California Summer

A small town girl, Trinity moves to Calabasas to spend the summer with her dad and his 'new family'. During the summer, Trinity meets Paris, a girl that will change her life completely and introduce her to the "life". This life is full of wanty rappers, seductive pop stars and wild brats. Will this be a summer Trinity will remember or one she won't be able to
© 2014-2015


4. A Girl Named Paris

"Oh my gosh. Are you okay? You can just get hit in the head and not say something." A tan girl with bleached blonde hair says.

"Well you can't just hit someone in the head and expect them to talk to you." I snap. Trying to avoid eye contact with this total stranger, I look straight ahead at the orange juice colored sun set into something so amazing. Something so distant and unreasonably far it is only natural to question it's reality.

The girl takes a seat and I immediately get a whiff of her the strong Vodka perfume she wears. I watch her from the side of my eye.

"This would be so beautiful if I liked the color orange but I don't so-" Paris holds up both middle fingers to the sky then breaks out in laughter. This is so wrong but I can't help but laugh and to any bystander we look like two teenage girls having a good time and quite frankly that's what we are.

"Your funny what's your name?" I ask.

"Paris. And yours."


"What's your last name?" Paris pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights one.


Paris gasps dropping her lighter onto the sand, "Shit. You are Sasha Barnnes sister. Wow I did not see that coming."

"Is it bad. You know being her sister?" I bite the side of my lip.

"Oh hells no your family is a bank but Sasha wow you'll get to know and hate her like the rest of Calabasas." Paris blows smoke out of her nose.

I sit up and brush the white sand off of my arms and butt, "I should probably get going."

"Yeah okay." Paris lays down in the sand and closes her eyes.

When I get home all the lights are off except the one in my bedroom. If I see dad in my room I'm going to-Allen. What the hell is Allen doing in my  room, laying on my bed. Oh hell no.

"What the heck. Get out." I yell/whisper.

"Trinity ah." If I'm not mistaking this kid has a British accent.

"Um yeah, ah, get out."

He swings his legs over the side of the bed, "I just want to talk to my sister."

I cringe at the word 'sister'. "You are my half brother too?"

"Not quite, you see your dad adopted me so technically 'no'."

I narrow my eyes at him, "So what are you doing in here then?"

He pulls a plastic baggie out of his coat pocket. The same plastic baggie Sasha gave to me.

"Just curious to how my pills got in here." He shakes the baggie up and down.

"Your pills? I thought those were Sasha's." I raise an eyebrow.

"Is that why you stole them?" He questions.

"Yes-no. No! I didn't she gave them too me!" No more yell/whisper, I'm yelling. Loud.

"Okay then, nighty night. Sweet dreams Trinity." He calmly sits up and walks out of the room, disappearing into the darkness of the living room.

"Night." I say crashing into bed.'ll get to know and hate her like the rest of Calabasas.

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