Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


10. ~10~

  I jumped up from my bed there in my house it was extremely hot more hot than anything I coughed a couple of times as a dark black smoke was coming from the outside of my door.I looked out the window and saw firefighters caring out two bodies I look around as I heard a scream it  sounded like Celia I bit my lip  as I went to open the door and I saw fire I screamed there a still people left I heard someone say from down stairs. I looked around as walked into the fire as the burns got more intense I closed my eyes as I heard Jaycee's voice but She's in there I know it I fell to the floor as I was heading to the light but then it stopped  I was at school YOUR USELESS PIECE OF SHIT i heard someone yell they were all saying something  and they were closing me in I started to breath faster as the space got closer and I started to freak out. 

                Then I felt a sharp pain in my back I just died twice.... I woke up again and was In a field and people were coming after me  I  looked around and started to run then the grass got softer and softer making it harder to run until they had me in a corner  I screamed for help but no one came then they threw a knife witch hit me in the stomach I fell to the ground as they all scattered Vultures circled me above.  As the sound got distant I heard my name

                Talia, Talia,Natalia I looked around my Daddy was sitting by my bed wearing once again his sweat pants only my Dad stood in the door way like always  his arms crossed and he was looking at me. I grasp for air I felt tears come from my face.Are you okay? Y-y-Yeah why? I mumble softly you were screaming I shake my head I was sleeping my Daddy looks at me as I heard Celia's voice Dad? she mumble he looked at me once more the disappeared. Was it another dream my Daddy says I grasp for air once more I'm not dead? He nods I am aware.

        Is anyone dead? I mumble he looks at me well lots of people are I mean people die everyday Love he says I look at his blue eyes but no one died when I was asleep no one I know right? He nods as far as I'm aware. I felt tears fall from my face. Shhh Your okay he says as he hugs me tighter he kissed my head then brushed through my hair as I cried into his chest. Lou I heard my dad say he let go of me Celia wants you he nods as he kisses my head I'll be back I'm fine I mumble slowly. He shakes his head your far from fine  I look at him no proof he nods.My dad just stood in the doorway looking at me.

                I sigh as he turned on my lamp and sat at the end of my bed ,He looked at me Natalia  I looked up slowly  I'm sorry I woke you up he shrugs couldn't sleep anyway I look at him but this screaming is something that we need to be talking about. I shake my head no I'm fine he looks at me as I held my knee's  and looked at my toes.I looked up with tears in my eyes what? he mumbles I look at him well no one in this house believes me he looks at me because you ignore pure facts. I shake my head as I looked into his Emerald eyes  he gets up what ever Natalia I'm not going to fight with you he says as he throws his hands in the air and gets up I pushed my self of the bed with all my might and hugged him.

                        As I was shaking I felt his arms around me he looks at me your killing yourself and Celia too he mumbles then kisses my head and walks away I plopped on to the floor. as I played with my rug I  heard my door open so are we going to try to go to sleep or no I heard My daddy says as he walked into my room. I shake my head no! He looks at me and your going to be tired tomorrow at school I moan and fall over can I have some medicine then! What's wrong he mumbles my legs hurt and my arms hurt and my chest hurts and my head I just hurt he looks at me what do you think I can do? 

                        I shrug aren't parents suppose to have super powers of some sort  he looks at me very funny but no! I wine well can't you give me pain stuff please he looks at me I'll look but  I don't know if we have any  heard Celia talking too my Dad in the hall.Celia has to tell you something and it couldn't  wait for tomorrow my dad says as he hugs my Daddy Celia walks up to me.I am so very very very very Sorry for what ever I did I look at her that's not a question My Daddy laughed. Well I wanted to ask if you were still mad at me? I look at her I guess not she hugs me Owe I mumble. she lets go sorry My Daddy whispers something to my dad he looks at me then whispers back.And are you coming to my Band concert I look at her I thought you had a play? she looks at me yeah but that's at 6 this one for band at 1 I have 4 flute solo's  4 she says I nod that's um a lot.

                Well maybe we should go to sleep and rest for all these flute solo's my Dad says as he picks her up    and walks out My daddy  helps me up and my legs start to hake and Pain came through my body I sat down on my bed maybe you should get this checked out . I looked at him I'm fine he looks at me as my Dad walks back in with water and a cup he hands me the pill and a cup what is this? Poison he mumbles I look at him it should make you feel better  I take the water and my arm starts to shake I bit my lip as I slowly pull  it up to my lip and take the pill and drink some water then It drops out of my hand.Ops?! he  looks at me why did you do that? I shrug I didn't mean to  honestly they looked at each other and sigh as my dad walked out .

                        He looked at me are you okay I nod he looks at me so how is school I bit my lip fine,You bit your lip when you like Talia I do not I say as I bite my lip he looks at me fuck! I mumbled he shakes his head so I know what's going on and Monday therapy I look at him but I rather talk to you guys about it he looks at me but your not.I look at him fine I get bullied is that what you wanted to hear he nods well no but yes I felt tears in my eyes. Well you get jumped to but it's okay he says I look at him as he kisses my head we'll fix it with out moving your school I look at him and embarrassing me right? he nods I'll try now you can tell your Dad he says as my Dad walked  in tell me what he mumbles as my Daddy gets walks out night he says .

                He looks at me Natalia? I bit my lip It's about school I mumble slowly  He nods as he sat down next to me I felt tears fall so you know how I been getting hurt a lot he nods well I bit my lip it's because  the kids at school he nods slowly well they don't like me, So they hurt me he look sat me what? I bit my lip I get bullied he looks away from me why didn't you tell us earlier I shrug.I didn't think it was that bad he looks at me that bad Natalia really? I felt tears fall and I didn't want you to be mad at me or feel like it's your fault he looks at me well it is our fault I shrug no it's me I'm the problem he looks at me really because the only problem  and that's your hide your feelings I shrug as he hugs me then kisses my cheek well I guess we have to fix this he says but get some sleep he says as he kisses my head and wipes away my tears.


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