Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


6. ~6~

           I    heard my sister come in crying I walked down stairs what's wrong I say their being mean and I got a boo boo I saw her arm witch had a big bruise on go and sit with Darcy Okay I'll be right back she nods as she wipes her tears away and runs inside Dude why did you hit her she's only around like 7  Aiden says I  looked at them what the hell are you going to do about it Natalia we already broke you..         What they said was true I'm broke I'm hurt but that doesn't mean they can do the same to Celia I mean she's 7 1/2 she doesn't deserve this like I do.

                You can torment me  hurt me bring me pain but don't take it out on my sister who didn't do anything but be related to me I mumble oh she has something to say  Lucas mumbles I look at him j-j-j-just leave my sister alone Lucas looked at me who the fuck said you run this shit. I look down huh? I shrug as he pushed me in to the floor dude your an idiot what if her parents come home those fags aint going to do shit but braid my hair he mumbles.         I closed my eyes as I felt something on my face something wet and it was coming down my chin as Lucaus hit me with my crunch dude her stitches I heard Someone scream  He hit me in the face then dropped it dude you going to open up her stitches I noticed the voice it was Aiden. 

                I could barley see anything with out it going dark then bright again are you okay Aiden says I nod as I try to get up but fall dude  that was harsh I heard Gavin says. I felt someone help me up I saw Gavin look right at me   I pushed him off can you please let me be  I mumbled as I shakily get up and  walk in side and falls on the floor I heard a car arrive and I force my self to get up and run to the bathroom then locked the door I cleaned my face and looked at my stitches okay their fine   then I get ice and walked to the family room I heard my uncle Zayn telling the kids to move as iced Celia's bruise and  she goes back out and  plays I saw my Aunt Pierre awe look at Tally ayn poked his head in as Darcy was playing.

                Well damn what happened to you he mumbled what do you mean you have a bruise on the side of your face he says   Pierre looks at me and pushes Zayn out was it something I said he says go out side babe. She looks at me as She touched it I flinched who did this I shake my head I fell she looks at me no you didn't was it those boys wasn't it maybe you need to calm down a little maybe you should get transferred.I shake my head no i shouldn't  I should just stay here and everyone else should calm the hell down.

                She looks at me I'm calm she says but maybe your dad's should find out whats going on I shake my head please no   i felt tears falling awe poor baby she says as she  kisses my head. But you can't let this rule your life Bullies need to be told on so they stop I shake my head they don't they won't she looks at me look at you your shaking  she hugged me maybe you should at lest see a therapist i shake my head.I'm not crazy  no but what you been through is I heard a car door where back I look at her please she looks at me as my Daddy puts his head n Darcy runs to him. I got up and got my crunches and walked to the kitchen. Aiden was playing a video game with Celia and Darcy was asking about brownies.

        I felt kind of disy standing up for to long I started to blink  as It got dark then I saw my Daddy sitting down and I sat on his lap. he kissed my head as I closed my eyes as he put his arms around me.I wish I was home schooled I though with people that make me feel safe and wanted and not having to go into the world .I felt my Daddy touch my stitches  as I flinched okay fine I'll leave you alone he mumbles as My eye sight went back to normal. and I rubbed my head I want I cream Darcy says My Dad looked at her we don't have any Darce she sits down and crosses her arms then pouts.

       she screams I cream every 5 seconds someone shut that up freeze some Milk and give it to her or something,My Daddy laughs Darce go get your shoes we can go out for ice cream My dad rolls his eyes I'll be in the office he says then I heard a door slam  I laughed are you coming he says I look at him then touched my head um sure why not. Okay tell Aiden and Celia I nod as I got up and limped over Crutches are being put in the car my Daddy said as I saw Celia run out to the car. I looked at Aiden were getting ice cream you want to come he looks at me for a moment and then looked at the screen to pause the game.

                        Sure he mumbles then gets up and bumps me  lets go Lia he says I looked at him  as he smiles as we got in the car Darcy was sinning the ABC's  And Celia was sitting in he front seat telling my Daddy a story about some stupid book.Celia please shut the fuck up  I don't have to I was talking to Daddy. Daddy tell her to stop being rude and to mind her own business. He looked at me through me mirror Shut up Celia your so damn annoying.

                        I am not I look at her  yes you are you still think your the baby and that your the cutest and everyone should only pay attention to you but if you haven't noticed Darcy is younger than you cuter and doesn't want to make you cut off your ears. I do not she screams I roll my eyes really because I think you do and maybe you should grow the fuck up. At lest I'm not stupid you go to a private school and do that thing about caring that you have bad grades.

                Lalalalala she screams  I hit er head on the window DADDY she screams as she starts crying. Why the hell are you crying so much your in 4th grade. WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN she screams I didn't even do anything to you but become alive  I paused I made her wonder the same question I have been wondering my whole life the question that I still haven't found an answer.

                What ever I did I'm sorry but you don't have to be mean you stay hating on me and have  my whole life because your a brat I mumble and I wish I had A better sister than maybe I would actually love her she starts crying. NATALIA my daddy yells what ever is the matter with you don't take it out on your sister I look at him I never did anything to Darcy. He stops the car and looks at me say sorry I look at him  to who he sighs.

Back at the house My Daddy went to talk to my dad  Celia ran up to her room, Aiden looks at me and shakes his head shut up Aiden you act like you know why I'm mad anyway I mumble as I got Disy I started to blink crazy then sat down and put my head down. Natalia I heard my Dad say.You need to lighten up on your sister she doesn't mean to be hyper all the time and she just getting use to not being the baby in the house  I roll my eyes. Whats wrong with you anyway I look at i'm noting I'm fine are we done,He looks at me yeah when you stop lying to me.

                I looked him in the eye and took a deep breath then looked away then back in his eyes but slightly out I'm fine Dad really.He got up and sighed  well I guess I'll leave you alone you can't look into someones eyes and lie I put my head down on the table  as a sharp pain took over my right leg I felt tears fall and my dad rubbed my back  then I heard his office door shut.


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