Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


18. ~18~

               I woke up and screamed as I realized how early it was and that I had to go to school,I  pushed my body up and took more deep breaths before I saw my Daddy walked in all dressed "What I say about screaming" I looked at him "sorry" He nodded then walked away I got in the shower then slowly picked out an outfit I slowly walked down stairs with an head ache. I sat at the counter and put my head down "Food maybe?" my dad said I shook my head "I'm fine" he sighed and I heard him grab him sit down. I lifted my head up and saw him reading something Celia was siting across from him dressed in a skirt and a shirt with a bow in her hair eating waffles.

                "Who dressed her" I mumbled as I rolled my eyes and Aiden walked down and laid on the couch "I dressed my self" she said as she shoves another piece of waffle in her mouth "And were okay with this?" My dad looked up at me and nodded I rolled my eyes "You guys are an embarrassment" I mumbled as He let out a laugh as my Daddy walked down stairs and got him self a cup a tea. "Who dressed Celia" She smiled "Me" my Daddy sighed "Your bow don't match your out fit you could have wore a white one or something" She looked at him "Your tattoos don't match your outfit" My Dad laughed slowly."Can I get a tattoo" They looked at me "No now get in the car "my Dad says as he gets up I grabbed my back and me Celia and Aiden got in the car. 

                As I arrived at school I got out and limped to my locker,"Oh she's back"  Gavin said as his friends pushed me into my locker I banged my head and sighed as the bell rang I hurried to class. I sat in the back hoping the teacher wouldn't leave and just my luck she walked out "So did your back? did you Daddies make you "I shook my head as they threw a pencil at me "Look at me when I talk to you!' I turned around slowly and took the pencil out my hair.

                "So Fag or fagget I should say" Gavin mumbled I looked at him and then looked down "Can I be left alone?" I was pushed out my seat before I could finish I saw Ivy above me smiling "Hey little bitch,Why would you wear white today? So you have proof we kicked your ass? She said as she stepped on my stomach then walked over to Gavin and sat on his lap.

                I coughed  a bit and got up in my seat as I saw the teacher walk in.

                When lunch came around I was scared out of my mind I sat out side shaking as they surrounded me, I felt Ivy yank me on the floor making me fall forward I closed my eyes as they pull me by my hair and push me into a Wall making me couch a bit,I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as they punched me. "Okay! Okay!" I said as I took deep breaths as they hit me in the face three times then I saw Aiden come out before it went blurry.I woke up in the nurses office and looked at the clock it was about time to go I heard the last bell rang and was handed my back I smiled and ran out the school.

                I saw them coming and I tried to jump a fence but they pulled me down,"Eat this!" Gavin yelled throwing a rock at my face I let out a scream as I felt blood come from my mouth and nose and get on my shirt. They kept throwing rocks until I heard A familliar voice "Back the fuck away from my best friend" I slowly opened my eyes and saw Jaycee yelling at them she helped me up and when I got home I sighed as I saw no cars in the drive way and limped to the bathroom. and looked at my face it was bleeding in my lips had blood gushing out of them and her nose her eyes were black and blue and her shirt had blood on it she changed her shirt and washed the blood away when it stopped she looked in the mirror.

                My face  face was puffy and I sighed knowing my Parent's would know I pulled up my hood and walked back down stairs and saw Jaycee talking to my Daddy. I sat down and looked down "Let me see"  I played with my fingers "see what"  He pulled my hood up and lifted up my face and shook his head "Does it hurt?" I shake my head slowly as I heard Celia run back down stairs I put my hood back up Jaycee hugged me "I'll see ya later " I nodded as I heard her leave "DAD! " Here Celia yelled and ran outside.

                "Oh everyone's just here waiting" My Dad said "Aiden's in the room" My Daddy mumbled "what's up with you Natalia " I coughed a bit "I don't feel well" I said quietly.He lifted off my hood and lifted up my face shook his head and looked at my Daddy "did you see this". Celia looked at me and gasp, "Celia go to your room" My Dad said as she started asking questions she walked up the stairs "I just found out Harry" My Daddy said slowly. I looked at him "I'm fine okay?" They shook there head as my dad walked into the Office my daddy hugged me then kissed my head as I buried my face in his chest.

                I felt tears coming from my eyes as he combed his fingers through my hair I felt me being picked up  and walked some place Then his grip leaving and someone's else's there. Then the door shut I opened my eyes and saw my Dad sitting on the couch in his office I was in his grip. He kissed my head "What can we do to help" he said slowly "I don't want help I can do this on my own" He took a few deep breaths then kissed my head once more and then let me stay there as he left.

                I moaned as I tried to get up but failed and stayed there I saw the door creep open a bit the shut "Tally?" I heard Celia mumble I looked at her and pushed my body up she hugged me I grunted in pain she let go "Oh sorry" I nodded slowly "what do you want?" She looked at me "Well,Today in class we had to pick our hero" I nodded "And you didn't know who to pick" She shrugged "I picked you" I looked at her "Why?" She shrugs "well are you in pain?" I shrugged "And your not even crying and you tried to hide it from everyone I would have been bawling my eyes out" I shrugged as she hugged me "Thank you" I looked at her "for?"She shrugs "Giving me the best sister ever" I rolled my eyes she didn't really know I was the worst sister but I just let her think that for now and hugged her back slowly .

               She smiled at me and sat down next to me "You want to play something?" I sighed "sure" She pulled me up and out the door and towards the family room my Daddy was at the table on his phone and my Dad was cooking something "Cece Be careful with Tally she's in pain" My Daddy yelled after us as Darcy crawled behind us. When we reached the family room I sighed a bit and sat down as Darcy looked at me smiling I picked her up and sat her next to me.

                Aiden was in here playing a video game as Celia pulled out Life and handed me the purple one and I slid to the floor as we started "You have 4 girls and one boy went to college got married and are rich!" Celia said I nodded slowly she looked at me "How do you know how to play this game?" I shrug "It's all luck" My Dad looked in "Dinner!" Celia jumped up as my Dad picked up Celia  "I'm beating them though!" "You can beat them later!" My Dad said slowly.

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