Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


8. ~8~

                I woke up in my bed I looked at the clock 5:41 am I looked out the window,I pushed my body off my bed and turned on the lights I sat in my window seat and saw new cars across the street I looked at them with hope maybe a friend I mumble or another person to make my life hell. As I got out of the shower and finished getting ready a light switched on My Dad opened my door and looked at me  why are you up Talia.

                I bit my lip what's wrong he  mumbles  I shake my head who's the new people moving across the street he looks at me oh My friends and there kids I nod yeah.They go to a private school hun! I shrug  there coming over for dinner tonight so you'll meet them I look at him and I'm glad about this? he nods you should be there your age. I looked at him not like anyone ever wants to be my friend he looks at me I don't know why your a amazing young girl I look  at him yeah I don't think anyone thinks so.Natalia are you getting bullied I looked at him No for what? well having to dad's isn't normal he says if you are I would have wanted you to tell me,It won't hurt us any besides you not telling us okay?.

                I nod but I'm not getting bullied I promise he looks at me and your brother is in the hospital I look at him why? he shrugs I'm trying to find out he says as he walks out and shuts me door I sit on my bed as my alarm clock goes off I slam it down and I heard Celia bouncing off the walls in the morning I walked down stairs and plopped on the couch.Hey Tally My Daddy says I wave your ready he says I nod slowly.Breakfast I moan for looser he picks me up and puts me in a chair as I slam my head down on the table.  As Darcy was put on my lap My Daddy walked back up stairs.

               I heard a chair move and I assume someone sat down Cely  Darcy says I rolled my eyes Are you still mad at me she mumbles I'm really sorry for what ever I did she says  Give it up Celia I heard Adien say she'll come around when she has to or feels extremely bad Can I leave I have foot ball practice Aiden says Take Mrs.Sleepy with you my Daddy screamed back Aiden threw my bag at me as I put took Darcy on the table and grabbed my phone on the way there it was silent.

                Hey! Aiden says I look at him you know you are my cousin and I will be here for you no matter how awkwardly social you are and stuff but..I look at him I don't expect you to hang out with me in public it's okay he looks at me No he says I was going to say because I care for you stay away from Gavin I mean it he just is going to hurt you.Your desperate am not! he looks at me but you are!!

                As we arrived at school I went to my locker then my first period class early as everyone was outside,You are  delightful company  I smile and looked back down I felt arms around my neck I jumped as I saw Gavin Hey you he says I blush a deep red.You look nice for you know having gay dad's and being A fag I looked down Um erm thanks? Oh did you take that to offence? I shake my head no I learned not to he kissed my cheek don't kill your self just yet he says.I nod I'll remember that I say slowly but when you do cut up and down not across he says as he walks out I put my head down the fuck?

                I made it through school almost  I was in the nurses office and she sighed well dear you been in here every day this week and everyday this ear almost I look at her schools only two months in  I say she looks at her well I'm contacting your parents I shake my head as she gives me yet another paper  and I put it in my book bag witch she told me to get at the bell rang I  walked out the door and I saw Aiden he looks at me tell them I'll be home later I nod as I sighed meaning I had to walk alone.  with this stupid thing on my knee as I started walking I felt them throwing paper at me.

                        what if you just disappear I heard one say no one would care i mean her mom probably committed suicide after she seen her anyway I took a deep breath as I turned the corner and I felt someone through a book at me making me fall damn it I mumble. I crawled to a tree and hugged me knees as the crowed around me. This is getting tiring beating you up day after day you not even close to being dead.Your strong witch usually is good but with you they shake there head as they kick me in my stomach. I moan please leave me alone I mumble as Gavin put up his fist  Lucas shook his head   no I got this he says as he punched my eye "Can you just lay here an die " i felt another punch tears fell down my face as my nose started to bleed they kicked my leg I screamed in pain as I was dragged  to the grass  then they kicked me and walked away. I bit my lip as it took my whole body to left my self up I let the blood drip from my face. 

                Gosh Talia you take a long time to walk I heard my Aunt Pierre mumble as I heard a car door shut I looked up Pierre?! I mumble as my vision went blurry she Lifted my head up as she hugged me awe dear I think you should inform your parents I look at her the nurse is calling them I been there twice a day every day. But please just say I had a nose bleed when you seen me.She looks at me I don't know Talia it's getting really bad she says as she gave me a tissue  she helped me in the car and I looked at her just please can you do this for me she sighs.

                As I started to breath heavy and my voice started to crack were's Aiden I shrug foot ball  as we pull into the drive way I saw my Dad and Daddy's car I open the front door Child in the room hello my daddy says Hi i mumble as i had my hair cover my face and my nose covered  peopled are coming for dinner okay I mumble and run up stairs I didn't have a black eye just a scar but it wasn't noticeable I couldn't put on make up because my vision kept going dark and bright. I  blinked a couple of times shoot my book bag I mumble left down stairs on the floor.My nose kept bleeding I moaned shit. I walked down stairs what are all these I squinted  and moved closer oh papers you were suppose to sign I mumble. as I get a paper towel for my nose why is your nose bleeding and why were you at the nurse every day.

                Truth? he nods please tell Pierre looked at me  with hope as they glanced at her you know how my nose bleeds really easily No. My dad says well it does and it keeps bleeding during class I mumble slowly okay scars? I play an intense game of soccer I mumble.They nod interesting because you only had a nose bleed once in you life and it was because you fell of the swing and hit your face when you were 4 so I don't get how this nose bleeding thing came up. I look at them and cross my arms and my vision went dark again well guys guess what I'm growing up I'm not your little girl anymore I mumble I am aware my Dad says Okay so I am basically an adult thank you and being a young women not a child I bleed a lot in a lot of different places. they looked at me I see... my Daddy says. I nod as Pierre shakes her hand and laughs bad save they look at her so whats you story.

                She looks at them well we were in my car and her nose was bleeding it just started my dad says she nods you realize you haven't looked us once in the eye during that all my daddy says and your shaking I look at him so we kind of know that your lying I laugh lying me what. and Your nurse called I sigh damn bitch But your sister is here so we will continue you this later  my Daddy takes paper towels and we go into there big bathroom.

                You bleed in a lot of different places bad save he says as he helped me with my nose I shrug it's all I got and I was hopping Im not you little girl anymore would make you guys get a little sadder like damn I see were I stand now. he looks at him your dad puts up with you a lot more then he does Celia and we both know it. He also sits there and belives your lies because he thinks his little girl won't like to him. You can stop making me feel bad now gosh.

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