Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


20. ~20~

    I woke up the next morning around 5:12 to a nightmare luckily I didn't scream so everyone else was sleeping,I was pacing back and forth  worrying about Nate coming over.I didn't exactly think we were going to get away with it I knew I was going to get caught to be exact but I didn't care there was a new feeling in me that I only really got since I started hanging out with Jaycee and I think I had courage or something like that.

        Around 6:30 I head people getting up so I started getting up again after I got out of the shower I sat on my floor looking for something  to were I sighed slowly I didn't want to look bad but I didn't want to dress when I finally found something to wear I got dressed fast then did my hair as I heard a knock on a door and my daddy peeked his head in "Oh your up" I nodded slowly as he closed the door and walked away. After a while I finally decided to get up and walk down stairs when I did I saw my Dad drinking coffee and reading the news paper.  

                Celia was across from him kicking her feet back and forth I looked at her slowly she was wearing a black shirt with a bright yellow smiley face on it and bright yellow shorts to match it.It got worse as she had yellow and black suspenders and a bright yellow bow on her head which almost covered her yellow scrunchies which held her high pony tale.I looked at her and shook my head "Who dressed her" My Dad looked up "she dressed her self" Celia was humming a song kicking her feet back and forth which hit the table moving my dad's coffee in the cup. I rolled my eyes and sat down at the island. 

        "Food maybe?" My Dad asked slowly I shook my head he sighed slowly "Your choice I guess" I nodded slowly as I lifted my head back up as I heard someone walk down the stairs I saw my daddy he poured himself some tea and looked at me then Celia who was humming to nothing and nodded slowly I laughed a bit. "Celia love stop shaking the table" My dad said slowly she nodded and tapped her bright yellow converse with black lases as she shoved another piece of waffle in her mouth. "You have a field trip today Cece" my daddy said she nodded real fast then smiled as syrup ran down her face I rolled my eyes "nasty" she wiped her mouth and laughed a bit then covered her mouth.

                "Why aren't you talking" My daddy said as he tried to break her they knew she was hiding something because she can't talk and keep a secret so she tries to be quite instead. She shrugged slowly and then ate more of her waffle,My Dad looked at me with his emerald eyes I smiled he rolled his eyes and looked back down as I took a deep breath. "Okay staring contest" my daddy said she nodded and they looked into each others eyes they she let out a scream and ran upstairs he laughed a bit as my Dad hit him."What?" my dad shook his head as I laughed. "Where's Aiden?"  my daddy thought "he's not getting up for a while I'll try to wake him up before we leave"he nods slowly as Celia walked back down with bright yellow and black fake nerd glasses and did a spin then took a bow.

"Take a bow to the car" My dad said as he picked up his keys I got my crunches and walked out after him,The car ride was pretty quiet Celia was humming and kicking her feet  "idiot" My dad glared at me as we arrived at my school.I slowly got out and walked straight to class to try to avoid people,But of course right before lunch in the class before the teacher had to go to the office.

                "I seen your daddy drooping you off" I heard Ivy say as she twirled my hair,I bit my lip as I tried to ignore them but then Ivy yanked my hair and pulled me out of the seat."Natalia Stylinson please report to the main office" I got up and brought my stuff with me as I opened the door I seen Jaycee there chewing gum. As we left I saw Nate outside looking around.He looked at me and smiled "Nice school" I shrug "You can say that" Jaycee looked at us and rolled her eyes as we started walking to my house. "You know this place is really quite" I nodded "well yeah all the kids are in school" He shrugs "but there's not a lot of traffic or anything" I looked at him "Yeah I guess I never really noticed that".

                By the time we got home after we stopped to get ice cream Aiden was sitting on the couch playing a video game and Celia was next to him talking he pushed her off the couch and she jumped up. "What is she wearing!" Jaycee mumbles to me I shrug "Hi Jaycee Natalia" she looked at Nate "you must be Tally's brother nice to meet you I'm Celia I'm 7 years old do you like my out fit I picked it out this morning" He nodded "it's cute and I'm nate" she smiles at him "I like you" she says slowly as I saw Darcy in her high chair I wiped her face off and put her down "Daddy and Dad left your in charge" I nodded "But can we do something fun!" I looked at her then Nate and Jaycee.

                We decided to go bowling something we could take Celia and Darcy along with. Aiden was eating his life away at the food bar and Jaycee was winning Celia got all gutter balls so Nate said he would help her."Go Talia!" Jaycee said as she plopped down next to me I picked up my ball and walked up to it "Don't mess up!" Jaycee yelled as I rolled it down,I turned away slowly and looked at Jaycee as her mouth hung open "Did I do good?" She nodded as she closed her mouth "You got a strike" I sat down next to her "That's good right?" She nods "you hit all the damn pins" she said as she nudges me I smiled a bit as it was Celia's turn and Aiden walked back and sat down as Nate helped her.

        When it was time for Nate to leave it was around 8 pm he got on the bus and told me he was going to text me when he got back,We walked in the house and I looked at Celia "We did nothing" she nods slowly as she took Darcy and walked up stairs. Aiden went to eat more food as me and Jaycee sat on the couch "Wait were's Jailynn?" I sighed as we saw him walk in "were did you guys go?" He said as he sat next to me making me blush he saw me blush and looked down."Bowling what were you doing?" Jaycee mumbles he shrugs "sleeping and playing video gmaes" I nod "sounds a lot like Aiden" I mumble as we heard a car pull in and Me and Jaycee looked at each other "If we get caught I give up in life!" She mumbled under her breath I laughed slowly as I saw our parents walk in.


"So you mean to tell me you did nothing this whole time?" My Dad said Me and Jaycee nodded "there's nothing to do in this town anyway" They looked at each other then us as Celia walked down she took a deep breath and stayed quite. "Celia what did you guys do?"My Daddy said she closed her eyes "We went bowling...Wait no we stayed here and did nothing"  "Damn it" me and Jaycee said at the same time making us laugh a bit "I was talking about my field trip we went bowling" she said as her face got red. "Your a bad liar" Ashton mumbled I laughed slowly. As Jaycee and Jailynn left she slid her finger across her through and sighed."Making your sister lie for you is low" My Daddy mumbled I nodded "And I'm really really really really REALLY SORRY!" They looked at me "your already grounded" I sighed "Why do you hate me?" My Dad rolled his eyes as eh went to get Darcy "you make us hate you" My Daddy said as he sat next to me I lay my head on him "no fair!" He laughed "life isn't fair Talia" I let out a scream as he kissed my head.

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