Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


37. She's a troll!

Picture of Kimberlee

Next day

                We where down stairs as the girls where sleeping  and I was texting Zoe

Zoe~ I want to meet them

Niall~ Really

Zoe~ Yes really I mean it's your daughter

Niall~  Um okay then

I herd screaming from upstairs  Harry and I stared at each other as We walked up stairs I walked in Kimberlee's room and she was lying on the floor out of her bunk bed she looked at me Hey! I laughed what are you doing on the floor I fell I screamed because I dropped my cookie she says I looked at her Pajamas it was a full one suit and she had matching slippers lets go some where for breakfast I mumble she looks at me.


                        As she grabbed my hand and pulled us down stairs and put on her coat I helped her put on her gloves as Harry got Mia ready we walked to Starbucks where the guys are as we walked in I picked up Kimberlee who was half asleep Awe Parrie says and takes a picture I had put the ones on twitter saying just found out I was a dad :/. Why's you bring her here half asleep Zayn says she wants a cookie I say she looked around  as Zoe walked in she stared at her as I gave them money to get a cookie.

                as they came back she sat down whens your birthday I ask shouldn't you know this she says  I look at her fine fine it is September 7th I she says I think she adds I laugh I'll remember it she looks at me sure you will she says.  What's that Zoe says as she touches her head she glares at her  I fell out of the top off my bunk bed  even know my mommy  says I'm to young for it but I don't care she says.

                Why do you have it then because it's pretty and incase Bella comes over sometimes she says


         I don't like her I whispered to Mia who she says I look at my daddy's girlfriend her I mumbled she nods that's not cute she mumbles I laugh this is Zoe and Sophia they says I looked at them Mia smiles I'm Mia  I just stared at them  I'm KIMBERLEE with two e's  I says they laugh original I nod 

As we got back home I got changed and called my mom
Hello  Mommy Mommy Mommy  I say What Baby she says when are you coming home she sighs I have to work late tonight but El will be home normal I sigh what's wrong baby she says I don't like Niall's girlfriend I mumble why not she says I don't know I just don't I mumble as I sniff up the snot.

                Well maybe she's nice no she looks like a troll She laughs well be nice and give the troll flowers You can't do that they will eat you I'm pretty sure she won't eat you  My mom says I'll call you on my  lunch break okay I nod okay I mumble  I hung up and walked down stairs  I pulled a chair to get some candy as I was eating gummies Niall walked in he looked at me I crossed my arms he crossed his arms as I pouted he pouted It's hard to be mad at you Mr. I say well what did I do he says  I look at him please tell me he says as he bends down to my height.

                Not to scare you but your girlfriend is a troll I say as I place my hand on his  arm he laughs I'm pretty sure she's not a troll she's going to eat me I say I'm pretty sure she won't eat you He says you don't know that I mumble he took my hand I'll make sure of it he says. You promise he nods I promise I'll protect you he  says I hug him I'm trusting  you Mr. I say okay he says as he grabs my hands witch are really small.

                What do you guys want to do I shrug what do you do when your mom's home I think well we yell at Justin for being mean but we can't do that we went to the park lets go there Parrie says  well meet you there Daddy says I have to talk to the guys they look at him as  I took Parrie's hand I'll show you I say as we leave we where listing to music. It was the one near the hospital

                we where swinging as we got there I'm going to miss Zayn and the guys when  they leave I look at her where are they going she pats my head there going to go on tour and sing for fans I look at her you know other kids who pay to see him but he's may Daddy I say she smiles it's okay they'll come back no they won't I mumble she nods they always do  I shake my head but him and mommy broke up and he wasn't in my life for three years he never came back now he's dating a troll monster he's not coming back I say crying.

                That was mean because Zoe is a very nice person Sophia says now say sorry your not my mommy you can't boss me around I say what's wrong Mia says I want my mommy I don't like these people Justin was right they don't care about us they'll leave us in the dust like they did to mommy I say that's not true  Mia says IT IS I  screamed as tears filled my eyes.

                Calm down honey your going to get confused I'll take you to your mom she works across the street I look over don't touch me I scream as I step into the street Kimberlee I herd Niall scream I turn my head I saw cars coming but I had to leave these monsters there going to eat me I thought I ran across the street as I ran into my mommy's work building Mommy I screamed as I saw Zayn run through the doors I went to the elevator and pushed every button then I noticed a floor my mommy has showed my she works with little kids I got off crying and I didn't feel well Mommy I screamed I fell to the floor I just want my mommy I screamed.

                Kimberlee what are you doing I herd my mommy voice and I ran into her arms as she hugged me I want to stay with you and Grandma and Aunt Aburie and Justin and El I don't want a daddy anymore mommy he's going to leave and she's going to eat me and I want to go home I say. Calm down baby it's going to be alright I shake my head I don't want a daddy anymore I don't want one they break promises he's leaving for a long long time mommy and going to forget he missed 3 years and not coming back ever Justin was right I want to go home I don't want a daddy I scream.

                My mommy picked me up and I could see all of the guys Zoe and Parrie and Sophia I saw Mia in her daddy's arms I hugged my Mommy tighter I want to go home I say as I cried into her tummy she patted my head. she kissed my head it's going to be okay she says I shake my head as my mommy held on for me for a while she looked at me as everyone left baby she says.

                I look at her You see your daddy has a job like mommy but this one is kind of different you see he's famous he a singer or was he goes on X-Factor judges shows and does famous things like people on tv he still loves you all and Justin was wrong about you daddy okay he's a very nice man and he loves you with all of his hart.

                You see you made Daddy cry back there she says I look at her why she  looks up well you said you didn't want a daddy anymore and that's like me saying I didn't want my baby anymore I looked at her as I wiped away tears you made him sad inside  I cry more baby it's okay your daddy still loves you but he doesn't think you love him.

                I look at my mommy can you tell him I'm sorry she looks at me I'm pretty sure he would like that allot more coming from you I shake my head he doesn't like me anymore remember she laughs no no he loves you he doesn't think you like Him I nod oh well I'm sorry I say my mommy laughs okay well I guess we can go she says as she pulls out her phone she walks me across the street and I saw My daddy sitting there.

                My mom put me on the bench as I sat next to him and tapped him he looked at me I love you I mean it I mumbled as I hugged him I felt my daddy's arms rap onto mine I love you to Kimberlee he says as he kissed my forehead so we good I say slowly he smiles yea I guess so, I think you should apologies to  Parrie I nod I'm sorry I say she smiles as my mom looks at me I look at her I don't like them I whisper  she looked at me fine I'm sorry I guess I say for calling you a Troll  and then saying you need to go back under the bridge I say when did you say that my mom says must have thought it I say  my mommy went back to work after that and we went home.




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