California Summer

A small town girl, Trinity moves to Calabasas to spend the summer with her dad and his 'new family'. During the summer, Trinity meets Paris, a girl that will change her life completely and introduce her to the "life". This life is full of wanty rappers, seductive pop stars and wild brats. Will this be a summer Trinity will remember or one she won't be able to
© 2014-2015


6. Which Direction

"Where are we going?" I ask getting into Paris's shiny black Porsche.

"It's a surprise."

She speeds down glamorous streets filled with palm trees, coffee shops and designer boutiques. People walking around in swim suites, best friends taking selfies and business men getting into Bentleys. The top is down and my hands are up letting the wind run freely through my fingers. Paris is carelessly going way above speed limit swerving around slower cars and flipping off whoever dares go faster. In a way life is like a car ride, that is until you run out of gas and those who are lucky run out near a gas station or some spend there life near a station in fear of running out. A black and yellow Camaro full of drunk college boys meets us at a red light.

"You babes are hot." The driver, a pale boy with messy black hair says.

Paris removes her Fendi glasses and eyes the boy, "Aww it's too bad you guys aren't."

For a second I think I've seen the guy on the passenger side and I have. Allen.

The light turns green and Paris continues her maniacal driving. "Here we are."

She says turning into a beach entrance. I've underestimated California maybe life too, maybe. I step out of the car and into an oven. The beach has been invaded by boys with afros and Justin Bieber hair cuts wearing muscle shirts and girls with painted faces wearing short clothes and bikinis. This is how L.A parties. Beach balls. Music. Full ice chest. This is better than any club my fake id got me into. Paris grabs me by the hand and pulls me in the middle of a mob of wild teenagers. She flips her hair and swing her hips from side to side.

 This is how we do, yeah, chilling, laid back. Straight stuntin' yeah we do it like that. This is how we do, do do do do, this is how we do

I copy Paris swinging my hands into the air. Paris screams, "I LOVE SUMMER!" Paris and I start doing random dance moves, laughing and screaming out random words. Then from the side of my eye I spot five guys I've only dreamed about. I stop.

"What's up Trin?" Paris yells.

"Is that-no- is that One Direction?"

She turns around, "Oh yeah, let's go say 'Hi'."

I shrug, "Okay."

Paris takes me by the hand again and leads me to the boys, "Paris! How is my princess." Harry yells spilling beer out of his cup.

"Harry my favorite British person." He kisses her on the cheek and they start talking. I stand there looking down. This is awkward.

"What's your name?" I look up, Zayn. I'm dying.

"Trinity and you?"

He laughs, "Zayn Malik."

Paris turns to Zayn and wraps her arm around him, "Oh so where on a last name basis now, this is so cute."

Harry puts his hand on my shoulder and I freeze. I'm frozen, "Your eyes are amazing." He says brushing my brown hair back.

"T-thank you." Get your shit together I tell myself.

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