California Summer

A small town girl, Trinity moves to Calabasas to spend the summer with her dad and his 'new family'. During the summer, Trinity meets Paris, a girl that will change her life completely and introduce her to the "life". This life is full of wanty rappers, seductive pop stars and wild brats. Will this be a summer Trinity will remember or one she won't be able to
© 2014-2015


2. NIghtmares or Reality

There is a horrible storm outside and I can see the trees dancing along to the rains song. I try to fall back asleep but I hear yelling outside my door. "Be a good girl and stay in bed." Mom had just said when she kissed me goodnight. A good girl wouldn't get out of bed. So I stay snuggled into my Barbie covers. There is more yelling and then a shriek that causes me to cringe. "Mommy." I say softly. A tear rolls down my cheek. Another crack of lightning and the tree outside has fallen. The shadows of my dolls become more noticeable as the lighting takes their pictures. I slowly sit up and swing my feet over the side of the bed. The feeling of them against my cold wooden floor warns me to go back to sleep. I am being a bad girl. My tiny fingers wrap around the brass knob. There is no turning back now. The light from the kitchen starts shining into my room the more I push. Push. I thought the light was good. The light is bad, the light shows me horrible images. I scream. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh.


"Trinity are you okay pumpkin," Dad hugs me tight, the smell of his cologne burns my nose.

"I'm okay... I just had a- I'm okay dad." I sit up and dry my eyes. Sasha is standing in the doorway with a glass of water.

"I got it from here dad, you can go to sleep. I'll handle her." It's like she took my spot. Sasha is Trinity know, I'm she.

"I'll just leave my daughters then." Dad kisses me on the forehead and does the same to Sasha on the way out.

It's silent for a while until Sasha hands my a bottle of VOSS.

"Thanks Sasha." I take as much as I can in one gulp.

"No prob sis." She flips her hair and pulls a little baggie out of her robe pocket, "These are for depression. I don't know if you want to use them or not you just seemed kind of a sad to me but I don't know."

I giggle and take the bag, "Ah she has drugs."

Sasha has this weird high pitched laugh that is contagious, "No, I was just depressed once, know how it is."

It kills me when rich kids are like 'I'm depressed' when they have everything or when supermodels are like 'I'm so ugly' when they are on a zillion magazines. Some things don't make sense but then again if everything made sense how would we think? Would our brains go on sleep mode just like our computers.

"Your actually alright." I say and it looks like I just made her world.

"You too-" She yawns, "Welcome to the family Trinity," The she lightly shuts the door on her way out.

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