Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


41. Saving Justin's ass


It was about 5 am and I got a call Hello I say Britton I herd a panic voice I popped my head up hello I say Britton it's Pattie Justin's in Jail he got arrested I looked at them time what when where is he I say slowly He's in L.A got arrested for drunk driving and drag racing  Can you come please she says um I already have  tickets put on your card for you El and your daughters I nod Um yea I'll be there as soon as I can thank the lord Um the plane leaves at 7 she says I sigh Okay I say slowly as I wake El up where going to L.A early I say Justin's in Jail He's not even the father El says.

                I already had out bags packed for my dad's so we got in the car as I put the girls in I called Aburie to watch Bella and Danielle as well as my house as I gave her El's keys we where off I don't understand why you need to come I mean hey I know you mite like him but really she says as we arrived we put our stuff on the package thing and we where about to get on the plane and pap's took pictures of us Hey Britton going to see Justin maybe Balling your boo out huh They said as we got on.

                Stupid stupid stupid Justin I say over and over again but I guess everyone makes mistakes I say slowly looking over at the girls who where sleeping El was texting someone  I looked at her she put on a smile you must really care she says.

~after plane ride~

as we where getting off we saw Pattie I smiles and hugged her thanks for coming she says I haven't seen you in a while I nod yea it's been a long time I say as the girls where now awake the Pap's where taking more pictures as we got in her van. She let us go to my L.A house first as I got changed and dressed Pattie changed the girls.

                I looked in the mirror and grabbed my phone I slowly walked down stairs I'll watch them El says slowly I look at her as she smiles as I get in the car with Pattie we where on are way.

As we arrived we saw Justin's dad talking to a cop with Justin who was wearing normal clothes Justin  Pattie says as she hugs him he looks at his mom as she hugs him as they where talking to the cop he walked over to me so you mad I look at him at what He looks at me Oh no Justin I'm just glad your okay I say slowly he hugs me as I felt warm and fuzzie in his arms so are the girls here I nod slowly yea there with El he looks down.

                as he could go we walked down the street holding hands even know where just friends not  a very smart idea I say he looks at me I told ya your licenses was he glares at me your lucky I love you he looks at me as a friend horny mofo I say he shakes his head you know you want that I shake my head as he kisses it. 

                I have court tomorrow he says slowly you should come I look at him well if you want me to he nods so how is  your baby mama reaction to this he laughs I haven't talked to her I look at him well it's all over the news so she probably  knows   he sighs I made a stupid mistake I nod yes you did I say but don't let the world judge you on your mistake I say slowly.

               ~Niall's pov

Hey Mate  Zayn says sitting down wave as I was clicking through the channels of the T.V Whoa was that Britton He says I go back and see her on T.V yep yep it is I say clicking through Zayn takes the changer from me and goes back as Liam walks in

                "Niall horan Ex-Britton Jacobs was spotted in the Air port of L.A where Justin Bieber was arrested the previous night well we didn't think much of it knowing she has family there until she was walking away with Pattie Justin's mom  and again spotted walking into the Jail he was taken in to and hanging out with him after he was bailed out" "Justin tweets I made a stupid mistake but at lest the people I love where there to show me my mistake and is helping me through it." " Then posted I'm not planning on getting arrested again  unless Britton will be there"..
                Is it possible that there more than friends"

                I looked down slowly Holy shit Liam says what did I miss Louis says El and Britton are in L.A  Zayn says so Harry says her dad does live there no there  their to rescue her lover Justin I say as I walk out of the  hotel room. I got in the elevator as I herd the guys calling my name Niall Harry says why do you care you have Zoe he says and I thought you loved her I looked at him I will Love Zoe forever but Britton for infinity I say Harry grabs my arm and we go back up stairs maybe you should I don't know talk to her before you freak up.


                I set up the girls to video chat with Niall down stairs as they where calling him I charged my phone and washed my face DADDY Kimberlee says and I herd his voice I went on a plane it was fun and we didn't crash Kimberlee says Mia was sleeping on my arm the whole time and I keep poking her eye ball.

                That's great he says  sounding upset I sigh as El walks in Niall thinks your dating Justin she says I look at her she nods Dumb asses she laughs. Janelle was texting my phone blowing it up every 20 seconds asking whens she can see the girls so I said tomorrow. Mommy Kimberlee screamed like 10 times I looked at her as she was smiling what she shrugs slowly I don't know she says and takes my phone as I had to meet up with Justin....

        He looked at me what he says do you believe that I was drunk driving and doing drugs  I look at him no not really but maybe it's because I know you I mumble well I wasn't he says then say that a court I can't the cops  said I was he mumbled well I'll pay the find with you I say he looks at me and laughs you don't have to Britt he says I shrug  well it was a offer he puts his arm around me that's I'm not taking.

                I looked at him as he poked my cheek  what I say slowly he just looked at me you should date Niall he says slowly looking down he's mad at me I say annoyed what did you do Justin says slowly he thinks I'm going  out with you I say as I roll my eyes Justin burst into laughter  what he shakes his head if you where dating me wouldn't Kimberlee know and how does he think where dating I shrug I haven't talked to him about it.

                        I got you  tomorrow he says I look at him and rolled my eyes.

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