Magcon - an adventure that changed my life


1. Chapter 1

Angie: Hey Y/N wake up !! It's the day, the day we are going to Magcon , and finally meet all the boys !!! Y/N WAKE UP!!!!

Y/N: I'm up, sis shut up !!!

Angie is my older sister, She is 16 and I am 14. Even though she's older, she looks like my twin sister but 15 cm higher and 10 kg heavier. You can actually see that she's older.

I went to the bathroom and got ready, I decided to wear my jeans, t-shirt and vans. Then I done my makeup ,straightened my hair and I was done. Maybe a few things but it took me an hour! When I came out I noticed that Angie is wearing exact the same thing as me !! We watched each other in silence and burst out laughing!!

Angie: I can't believe that we thought about exactly the same outfit! Even makeup is the same!

Y/N: I love you sis, I don't know what I would do without you!

Angie: I love you to little sis!

Y/N: Alright, we should go now or else we'll be late ! We've got just 20 min.

Angie: Fine, let's go!

*10 min later*

Angie: Wow! There sure is a lot of people I fell like we're last!

Y/N: Yea, I think we are.

Suddenly a girl run up to you, she had her eyes red from crying.

Girl: here, take this!

Y/N: Wow, why are you giving us your VIP passes ?

Girl: I was meant to be coming here with my sister but she had an accident and I need to go with her to the hospital. I didn't want to waste the passes so I thought that I would give it to someone who would really be happy about it.

Y/N: wow! Thank you so much!

Angie: We feel sorry for your sister, hope she gets well soon!

Girl: Thank you! And I hope you have fun!

*she put a fake smile on and disappeared inside the ambulance*

Angie: Wow! She has a big heart.

Y/N: AAAAAA!!!! We have VIP passes!

*me and Angie went to the VIP line*

5 min later we were inside, and went to another line for signing pictures. And when we got them signed we stood in another line for the picture. This time unfortunately we were last!

*1h 30min later*

Carter: Are you guys last ?

Angie: Unfortunately.

*we got are pictures taken with all of the boys*

Cam: So we're done!

*Bart came into the room*

Bart: Y/N and Angie!

Angie: how did you know us ?

Bart: I've seen your vines! They are The Best!

Nash: Hey!

Bart: As I was saying , I love your vines! I was thinking to actually call you today and ask if you want to join the Magcon family, but I see I don't need to call. So what is your answer ?

Y/N and Angie: Hell Yes !!!!!

Bart: I'm happy to hear that! Boys, take the girls to the hotel and help them settle in! It might be a bit hard to them as they are new to our family!

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