Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


42. I'm here for you


                I woke up took a shower and got dressed Janelle was already here and talking to the girls  as Justin  called me  Hello I said slowly are you ready yep I guess I say slowly I meet him there with El I left Janelle with the girls. As we walked in it was so big we saw Pattie standing there oh hi girls she says as we walk in Justin was brought in it was ad boring until I herd them call Pattie I tried not to sleep  As the cops where brought in it got interesting after they admitted they where lying  and got suspend I started laughing with El as Justin looked at us we stopped half way  court was over and Justin was good  I hugged him he looked at us I herd you laughing i shrug it was funny we say as we walk out and he looked down and put his hood up I poked him whats wrong he shook his head as he walked me to my car and we saw people screaming his name  fans Pap's and people  out side as Justins arm was around mine Justin how does your girlfriend like you being in Jail someone yelled Justin pulled out his phone and typed something.

                                        I'll see you later he says I nod as we drove off whats wrong with Justin  El says I shrug slowly he seems sad or broken I nod maybe it's the fame i mumbled but he has so many fans how could it be the fame El says as we pulled in the drive way and you saw Mia and Kimberlee playing out front with Janelle.

                I looked at them as they where laying on the ground Janelle smiled so did we win I nod charges dropped she smiles that boy she says shaking his head, So do you know what your doing with Niall I shrug slowly I don't think he wants there to be another Us I say slowly. She shrugs El keep looking at her phone Hey you want to go to the beach she says the girls screamed I looked at her who's going she smiled surprise.

                we got changed into our bathing suits and put clothes over it  I looked at El she poked my stomach piercing I rolled my eyes as we got in the car Janelle refused to go with us Mia was playing wither bathing suit are you going to swim she says I nod of course maybe not really I'll take pictures Mia looked at me why not She doesn't like cold water El says as we were there I sat on the sand as Kimberlee was trying to build a sand castle Mia helped   her finish it I took a picture of it.

                Mia sat next to me playing with my phone why don't you go swim baby I says she shakes her head look El's going with Kimberlee  she looks at me I sigh as I put my phone in my bag and walk with her, to the water I stood at the edge of the water as she played in it look Mommy Kimberlee says as she swam across I smiled.

                El took a picture of her Mia was splashing me I Laughed Daddy she screams all long with Kimberlee and I got picked up and thrown in the water as I wipe my eyes off I saw Niall and Harry laughing Sorry? Harry says as Niall dumped water over my head. Okay okay I say I'm done In the water I say  as I fixed my hair. I sat next to Zayn who wasn't in the water. As Mia ran to me wet and hugged me what I say she pouted as I laughed they put you up to this she nodded as she kissed my cheek Kimberlee ran up to me and the
                Mommy here she says as I put her hair in a pony tale  as the guys sat next to me so is the water warm Niall says I look at him as Mia made a sand castle and Kimberlee was trying to dig a giant whole. So I herd Justin got the changes dropped I nod is that it I shrug I wasn't paying attention in court I say Harry shakes his head  I know his baby mama is taking him to court about his child now. But he didn't do anything Zayn says I shrug I told him that she would and he said that he can win that one two.

                        Wait who's that baby's mom Lou asked I look at him Selena  they nod  so how's your dad and Bentley I laugh didn't see them and not looking to seeing or hearing a speech about my "friend" I say they look at me My dad hates Justin he says he's going to influence me and then I'm going to end up stupid and in jail and shit I say slowly They burst into laughter It's not Funny I say as Mia was calling me over I sat with her she waited Mommy Britton she says I laughed Yes Mia she looked at me well Daddy says he has a girlfriend do I have to call her Mommy I shake my head. No of course not only if he puts a ring on her finger and says I do she nods.


                The girls where in there Pajamas and I went upstairs to charge my phone Niall's coming in like 15 minutes I walked down stairs as I put my hair in a pony tail and I heard a thump I saw Kimberlee on the table trying to get to the couch Kimberlee I scream as she jumps off and lands on the couch I hold my heart as I get to her Baby why would you do that I say It looked fun she says where's Mia I say she looks around and Mia plopped next to her with gram crackers in her hand. I want food again they say I go to the kitchen and I herd I A BANG I flintch and see Kimberlee holding her head I ran into the door she says Mia laughs she said BANG it was funny I thought I could go through it she says.

                She removed her head and there was a cut on it I sigh and put a bandage  on it  she smiled as the door bell rang who They scream Um I don't know Santa Niall says as they open the door they smile as I gave them there fruit snacks where's mine Niall says I shake my head what happened to her Harry says she ran into the door Mia says laughing  after they finished eating the guys put them to bed  I was in my room on my phone as Niall poked his head in Um erm I'm leaving I nod as I get up and walk him down stairs he looked at me good luck with Justin I shrug he's going home so I don't care for a while he nods.

                And Me and Him are Just friend Niall I say he shrugs you never know so how's Zoe he looks down I broke up with her I looked at him really he nods why you seemed so happy with her he shrugs maybe I was but It didn't feel right still missing something he says I looked down anyway I should go he says as he hugs me I nod as I kiss his cheek she blushed bright red knew it would make you feel better I say slowly as I herd Kiss kiss kiss kiss behind us and saw Mia and Kimberlee Niall smiled and his lips where on mine  Finally Harry says we will see you tomorrow because now you to are back together El ran down stairs Britall she says Harry nods as they left.

                        The girls ran back to there bed rooms and El hugged me...

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