California Summer

A small town girl, Trinity moves to Calabasas to spend the summer with her dad and his 'new family'. During the summer, Trinity meets Paris, a girl that will change her life completely and introduce her to the "life". This life is full of wanty rappers, seductive pop stars and wild brats. Will this be a summer Trinity will remember or one she won't be able to
© 2014-2015


3. 3 Words Killed

I awoke to the sound of dogs barking.

"Shut up." I groaned pulling the covers over my head.

The door cracked open and Sasha peaked her head in, "S-sorry I'm a dog walker. It's a long story. Hey you wanna help?" When she finishes a brown chihuahua slips inside the room and jumps on the bed, "No. Bad Coco- sorry she is mine. Down Coco."

"Sure I'll come." Anything to avoid dad for a couple more hours. I slide out of bed and throw a matching hoodie over my tank top, "Ready."

Sasha raises her perfectly plucked eyebrow,"Uh Trinity I don't know how they dress in Florida but here people go to sleep in outfits better than that. No offense."

"Which is always made to offend you." I mutter.

"Meet me in front okay."

I meet Sasha in front wearing a pink low-cut V-neck, jean shorts and black converse.

"Cute and casual." I say in my preppy California girl voice.

I try to avoid getting perfectly white beach sand in my Converse while trying to control a 200 pound mutt named Chari.

"I'm so excited to finally meet my sister." Sasha squeals.

"Ah yes, only by marriage." You could call me bitchy, moody and attitude because well it comes naturally, every time of month.

"Trinity, Gale is my dad too. Like real dad so that makes you my half sister. We..are...sisters."

This is how my life ends. The perfect scene to a not-so-perfect movie.

"That is, um, interesting-" And um, very sickening and um, tremendously fucked up. Actually I think I really am going to be sick. I let go of the black and yellow leash and sprint off the opposite way of Sasha.

"Trin!" She calls, "Chari! Wait, Trin." She isn't nearly as confused as I am.

I run until there is a sour taste in my mouth and my lungs feel like they are being squeezed. My punishment. The sun is setting and I am clueless to where I am. It actually looks pretty nice. Big waves roll in making the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

I can see... Mom and dad are hand and hand watching the tides roll in. Moms ravenous hair is flying with the wind so perfectly it must've been rehearsed. I'm sitting crisscrossed on the cool sand building a sand castle in my pastel pink one-piece. Life only consist of mommy, daddy  and whatever toy I am playing with at the moment.

Everything is so perfect until I'm hit in the head with a frisbee 


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