impala with me. I nod to Sam as I put my headphones in my ears and then I unlock my iPod, going to my music and searching for the perfect song for this moment. 

As my eyes scan through the music, they catch sight of 'I Play Chicken With the Train' by Big and Rich and Cowboy Troy. The strong beat blast through my headphones and I begin dancing, hoping Dean doesn't mind me goofing off. 

I let my boots kick up some dust, aiming most of it at 'Baby'. I sing a few verses of the song, but I stop as soon as Dean hungs up on our contact and looks at me funny. Sam bursts out laughing, causing Dean to laugh. I shake my head at both of them. I take my blondish brown hair down from its messy bun, letting it fall down to the middle of my back. My hair color is a combination of my mother's and my father's hair colors. My eyes are greener than Dean's, but they have little brown flecks in them.

I'm basically a mini me of both of my brothers. Dean and Sam quit laughing after I go rigid. There's only one reason that this would be happening right now, our contact.

"Gabriel, I am going to give you one warning. GET OUT OF OUR SISTER," Sam yelled. I smirked at Sam, or at least Gabriel smirked at Sam. I dropped to my knees, a combat knife in my right hand.

Gabriel, for the last time, get out of me, or I will plunge this knife in my side, YOUR SIDE.

Okay, okay, Sweetheart. I'm leaving... but I will be back with another host...

After I felt Gabriel leave, I collapse against the Impala.

"If he ever does that again, I'm going to...".

I didn't have to say anything else to Dean and Sam, because they knew what I meant. Not even five minutes later a Dodge Ram 3500 pulled up beside the Impala. A guy about my age climbs out off the truck, but he has the same 'air' as Gabriel.

"Hello, Winchesters," Gabriel says.

I roll my eyes at Gabriel, thinking about flipping him off as I do. Gabriel smiles at me, a coyote grin. I shake my head, my eyes falling to the ground, not wanting to look at Gabriel.

"Are you seriously thinking about flipping me off, Aileah," Gabriel asks.

"Do you seriously want my answer, Gabe?".

He shakes his head, his eyes not leaving me. I look up at him, my arms across my chest. I stare into Gabriel's eyes, Sam and Dean staring at me. I can hear Sam whisper, "Aileah's left ear is twitching which only happens when...".

"GET DOWN," I shout just as another car drives by and shoots me in the right shoulder twice. Sam tosses me a twelve gauge shotgun. The other car spins around one more time and stops, four guys getting out. Sam and I only have to sniff once to know that the guys that just got out of that car are demons, demons that are hunting archangels.

I step in front of Gabriel, shotgun raised. Sam stands on my left side and Dean on my right, creating a wall.

"Take 'em down," a female voice says. I watch as a girl steps from the car, joining the four demons. One demon cocks his head to one side, sniffing the air. Gabriel sits his left hand on my left shoulder, partially holding me back.

"Dakota," I hiss through gritted teeth.

"Aileah Jayne, nice to see you again," Dakota says, her voice laced with sarcasm.

I hiss again, causing Gabriel to keep his grip on my left shoulder. Sam and Dean nod to each other, then they step in front of me, protecting both Gabriel and I. I begin thinking of our friend Cas. Cas, if you can come down here please, Dean needs you, Sam needs you, Gabriel needs you... I need you. So please, Cas, I silently pray, keeping my shotgun trained on Dakota.

"You called, Ms. Winchester?".

"Cas," Dean says, a little surprised. I pull Sam and Dean down by the backs of their shirts and Gabriel pulling me down by mine as five molotov cocktails sail over our heads, towards Dakota and her group. They begin retreating as the molotov cocktails shatter and explode around their feet.

"This isn't over, Winchesters," Dakota hisses as she gets in the car with the other demons. After they leave, I take my denim over shirt off, revealing a light pink camisole. I press the denim shirt over the bullet wounds on my right shoulder.  Damn it, I've lost too much blood, I think as my vision begins blurring. I lean against the Impala again, still trying to keep pressure on the wounds.

I can feel the blood, my blood, seeping through my shirt and my fingers on my left hand.  A Soldier I will be, A Soldier I will be, A SOLDIER I WILL BE, I shout in my head, trying to give myself new found courage. Gabriel picks me up bridal style, not caring that my blood is staining his shirt.

"Everything will be fine, Aileah," Gabriel says, carrying me to the Dodge truck. Cas helps him open the passenger side door and then helps Gabriel place me in the passenger seat. I shut the door with the help of Cas, as Gabriel runs and hops in the driver's seat.

"Try to stay awake, Aileah," Gabriel says, concern filling his voice as we follow the Impala with Sam, Dean and Cas inside it.

"Can do, Gabe," I whisper. We reach the motel that Sam, Dean and I are staying at. Gabriel quickly hops out of the truck, briskly walking over to my side. Once more he picks me up bridal style, using his back to shut my door. Sam opens the motel room door, Dean walks in and does a quick search, then hollers that it's safe for the rest of us to come in.

I know what your thinking, we have two angels, both have healing powers, so why not have one of them heal me? Well, for one I don't want to have to live with two bullets in my right shoulder and two, I can handle the pain of stitches. Gabriel lays me down on one of the beds, after Sam places several towels down, trying to make sure that nothing seeped through to the bed covers.

Dean grabs the first aid kit from the bathroom, sweat causing his hair to stick to his forehead.

"Cas, pin her legs down, Sam, her injured arm and Gabriel, her good arm. She may be calm now, but once I start working on her, she's going to start kicking and punching. Sam and I have received a few black eyes from this," Dean says, a pair of tweezers inches from my right shoulder.

I nod my head, confirming what Dean said. I bucking and trying to kick as soon as Dean touches the ends of the tweezers to my right shoulder. Sam, Cas and Gabriel held tight though, even though I csartched Gabriel and Sam on their right forearms.

"That parts over, Sis," Dean says, placing the two bullets into an ashtray.

"That wasn't the hard part, Dean," I retort, readying myself for round two of the first aid.

"Oh come on now, Aileah, don't be a big baby," Sam says, sarcasm in his voice.

I jerk my head towards Sam, rage flowing through my veins. Gabriel, Cas and Sam re-restrain me, allowing Dean to continue working on my shoulder.

"Sam, I swear when Dean's done, I'm going to....".

"I'm done.".

As soon as Cas, Sam and Gabriel let go of me, I swing a punch at Sam, landing it on his bruised shoulder. Sam inhales really quickly, holding his left shoulder. He reaches for my injured shoulder, but Gabriel stops him with one arm and he cradles me with his other one.

"Enough," Gabriel says, causing Sam to back away.

Cas and Gabriel help me sit up, so Dean can place some bandages on my shoulder and so Sam can clean up the towels. Gabriel gets a wet cloth and gently cleans the dried blood from my shoulder. Once he's done and then Dean puts the bandages on me, I shoot Sam an evil glance.

"Aileah, I want to show you something," Gabriel says.

I nod and stand, letting Gabriel escort me outside and into the woods.  I lean against a tree, studying Dean's handiwork.

"What did you want to show me, Gabe," I ask, sleepiness overtaking me.

"These, Aileah," he says as he takes his button up shirt off.

My mouth drops open as I watched his beautiful wings unfolding. The majestic wings have golden brown, dark brown, white and black colors in them. This means only one thing.

"You've chosen me as your mate, er um, girlfriend," I ask him as he puts his shirt back on.

"Yes, Aileah, how long have we known each other," he replies.

"Five years," I whisper, tenatively running my fingers on my left hand over the bandaged area on my right shoulder.

"Five years, yes, so what do you say, Aileah," he asks, excitement showing in his eyes.

"I always thought that Balthazar would be the one to show me his wings, but this is way better.".

Gabriel smiles as he stands in front of me, brushing a strand of my hair behind my right ear. So this means, Dean isn't the only one with an archangel boyfriend now. Gabriel and I walk back hand in hand, to the motel room, hoping Dean and Sam won't ruin this for me.

~Thirty minutes after we get back~

"No, Aileah," Dean says, his arms crossed over his chest. Gabriel and I were sitting on the foot of the bed that Dean had used to operate on me. Cas and Sam stood beside Dean, both with sorrowful looks on their face.

"WHY, DEAN," I say, raising my voice.

"Fine, Aileah, you and Gabriel can be together," Dean says, losing this argument. I know Gabriel and I will be in more danger, I know Sam, Dean and Cas will be too, but we can handle it. This is it, I think to Gabriel. This is what, he thinks back. Team Free Will, two ex-blood junkies, one dropout with six bucks to his name and two archangels, awesome, we're a force to be reckoned with, I replie. Gabriel smirks at that last thought, which makes me smile.

Sam takes his place in the floor, Dean and Cas share a bed, as do Gabriel and I. Everybody, but myself drifts off into a somewhat dreamless sleep, weary from the day. Tomorrow we had a hunt to continue and a few lives to save. I've said it before, but I will say it again, this was one hell of a day.


Sorry, if this chapter is kinda, not good.  I hope you guys like it though. If you want to have a character just comment.

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