Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


31. Just smile...


I woke up with a note on my forehead  i took it for went to studio see ya later love ~Niall i laughed as El walked in with Faith  get dressed  they says i look at them why they smile because you need to they push me in the bathroom  I took a shower and get dressed  I walked out of the bathroom lets go  Faith says where I mumble shopping they screech and pulled me out side as the pap's took pictures.

We walked into  a store Oh my god you see these sneakers  I say slowly And held them up I love these I say Sneaker head Faith mumbles I laugh as a little girl walked up to us and handed us a book we signed it and she did sigh language she said thank you I mumble as I hugged her and she ran to her mom happily.That was so sweet Faith says.

                I want a baby I say slowly of course you do El says I do I want a baby a sexy one they laugh,I don't want a ratchet one they shake there head your a bad person Faith says as we left I'm a very good one thank you I say slowly.

        We where in the  mall  so we  were near food can we uh food I say as I go get some Pizza   as we walk  around I threw it away your a food addict  I look at them you need food to live so I'm just eating extra in case ya know I run out of it they laugh that's nice Eleanor says I smile I'm a boss ass bitch like that I say they shake there head. As my sister runs to us GUYS GUESS WHAT  Paris scream what If Niall and the guys ask you if you seen us you haven't I look at them a s they run away ad they guys come marching in they out Faith says slowly.

Your sister and friends are Mean Louis says Or maybe she just doesn't like you Faith says No she's a bitch I say as Niall kissed my cheek they ran passed us I pulled my sister backed and hugged her she  was  laughing He  you see that security guard yea e hates us Rachel says I look at them why  Faith says because I smacked him Erika says Why Harry says he was staring at me Isabelle says I shake my head And then I tripped him Carrie says I look at them as they walked away. That's how ya know they know you Liam says What i do I say.

                You ain't no Angel El says I look at them I'm am very close Harry laughs,What I say as Niall hugged me 


Yea Mom I say slowly and give Danielle the phone we where hanging out in there room  As the guys played a game  Oh my god you now whats scary I say Talk Erika says the walking dead game I hate that game it's a dick face I say they laugh I'm  not trying to be funny I'm being serous that shit scares me I say  slowly.A  fake zombie scares the shit out of you Harry asked I nodded 

~2 weeks later

I was home It's February 28th  I was already getting asked about my birthday  it's not to April but I say nothing because i want nothing really it doesn't bother me if I  don't get anything because I don't want anything last year i wanted a dog and got one so I'm good I have to keep telling El she.Are you pregnant Faith asked I looked at her Bitch I scream do I look pregnant I say  she looks down I found a pregnancy test in the garbage  I saw a tear slide down her face your Pregnant I say she stayed quiet I looked at her.

                I walked down stairs El was doing what she always was she was on her phone but watching t.v FAITH is pregnant i  say she looked at me really I nod who's the dad I shrugged she walked down stairs Levi she says my mouth dropped my chest clasped I don't know but I felt sad I put on a smile that's erm great I say she shrugs I'm gonna a tell him she says I sat down next to El. you sad bro she said i nodded as i laid down she patted my head as tear streamed down my face I was crying i covered my face a El took a photo  of me and her she hugged me as I was crying and took a photo I love you @Britt-Boo Feel better  I feel so bad for you even when you tried to act happy for Faith :'(. she posted as she rubbed my back I cried slowly I moved to the other couch as El was texting people on mine and her phone I had a blanket over my face as I cried i herd El take a photo.

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