Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


43. infintey means forever


I woke up to Kimberlee in my face smiling can we have candy she says I shake my head what no I say she pouted and crossed her arms really Kim come on I say they where already dressed and El got the cereal down I'm not eating that Kimberlee says I want Candy it's rots your teeth out El says I still have my teeth though she says I shake my head as she pouted the door bell rang and then opened and Harry and Niall walked in what's wrong Niall says hugging Kim I want candy she says.
                I rolled my eyes why can't she have some Niall says fine whatever I say and walk out I had just put on my shorts and tank top and brushing my hair as Niall walked in he stood in my doorway as I dried my hair what I say Sorry he mumbles I look at him I'm not mad he glares at me but you are I look down no I'm not he walked over to me and kissed my head but you are Britt he says as he rubs my arms I shake my head I'm fine you didn't do anything I say he hugs me and kisses my cheek really he says I laugh for once yea I say.

                he removed parts of my hair from my face and kissed my lips so you promise your not mad I nod slowly his eyes wondered off hey  you still have this he picked up the ring he gave me for valentines day well I got it from my Baby's father so you know I say he smiles I would think you would have sold it.

                I shake my head I like it though so why would I  he kissed my cheek I missed this he says having you in my arms I shake my head as he hugged me tighter MOMMY Kimberlee screams and we got up I walked to the living room and she was trying to get the paper she looks up then at me I look at her I can't get that she pouts ask your Daddy I whispered as he walked in Daddy she says I need help she wines as she runs to him with what he asked she pointed to the paper .

years later~

                Mommy look what I made at school Kimberlee says as Mia sat quietly holding her knees as we got home they ran out of the car and I opened the door. Where's Daddy Kimberlee says I want to show him the picture he should be coming back today I mumbled the boys had a bonus tour after they retired she pouted Mia looked at me with hope in her eyes as El walked through the door  with Perrie and her 2 year old son are you going to tell him today she says I looked at my stomach with was bigger is it noticeable I mumble they nod kind of Britt Perrie says.

        I sigh can't hide this one El mumbles as Isaac walks over to me I pick him up Hi boo bear I say Mommy if you have a girl then she can date Isaac Mia mumbles Perrie laughs No she can't date Isaac she dates Baby Liam Sophia baby she says ewe Isaac says. I put him down as Kimberlee was showing off her picture she handed me there report cards Mia I say she looks at me you got all A's she smiles I'm failing my teacher said I need to go to extra help classes and she going to talk to you and Daddy about It then gave me Candy.

                She has D's I say I hugged her you did good I say No I didn't it makes my head hurt to look at the numbers she says Dyslexia El mumbles I nod slowly           why don't you go play in the backyard they run out side. She said it her self if it hurts maybe you guys should take her to her doctor I nod  you don't want her to get held back so just do the A.I.S classes and it will be better in the long run Perrie says I nod yea I guess. Okay your 3 weeks and already have a small bump there's more then one baby in there El says.

                I shake my head your stupid I say she shrugs fine don't believe me but when 2 instead of one shows up don't be so shocked that you pop one out I laugh as Kimberlee ran in holding her hand out she had a cut on her arm what happened I say she was crying I  I  I Kimberlee I say look at mommy what happened I fell out the tree she says.

                We ended up having to take her to the emergency office Kimberlee has not  broken her arm the doctor says now the cut can be helped with stiches I nod slowly I hate this place I say to El she nods last time you been here was when you had Kimberlee and now your pregnant and here because of Kimberlee Perrie ads I sit down as they got the stuff ready for her and stitched it up all done I say she pouted I promised Daddy I wouldn't get hurt she says crying I hug her it's okay boo I mumble she shakes her head.

                I broke Daddy's promise mommy she says as tears come down my face and I'm bad at school she says I hugged her as we where about to leave I picked her up who was crying in my arms as we got home I picked her up she sucked her thumb come on I think Daddy will understand I say I'll tell him I say she looks at me really I nod as I kiss her head and put her down we walked inside and she wouldn't go out back then we herd a car she looked out the window it's daddy she says as she was adding to her picture Perrie went home and El was out back with Mia.

                Niall walked through the door Kimberlee smiles Daddy she screams and hugs him hey Princess he says slowly  what you drawing I did this in school today she says it's a picture he nods it's perfect she giggles as Mia ran into Harry's arms  does he know yet I shake my head secretive relationship she says  secrets I want to know Harry says and sits next to me Take off your daughters coat I tell Niall he saw the giant scar what happened Tears came in Kimberlee's eyes and she ran to me fell out of the tree I say.

                If it hurts tomorrow its broken I say she won't step foot in the backyard now El says Harry laughed is that the secret Harry says I nod slowly Niall looked at me as he kissed my cheek what else are you hiding from me he says I look at him nothing he looks at me your lying he says and if my phone wasn't dead then I would be making you tell me but I'll do that later I shake my head as he kissed my cheek.

                As Niall walked into the room Harry picked up Mia Harry you can take her I say Mia smiled there's not school until Monday he smiles as he already had stuff  for her El left to good luck all three of ya she says I shake my head as she shuts the door Kimberlee was playing in her room and I went to the bed room and say Niall on his phone as it was charging I laid next to him so you going to tell me or do I have to make you.

                I looked down as he sat up I sighed guess he thinks and looks at me like ten times then narrowed in on my stomach  are you sick he says I shake my head missed period he says equals pregnant that's what going on I looked at him it's that isn't it he says I nodded slowly he kissed me how long are you 3 weeks I say he looks at me well when where you going to tell me I laugh today smart one  he looks at me as  yawn.

I woke up it was about 5 and I fixed my hair and I saw Niall and Kimberlee watching T.V Mommy can you get me food Kimberlee says as she grabs my hand and we went to the kitchen I opened the  cupboard  and something fell out I looked down  say  a black box as I looked up  Niall walked in and picked up then got down on his knee's will you marry me I smile  really he nods I had tears in my eyes well I nod yes of Crouse he hugs me as we kiss Got it Daddy Kimberlee says he picks her up and got his phone   He kissed me and stopped the recording.

                He looked at me and some thought we wouldn't get back together I said infinity didn't I ?

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