Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


13. ~13~

     I heard Celia crying and saying stuff in between her tears for like an hour I turned my music back up  and laid in my bed,Shutting everyone out was pretty easy until Celia stopped crying and My door opened they walked in and looked at me shutting my door behind them.My Dad looked at me pissed off as my Daddy looked more annoyed than anything.

                My Dad turned off my music,We need to talk he says slowly about what? He looked at me Natalia really? I nod nope I'm serous I have nothing to say to you guys.Well we have stuff to say to you. Why? wouldn't you rather be with Celia! My Daddy looked at me Talia stop the bullshit.I shrugged I have no Idea what your talking about. You know we don't show favoritism  we love you all equally just differently.Well I think that's stupid I say as I cross my arms.They look at me where does this attitude come from? Because I know we didn't raise you like this?

                I don't have an attitude they looked at me really? I nod And maybe if you stopped and talked to me you would know I act like this a lot Talia I talk to you everyday and you don't act like this unless your really pissed the hell off so what the fuck is wrong? my Daddy says slowly.Whoa he can get attitude but I can't He's an adult my Dad says So...So  were all equal.Your still a minor my Daddy says I looked at them,Okay so what the fuck are you both ganging up on me for ?Stop the bullshit  your freaking out your sister my Daddy says. I shrug can't stop no bull shit if there isn't any.

                Fine your grounded until you find the cause of this attitude and stop it My Dad says I stand up slowly and shakily,That isn't fucking fair he looks at me I can keep adding time or keep taking away stuff. You guys are being unfair I didn't do anything I scream If you wake up your sister Natalia my dad says I DON'T GIVE A FUCK LET THEM WAKE UP THEY CAN KISS MY ASS YOU GUYS ARE BEING UN FAIR!  My daddy shakes his head your making it worse for your self Talia.

                Well tell your husband he's being unfair what is he doing? I scream you guys are punishing me for being my self this isn't you my Daddy says when you woke up this morning you were different. Yesterday? I look at them people change My dad shakes his head no something's up and you just won't tell us. Nothing's wrong I'm just annoyed how everyone has to put on a fake smile for Celia when that's not the truth. And when something bad happens to her she won't know how to deal with it because we act like everything is alright 24/7.

                They look at me and when she see's reality she cry's for 2 hours  my Dad says but you didn't have a real reason to scream at her you just did because you were mad I shrug so. So she thinks you hate her My daddy says So? he shakes his head you know what I give up Talia My Dad says and walks out my Daddy looked at me and shakes his head then walked out.

        I let you a sigh I just pissed off the two people who make me happy and that love me unconditionally.

                My Daddy walked in my room Dinner Tal I look at him I'm not hungry,He  pulls me out of bed come on and eat I shake my head I'm not hungry. He lifted me on my feet  were are we going I say Celia Dinner she walked out slowly and down stairs my Daddy had his grip around my wrist .I'm not hungry I mumbled as we walked down stairs but your going to eat he sat me down in a chair next to his. I played around with my food for like 20 minutes Natalia eat your Food my Dad says I'm not hungry.

                He sighs okay,My daddy looked at me I took a bit I ate I announced,Finish your food my Dad says I sigh.What do you except of me people,To finish your food my Dad says I sigh and take another bit.Celia go get ready for your concert she nods and runs up stairs.So I have to go? Yes my Daddy says But why!! Because she wants you to be there my Dad says as he starts cleaning up I look at him Say so Natalia I swear he says I bit my lip But why? he glared at me I didn't say So!

                My Daddy shook his head,Harry my Daddy says doesn't she look nice today My Daddy says My Dad looked up yes she does to bad her attitude is ruining it. I look at them  I don't have on they look at me I smile see. That smile is so fake my Dad says I shrug not really,She has bows in her hair and everything my Daddy says I look at him you look sweet My Dad says. I know I should have changed ,Now you need to fix that attitude and you'll fit your look my Daddy says.

                I poke his cheek I don't have One I say remember no I don't remember my Dad says I sigh eat your food he adds I look at them do you live to piss me off? Yes they said at the same time,I look at them you plan this shit I swear! My Dad looks at me I mean stuff I mean Stuff he rolls his eyes.Go put your shoes on Talia my Dad says I look at him But I don't wanna.He looks at me it was a command not a question and that was my statement. No one asked for feed back my dad says well I gave it to you for free.

                He looks at me lucky us I sigh and lean on my Daddy,I don't want to move! He kisses my head well that's life for you I scream my Dad looked at me I laughed it was as scream in frustration.Okay so this is the real you what was the other one I look at them I'm Bi-polar no your not my Daddy says I nod I think I am I think your acting like an Idiot my Daddy says.  Dad your husband called me an idiot then stop acting like one.Oh I feel betrayed I say still leaning on my Daddy. 

                Can I go barefoot No my Dad says why you get so mad? He looks at me that was a stupid question,I shake my head that's a opinion,Why would you go barefoot I shrug why not I say laughing are you high? my Daddy asked I look at him why would you ask that I say laughing as my Dad gave me my shoes and then went up stairs.Put your shoes on Talia my daddy says and gets up I moan and slid out of my chair as he starts cleaning up Darcy.


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