Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


2. ~2~

                I finally got up and brushed off my hair and clothes and sat down and on a bench and thought for a moment I should probably enjoy this because this is the last time i will be out side in a while being grounded in all. But i do walk home from school if that even ever counts when I'm not running away from bullies. I tapped my fingers on the table my dad is always harder on me to get high grades and be good in class. but it's hard to focus with people whispering ant throwing notes at you all day but I guess it's not all my fault I am a true hopeless romantic I just want a sweet love story maybe like my parents.

               My birth mother died after she gave birth to me  witch my Dad Harry though was the love of his life truly he didn't know if he could even take care of me looking at me reminded me of her so for a while I lived with my aunt Pierre and Uncle Zayn maybe  6 months a year my dad was still in my life and all but not as much as you would hope he was.My dad was kind of depressed wasn't the same my Aunt Pierre and Eleanor would always say But then Louis my Daddy or officially my step dad  was my Dad's best friend so he pulled him out of his sadness made him smile again he was the only one who could besides well me.

               My Dad feel in love with him but hid it until my 2nd so for like 1 -2 hole years watched him have a relationship and stuff but then on my  birthday my dad was a little sad as he was taking care of me know he said I was a happy and giggly baby always smiling and wanted everyone else smiling to and very smart I remind him of my mom so much he said it hurt to even look at me at that point.My dad was thinking about having me permanently live with My Uncle Zayn for the best of me because he  was unstable but my Daddy came to the rescue and well told him I needed him in my life that I wasn't going to find another dad like him and that he was their to help him if he needed anything and then My Dad kissed him right then and their and he kissed back.

                So My parents always say that they found their true love because of me but really it was because my mom died It sounds harsh but it is and I know she's looking down on my once in a while I just hope she's not disappointed. TALLY! I  looked up can we leave now my sister nearly screamed I nod as she took my little sisters hand and ran out I sighed as I walked behind them I saw  Ivy across the street she was the one who made my life worst too  her and her stupid friends.

                "Fag" she said I looked over can I um help you she says oh know their crossing the street by now I was just about to my house and my sisters have already walked in I sighed  you must have a problem if your starring at me I shake my head no I-I- I'm sorry  she mocked em you stuttering   freak maybe your mom died when she saw your face I felt a tear fall down  my cheek and his the side walk awe she's crying what are you going to do go home and tell your Daddies they  held out  the s at the end You dumb bitch  she says as she pushes me in the road as I fall I heard a car coming then it stopped in font of me I started breathing heavy as the girls walked away laughing I got up and ran across the street. Then I saw a car in the drive way  I wiped away my tears and looked at my hands my knee was all scrapped up and what not I quietly opened the door.

                As I shut up I heard screaming TALIA  IS THAT YOU? I heard my Aunt Pierre yell from I think the kitchen Yea I said shakily she came out and looked at me what's wrong I shake my head nothing I'm fine what are you doing here your Dad's went over to the guys house I don't need a babysitter you know she looks at me oh your too cool for me now I laugh as I hug her who's in the back yard she shrugs some of Levi's and Aiden's friends I believe I nod slowly is that bad I shake my head why is  Aiden here she shrugs because Levi's here and their cousins of yours so she shrugs weird how that works huh? I nod yea i guess what happened she says slowly  I shake my head she looks at me and lowers her voice are those kids still bulling you I think you should tell your dad's.

                I shake my head No I can't they will freak out and move me  to a Private school witch won't work because I can run from this problem the problem is Me god damn it I say as tears started to fall she looks at me calm I nod  okay fine don't tell them but promise me you will if it gets worse I look at her then down Natalia I nod slowly  I promise. and I will keep my promise I won't tell I hugged her and ran upstairs.

        STOP i screamed leave me alone this isn't funny anymore  I screamed Just leave me alone they walked towards me   they took my sisters away STOP leave them alone please I mumble take me just me. Don't Don't hurt my family I screamed.I was up against the bridge  fence I looked down I saw Ivy and  Lucas in the front give up we all want you gone he mumbled slowly ether you can or we can he says as he pulled out a gun I shook my head as tears fell down my face I closed my eyes as they hit me with he gun I fell over and touched my head as I felt blood on it Talia I heard my Aunt scream Their gone I  felt someone step on my stomach Their gone I cried harder You killed my parents I chocked out with blood coughing up.  I pushed my self out and Threw up blood as I saw the ambulance I saw them put a white sheet over my sisters and blood on the floor then I saw 2 more Ambulances. I ran  into the woods and fell and cried.

                I looked up in the sky as crows filled it and the wind blew I shook my head I heard footsteps  coming to me Natalia you can't hide forever they screamed Stop I screamed as I saw them around me Please J-j-j- Just stop they kicked me down as more blood coughed up. I tried to breath but it was getting harder my through closed I could barley see but I reached out for a gun the dropped it and stepped back as I took it slowly.Why was I fighting back all this time I should have just let them kill me a long time ago you don't belong here your a freak I picked the gun up with all my might I had left but it got heavier and heavier.I could finally saw my last words they choked up quite as blood came out KILL ME i said slowly then I felt a sharp pain in my back the someone throwing me at something I felt a sharp pain a real sharp pain in my leg I felt what was I thought would be tears down my face.

                then they took the shot I was dead I woke up and looked around I was in my room I looked around is this heaven I though is this how it ends in the room alone,Were's my mom I though maybe this is hell I though again then my door swung open and I saw my Daddy he turned on the lights and knelled down to me.he touched my leg then I heard him saw Shhh Shhh your okay Tally your okay.I look at him and started shaking even more what happened he said was it a dream I looked around and took a deep breath I looked at them time and then I felt the sheets it was just a dream Tally. I started breathing heavy then tears fell down my face.

                I'm okay I said slowly he nods yes yes you are I shake my head N-n-n-no I'm not I mumbled their coming I said slowly he looked at me who's coming They are there coming to kill me I mumbled he shook his head no Tally it was just a dream I started bursting out into tears he squeezed my hand as he hugged me I realized he had no shirt on but had on sweatpants I looked up into my door way and saw my Dad standing their. Calm down Tally it's going to be fine my Daddy says it was just a dream okay a night mere even I looked at him okay he pulled away from the hug witch made me feel unsafe again.   I looked around my room  my lamp was on.

                        You still look scared as fuck are you sure your okay I nod as Darcy started crying he looked at me I pushed him go take care of the baby I said slowly he got up and kissed my head and walked out he whispered something to my Dad as he walked away. I was still breathing heavy he looked at me now Talia is something bothering you I looked at him.W-W-W-what is something wrong that we should know about.

                I shake my head no it was just a bad dream I said because you can trust us you know that right? I nod slowly as more tears fall he wiped them away shhh your okay no one's going to hurt you I look at him I promise how can you make that promise because me and Lou will make sure of it but you need to tell us what's going on I nod  I'm fine I said I finally stopped shaking and started breathing normal again okay he says as he kissed my head now go back to sleep I nod sorry for waking you up he looks at me it's fine baby he says as he kissed my head once more then walked out and shut my  door It was just a dream I mumbled.


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