Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


3. ~3~


                        I  woke up again at around like 6 am  and turned on my light  and looked around what is their to wear i thought slowly I went through all my clothes then found an outfit I got in the shower and slipped it on I slowly turned off my light and walked down the stairs I saw my Dad and Daddy oh she rises with out someone waking her up I smile slowly well maybe today you can get a ride my Daddy says he hands me back my report card I dropped my book bag and put it in then went up stairs and looked in the bathroom I washed my cuts out and  out stuff over them then closed my eyes slowly and said some thing to my self :"You been through one more day of hate your stronger than you were yesterday".

        Daddy said come on if you want a ride I heard Celia screamed as she opened the door to the bathroom okay I heard you I said slowly as she walked out I followed her as my Daddy took us to school Celia was giving us a story.NO ONE GIVES A FUCK i finally scream she looks at me uh huh I shake my head no one cares your talking and no one's listening because your fucking boring I mumble as I look out the window Natalia  My Daddy say keep going Cel I was listing she looks at me then turns her head and keeps talking.

                Make sure Aiden comes home with you later I nod as I get out and slam the door right as the bell rings welcome to hell I mumbled where you question your life on earth every 5 seconds. I walked inside to my locker  as I was trying to open the combination I got pushed into my locker several times then Ivy banged my head on it as I opened it I rubbed my head as I put my stuff away and got my stuff for my periods.

as I shut my locker  Lucas pushed my stuff down  to the ground and when I went to get it he pushed me into my locker Fag he said and their the words started as I picked up my stuff the bell rang and I got up and went to my 1st period I sat in the back left corner were no one was their and started drawing . Then I felt something hit me I got the airplane out of my hair and opened it up.

       Dear Bitch,
                Your such a whore why don't you just kill your self already it's not that hard curt your wrist drink bleach hang your self or maybe even jump off a bridge.or  if your lucky enough maybe drowning to death but the point is no one wants you on the planet No one .your wasting air for the useful people the ones who actually make a difference that aren't Loser Fags with no friends  please just take the hint and DON'T  be alive tomorrow it would make the world a better place!

                                                                                                                                                        Xoxoxo die bitch die -Ivy </3


        I looked up at her laughing with her friend and put it in my binder and bit my lip,Okay class I'll be right back keep watching the movie the teacher announces and Ivy and Lucas get up.Hey Fag I look at him I'm not gay what the hell did you say he says as he picks me up by my shirt I-I-I'm not Gay I mumbled he pulled me to his face yea but your fucking little dad's are.So I mumble so he slams me up against the wall I flinched and let out a little wine.

                So they fucking suck each others dick,They are Gay I look at him what's wrong with that It's not normal I look at him he slammed me up against the wall again bitch your fucking daddies are idiots they expect for it to be normal well we don't like Male dick suckers here we don't appreciate that their teaching kids it's okay to be Gay and that's it normal. And you he looks at me You are no better you don't deserve to be here.What did I do he looked at me what didn't you do your ugly fat worthless stupid your raised by gay people your eyes change colors you walk weird you talk weird you have Dyslexia.

                he slammed me on the ground your a fucking mistake I shake my head as they kicked me She's coming a kid yelled they all scrambled back to their seats I could barley move.Were is Natalia they shrug as I finally got enough strength to pull me up it wasn't for long I went right into my chair as tears fell down my cheek and hit the desk.When the bell rang I got up and  put my stuff together and limped out as I went to my next class I sat in the back once again  but as I walked back Ivy tripped me making me fall but she put her pencil out so it went up my nose so it started bleeding I held it and hurried to the back of the room.

                as my nose was dripping blood i covered it with my hand as I wrote notes down then I got hit with two notes

Bleed to death-anonymous   Only if it killed you-Ivy 

                I looked up as more blood rushed out I started to shake and breath heavier I closed my eyes it's almost lunch you can do this I took deep breaths as the bell rang I smiled it was 12:00 Almost time to go home I had went to the nurses office and she put a bandage around my knee to help it get better and I stayed their until my nose was okay.I ate lunch with her because my nose had took so long she smiled as I left and picked up the phone maybe to call my dad's but I hopped it was to talk to her boyfriend or something.At recces I was terrified of what they would do to me as I stepped out the door a circle surrounded me and Aiden was in it.

                the circle started getting smaller I was claustrophobic so I started freaking out  I got my hair pulled so hard I had fell to the ground then they dragged me by my hair through the pavement I scrapped my elbow against it making them rip my skin off causing me to bleed. I shrieked in pain as they threw me against the I looked at my elbows dude look what you did I heard someone say I though you had a crush on her i heard another say I couldn't quite see right. Aiden that's your cousin you don't do anything to stop it what a jerk. 

        I woke back up in the nurses office she smiled well hun I looked at my elbows they were covered up and she had a bandage on my chin and ear you will be fine but you should cheek out your knees and stuff I nodded as she gave me another note.I have to go  to class I mumble I saw my bag it's almost the end of the day hun. I started shaking as the bell rang I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door I heard them follow me my knee hurt with felt like I was going to fall so I  turned the corner I was going through the park I think I lost them I mumbled as I spotted them on the other side I  Looked as the ran and I  tried to climb the fence. 

                As I was almost to the top I felt something hit my head and I fell I looked beside me and it was a football I sighed as I saw them circle me I curled into a ball and started to cry please leave me alone I mumble slowly I felt someone kick me in my stomach. I held on my legs tighter as they started to drag me again then threw me on the side walk. Don't kill her I heard a voice familiar say COME ON AIDEN  why all the sudden do you care I don't he says but you can't kill her he says .

        I  felt them throwing stuff at me punching me and kicking me, I let out a loud scream as they hit my knee and tears fell Oh shit the lady over their called the cops someone said I got up grabbed my book bag and ran to my house You can't run forever you faggot they screamed as I entered my house I slammed the door and held my knees and cried as I threw up some. I found her Daddy I heard Celia says I think Tally's sick I wiped away my eyes and ran into the bathroom. and looked in the mirror I was a mess I had red marks and bruises all over my body and my arms and legs were all scraped up just like my ear with was bleeding I put a towel on it and washed my face off as I opened the door I saw my daddy down stairs I could barley talk at all it hurt to much. 

                Why are you home so late my Daddy says where were you he mumbled he looked up at me and gasp what happened I shook my head as I tried to speak I tried to climb a fence and I fell he looks at me knees and arms that was from falling down the out side stairs at school I mumble he stared at me as I barley could say those words I saw Aiden walk in. Why don't you go lay down he says I got a email from the nurse I'll be up in a minute I walked past Aiden who was looking at me show Aiden his room my Daddy yelled after me I motioned Aiden to come along.

                Did you rat us out I shake my head W-w-why do you care he shrugs I didn't do anything but if you did it would just make your life worse I nod l-l-like you care he looks at me your my cousin I have to love you some way I look at him I know I don't show it but I tried to stop I do but he shrugs as I show him the room just don't expect to be in my Will I mumble or written  as in my family I whispered as I went in my room and put on sweat pants and a loose shirt  then laid their my whole body ached I felt like I was dying. 

        I saw my Daddy walk in well your not going to school tomorrow my eyes widened and I pushed my self up I forced out Really? He looked at me Tall is something going on at school  I shake my head no math just makes my head hurts well you have a doctors appointment tomorrow I look at him I'll be home alone I said slowly. No  I have the day off so you will be spending time with me besides when your dad will make us come see him. Doctors I'm fine he looks at me those marks and scrapes say other wise.

                I shrug slowly I just hope everything is   OKAY your worry us Tally I look at my Daddy H-h-h-how he shrugs because you used to be so happy about life and now you see, scared to do everything and you never smile you look like your always in pain he looks at me are kids at school bulling you I look at him and gulp For what he looked at me you know what I shake my head no I just push people away he looks at me why I shrug bad habit he nods.

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