Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


23. Time to dance!


Next day

        I woke up today I had dance well to teach it as Faith had it to El ad Parrie wanted to go  I got dressed and took a shower . After that i  went to class okay guys this week we thought about the year long revolution meaning there's 12 compilation and  1 every mouth ad we said why not Faith says the girls scream okay so us being 12-15 we  have to include the song red nose.

Okay so next question who knows how to twerk they all raise there  hand great we will be doing a song mash up these are the songs i order 

1-lip gloss
2-stupid hoe
3-pretty girl rock
4--single ladies
5-red nose
then finishing with lip gloss again we okay so first off the first 4 counts i said  as we where half way through the first 2 minuets  knock knock someone said Parrie ran to the door.we did about 30-35  seconds  for each song maybe 45-50   for some we where almost done we had to do red noes and lip gloss the last 2 the go over it.Then the guys walk in making the girls scream thanks allot faith yells we wanna see what you have Harry says. i play the music as the girls get i ready  position.Britt do it with them Niall says i wine as faith starts the music as it was done they clap.

                I like that you guys twerk  harry says yea it was quite a sight Niall mumbles as he hugs me,So Dani is it hard for your sister to be your dance teacher she nods.I'm a nice person I say sure you are they girls moan,how can you be mean to your team Liam says well when they act  like they don't know it or be lazy then I can. Wait so your dance studio is out here Pierre says no they hopped on a plane with my mom I said compilation this mouth is here and in 2 weeks faith added.I wanna meet you mum Niall said the girls laugh  no you don't she cut off my dad's dick Danielle said he looked at me.

        She did he cheated on her so she cut it off,Now she scares me Niall says the girls ran up stairs to the hotel rooms we where in a hotel gym come on if you must meet my mum I said Faith ran out the door we went to the 5th floor and i pounded o the door Get your lazy ass up mom I scream.BITCH my mom says as she opened the door My lazy as gave birth to you she we walked i Niall mom mom Niall lets leave I said she smiled.Call me Jordan she says he smiles so you to are back together so I can stop hearing Danielle talk about it.

                I roll my eyes as we left I sigh Awkward Faith says as me and my mom where done yelling,they guys went to explore the food as we went to Dani's room where every  one else was.They where practicing okay whats going on they stopped where going over it they said I laugh,and we wanna know Britall details Pierre laughs well there together El screams they hug me.  You should take us all out to dinner with your friends One of the girls Macy said I laugh well see We should with your mom to I laugh okay maybe.

                As they guys walk in Carrie,Isabelle and Erika drown Niall in question as they pause so who is Faith dating Dani asked she looked up from her phone the around witch Harry was drilling her No one she said fast Liar I scream uh-uh I nod it's harry I say it is? Liam asked I know this for a fact it's probably curly I say.It is Louis says I look at her Faith you didn't wanna tell a sista Dani says she laughs bitch I say as she walks out feeling uncomfortable we run after her as she was in my moms room we attacked her help me Mommy Faith says witch it what she called my mom. 

Wait you can't beat up my baby my mom says really mom I say she's dating Harry styles the girls scream the one with curly hair my mom asked I nod Really Faith Really she nods 5 seconds to cover your ears I say What Pierre says 1,Wait why 2...5 I  say and scream from the top of my lungs.s my mom covered my mouth faith was laughing.We walked back into the room with the guys Nice scream Niall says.

Faiths gonna get her ass beat  I say smiling 3 times Why 3 times Harry asked 1 for not telling me 2 for not telling Danielle and 3 because my mom is gonna whoop her ass.They laugh as Faith walked in Look what I  found she said It was a CD i looked at her smiling where you get that your mom she says Is that the She nods the one i told you to burn she says I'm confused Liam says Dani runs in. The one 3 years ago she said Faith nodded who wants to watch I do Pierre says Faith that's not funny she was laughing i glare at her FAITHFUL JESSICA JONES i dare you to put it in there and I will  Beat your ass maybe not today or tomorrow but the next day I will whoop your fucking ass so damn hard  she smiles I will whoop your ass worse then I whopped Nessie in 7th grade.You won't be ready I say she smiles.

                No000 Sharkeasia she wasn't readyyyyy Danielle says.  Play it the girls say Faith ran to my moms room and put it in Faithful your gonna die,I scream and then it was the part I was 16 and Levi asked me to marry him OH SHIT  Pierre and Eleanor scream.and the video stopped and she said Yes Faith says they look at me but when she was 17 he got token away and the broke up.Their mouths dropped Faith you better run you where uh what????? Pierre said i smacked Faith we where fighting on the floor My mom broke us up.

Niall looked at me you where Engaged before I looked at Faith as Niall walked out pissed Oh shit the bitch did not do that Danielle says I run down the hall ways Niall he keep walking i caught up with him i the elevator .Niall I'm sorry where you not gonna tell me he says No i mumble well It's pretty big he said as he looked down it not really that bad I said he looked at me your where almost married he screamed yea but we weren't I said  you don't think that's a important thing to tell me he said i looked at him Niall I didn't tell you because it doesn't madder to me i don't love him anymore I love you more than i ever loved him I said with tears in my eyes he looks at me. 

        I had tears streaming from my face he hugged me I love you Brit he says as he wiped my tears away but if you where gonna marry him once then he can still take you away from me he says as he walked out Pierre hugged me as she came down come on Britton she says as Liam hugged me well go get him they said I'm sorry Faith says It's okay I mumble he needed to know I guess I say slowly she smiles at me as we went to my moms room he wasn't returning any of my calls or anything.


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