Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


5. ~5~

                Talia  Talia I felt someone shake me  I rolled over and saw Celia she looked at me  Daddy wants you down stairs I threw my blankets on the floor then bite my lip and I forgot how much my body hurts.Celia hugged me as I sat up what was that for she looked at me because you don't even wine about your pain I looked at her and  shrug because you wine every second I'm not trying to wine too. She looks down as I stood up as we walked down stairs I saw Darcy in her high chair.

                I sat next to her Tally she says I nod yea Hi Darcy she waves can I get a hug she looks at me  as I remove her cereal and take her out and put her on my lap. and gave her the dry cereal. My Daddy looked at me I'm taking Aiden and Celia to school watch Darcy I nod as Aiden came down stairs.Okay well be back I nod as they walked out  I put Darcy down and we went to the Family room.She stood in the door way screaming Darcy what's wrong DaDa I look at her you want DaDa she nods  DaDa was my Dad I bit my lip he's at work she sat down and started crying. Come here Darcy she shakes her head pleases she shakes her head.and laid their crying.

                 your just going to sit their she nods as she sucked her thumb, I went up stairs  took  a shower and found something to wear I put on my black ripped skinny jeans and my tank top with a smile face with X's over the eyes and I pulled my hair back into a pony tail I walked back down stairs and saw Darcy still laying in the door crying I laid down and watched some T.V then I heard my Daddy walk in he looked in and picked up Darcy what's wrong she took her thumb out of her mouth  I want DaDa.

                he tickles her well we can go see DaDa in about an hour at lunch she smiles  let make him food she says as she and My Daddy go to the kitchen. I sat their and watched sponge bob for what felt like 20 minutes Were going to see Harry then going to your Appointment you want us to come back and get you or are you going to come I looked at him I'll come. I got in the back and listened to music as we drove to wear my dad worked at the bakery he owned we walked i and Darcy went to the back in his office Dada she screamed I walked in why you limping My dad says I look at him what your limping Talia I looked at him because my legs and arms burn I say so I'm walking carefully okay well were leaving her here until the appointment over My Dad   hugged me then we left Daddy I mumble I looked at him he glanced at me as we stopped at the red light My Knee hurts really bad he looks at me really   bad I nod yes really really bad I pouted as we pulled in it mite be broken I shake my head.

                He nods maybe when we were in the room the doctor checked me up then put this black thing on my knee that should make it stay in place because if it gets to much pressure it could shatter  Then I got stitches in my face and Arm the doctor handed me crunches use these when we were done I limped out with out them  my Daddy looks at me it's going to keep hurting if you don't try to make it better.

                We went back tot he Bakery and I used the Crunches I walked in to see my Dad he looked at me so what happened my Daddy explained you better use those I look at him  why he looked at me do you want it to get worse I shake my head okay then after that we went home and I went to my room. I bite my lip slowly as I looked at my knee witch was all brown and blue with bruises like most of my body.I felt a tear fall as I poked my stitches. 

                I heard My dad come in my room I have to go to work and your dad is staying late at is his real job I look at him and smile so I'm in charge he looks at me Aiden is Ugh! I Scream slowly  Okay have fun I sighed as he left and put Darcy in my room. She sat on my bed and hugged me as the door opened and who that I shrug she runs down stairs and I heard a fall and crying.I got my crunches and walked down stairs and saw her crying on the floor Aiden was just standing their looking at her  holding a basket ball.

                I looked at him really he shrugs what was I supposed to do he took my crunches and  walked out side I picked Darcy up and kissed her cheek and gave her some cereal and put on a show in the living room. I heard Celia walk in the front door dropped her bag and pulled me out side the neighbors  are moving I nod so she looked at me it's not so it Nooo I shrug.

        I saw Aiden's friends playing Rugby in the front yard,Someone Nudged a boy and whispered something then he looked at me I glanced away 
I limped back inside Wait Natalia I turned around and saw Lucas why weren't you at school I just looked at him answer me when I talk to you I bite my lip I had to go to the doctors and hospital For what some boy I had never seen before asked I shrug something that happened I mumbled and limped away
                I sat down with Darcy and looked out the window every ten seconds Then I heard the door open and saw everyone  walk in Aiden went somewhere and they sat down. I looked at them Darcy screams No who you she says they laugh The boy I never seen before looks at me I'm Gavin Gabby  one of them joked he laughed and I don't believe I know your name I look at him Natalia. That Tally  Darcy says he smiles.

                when all the boys went outside he looked at me why aren't you out side because I rather stay inside he took my hand come on I shake my head as he took me outside I sat down.  and twilled my thumbs why is that out I heard someone say  why not... I bit my lip I'm not stupid I knew when I wasn't wanted and I wasn't wanted here at my own house  I limped in side and went to my room and slightly looked out the window this boy is going to be the death of me.I went in my closet and  and opened the door inside and walked up to the attic it was another room for me to just calm down  It had a computer and a TV  up their bean bags and a bed it was really nice too.

                I sat down and looked at the floor last time i was up here i was looking at baby pictures when i always was smiling  and laughing  I remember when it use to be fun to go to school and I wouldn't wake up scared. I sat down at the mirror and looked at my face covered in scars.and stitches. 

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