Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


1. ~1~



  I walked in the front door holding my head down I had officially one hour,One hour to clean up and act okay one hour to finish my homework and hide my report card and an hour to myself  I slid down the door and held my knee's and took a deep breath you survived one more day I mumbled slowly. I put my bag on the dinning room table and went to the bathroom  and washed my face I looked in the mirror. My eye I mumble slowly right near my eye I had a cut I covered it up  I think story story story Gym I say then my lip was busted also.

                Dodge ball in gym I mumble slowly as I walked out and sat down and opened my book bag I looked at the notes that where throw at me today. Why are you still here? Your a fag just like your parents! DRINK BLEACH!  No one wants you here! Your a whore! 
        My breathing got heavier   as I read those words they kept circling through my head  Jump off a bridge! No one loves you! You won't amount to anything! do everyone a favor and leave the earth! Wasting air!         I started to shake as I heard the back door open I screamed and slammed the papers on the table. Whoa did I scare you I heard my little sister say I looked at her Yes Celia  she  looks at me sorry!. What are you reading anyway  I shake my head nothing it's fine  I stop shaking as she sat next to me and pulled out her homework.

                        I looked at my phone Dad want's you  to call him  she perks up and gets the phone,She was so Perky for no reason I mean sure what ever she's 8 but still you don't need to be that happy about life but then again I just hope that she stays that way Happy.... Tally,Tally,Talia  she screams I look at her is the living room clean I nod slowly.Clean out the guest room for tomorrow what's happening I say slowly.  Aiden is staying the rest of the week with us  because he doesn't want to miss his football game when Uncle Liam and Aunt Eleanor  go to see Liam's parents and Sophie is going with them she says.

        I started shaking     okay bye Love you she looks at me  she started the oven and sat down next to me my report card came I got high honor roll I look at her your in 4th grade you hype she looks at me but I go to a private school she mumbles I nod. I know what you go to .My sister broke down as soon as they said one word to her so my parents transferred her to a private school witch is extreme to me.

                She looks at me and there really nice their and I made a lot of friends I nod that's great Celia  she looks at me  so hows your school I paused it's great I say biting my lip she smiles then how come you don't bring any friends over I shrug I'm usually grounded true she says slowly.So do you like any boys in your school I shake my head no why not she says well none of the boys are nice I mumble or sweet they don't like me she shrugs eh.

                I looked back down at my work as I heard a car pull in Celia ran out to great my Dad or Daddy I  saw my Dad walk in with Darcy nice to see you too Talia I look up and put on a smile Hi I say slowly didn't quite expect you to still be here he says I'm grounded I mumble where am I going to go.. And I was to scared to go anyway out side the house alone. I shrugged report cards he says I looked down you see you see how good I'm doing I am ahead of my whole entire class he laughs really he sat next to me Talia I kept writing  Natalia I looked up Oh Hi. So where is this report card I shrug I don't really know I lost it on my way home.

                He put his hand on my head what happened I looked at him Gym he looks at me we were playing doge ball and I got hit and fell he looked at me Mhm sounds intense I nod it was.Are you sure he says I nod I'm pretty sure I know what happened like I have Dyslexia not memory lost Dad I say as I look down he pulled out a text you got 1 47 on a math test I look at it maybe he nods okay Okay he started cooking something in the kitchen then went upstairs to do something.

                She looked at the notes as I flip the over awe are those notes to your boyfriend I shake my head as she takes them and runs  I run after her she locked her self in the bathroom  I banged on the door OPEN UP CELIA I'M NOT PLAYING  i scream as I pound on the door. I heard my Daddy walk in well I guess someone already pissed off  sit down he says But he looks at me unfinished homework Celia stop messing around she opened the door and hugged him Hello he smiles well Hi.

                 I am ahead of my whole class for my report card my Daddy went through my book bag hey! and pulled out my Report cad please have sighed he read oh lord 

He looked at me your failing 4 classes  I nod I know Natalia is always distracted in my class he read,Ooo your going to get in trouble  Celia yells as she runs away  I trip her she started crying. Dad! Talia tripped me Brat I scream my Daddy looks at me so how was your day he looks at me Face explain. I shrug Gym doge ball ,ball hit me I fell he nods bull shit but what ever I laughed. As Celia came down and sat on the island as my Dad walked down Lou did you not see Talia trip her. 

                My Daddy looked at me  I was going to do something but she did kind of steal her papers my Dad shakes his head as Darcy started to cry my Daddy went up stairs. Purpose of tripping your younger sister I look at him i would never trip Darcy she's only 3 he looks at me that one stole my paper and was going to spread my business to everyone he looks at me what business and to who I shrug well to you and my report card he nods so you trip her I nod.

                  He sighs okay whatever but Natalia your already grounded I can just add more time your being unfair I didn't really do anything he picked up my report card yeah your telling me your failing 4 classes I bite my lip I know.He looks at me their going to put you in a extra help class that you don't need I look at him but I do need it he shakes his head your a smart girl Talia I shake my head no I'm a troubled girl who knows how to guess good he looks at me. Speaking of trouble what's with all these bandages almost gone I'm clumsy he nods yea okay  I saw my Daddy walk down with Darcy. 

                  Four classes My daddy nods I bang my head on the table, Can I go to the park Celia asked I finished all my homework ask your sister she starts breathing stupidly she's going to say no she hates me . No she doesn't don't put works in my mouth now I mumbled slowly my daddy hits me. GO get ready Tally will take you and Darcy   I put my stuff in my back pack and put it on the floor not wear it goes my Daddy says your room now I march up and put it on my floor and turn off my light i took the notes and put them in a box wear I put the rest.

                I slid on my converse and   walked down be back by 5:30 I nod yea okay whatever I said slowly as I picked up Darcy and we walked out. Celia wanted to run witch make Darcy wants to run so I put her down.I saw Aiden and Lucas as we enter the park but did you see what  We did to your cousin  I heard them say No what? is she hurt! you act like you care he nods true!  I kept my head down speak of the slut. 

        I started breathing heavy I felt someone grab my hair hey look at me when I'm talking to you okay I nod slowly as he pushed my on the ground. Dude you messed up her eye and Lip he laughs as he kicked dirt at me.I got up and brushed off can you just leave me alone for once I mumble. what the fuck did you say to me of all people Hey Fag didn't I say to look at me when I talk to you he pulled my hair so I was looking at him then  he smacked me as I hit the ground I heard go die I laid their thinking about what he just said. Maybe I should take that in maybe just maybe I mite I mumble.


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