Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


17. Best X-mas every...........


                We where finally going home I said bye  to Mark and Mason and Nick and we went to the plane station it was the 23rd meaning Christmas is coming up like 2 we got on the plane I sat next to El she shook her head what i mumble she showed it Britton's new Love interest  Nick Dales I look at her where just friends I mumble and that's all we will be.She sighs but I don't think Niall thinks that why wouldn't he ask first i mumbled because it's Niall and he thinks you hate him kinda i look at her really?!?! she nods.I sigh why would I hate him? she shrugs It's Niall i sigh But but I love him I mumble she laughs then tell him  that not me..

How the fuck do I do that,she shrugs same way you did it when you where together  I wine do I have to do it why can't someone else do it Like you.She laughs because it's none of my business but watch you tell Lou who will tell him anyway she laughs.

Harry-You have a boyfriend!!!!!!!!!
Britton-does it look like i have one
Britton-Well I don't
Harry-Then who this Nick guy?
Britton-a friend ya know like you
Harry-I'm a brother
Britton-Lol okay
Harry-I am 
Britton-What ever you say styles ttyl
Harry-Cuz i'm boss like that.

I put my phone in my pocket as we landed  we got home and went to my house El drove to her parents house as Pierre drove to Zayn's house I went to my mum's house I walked in the door Hey Mamas she says Hi Ma i said slowly whats wrong I shake my head I really like Niall?Danielle say I nod But everyone thinks I'm with my friend Nick my mom Kissed my head this thing called love is Fucked up for some But you Me-ha no what your doing. I shake my head I don't think I do  she laughed I'm saying that at your guys wedding my mom says MOM!! she laughs as my sister and her boyfriend walk in 
 Decorate my tree my mom say we got out the decoration  and put some on as Aburie threw glitter at me.   I smacked her she smiled and kicked me. I smacked her then a car pulled in it and my dad came out with my other sister Janelle  DADDY i scream and hug him he kissed my head hey baby I hugged my sister Janelle she was only a year older then me.

We where all in the family well only kids and my sister Aburie's husband me and Janelle and I where playing the Wii so tell me about Niall I laugh I now everything but what do you think about it I sigh I miss him to death she smiles Janelle is a  photographer.She looked at me you guys are getting together  I sigh  I don't need ya Help i mumble she laughs oh yes you do I took a picture of me with all my sisters and my mom then my whole family  with my phone and put it on twitter. Janelle pulled my  hair after we ate i smack her   she laughed at me slowly  i was on the floor in my room.

I was laying there as Janelle took my phone and took a picture  Hacked by your sister she put on Instagram  and Twitter  I screamed as we attacked each other Hey shut up my mom and dad said at the same time. MAKE ME MAMA i screamed she ran after me no I'm sorry MOMMY i said as she hugged me she smacked my head hard MOMMY i say i thought you loved me she laughs tough Love Britt tough love. DADDY i say and hug him What  Britt he says I'm gonna come see you in January Is that so Mamas he says I nod  He laughs as I run up stairs to my room.

~Next day

I woke up and smelled cookies as Bella was here and so was Benson I hugged him Benson was like my  only cousin  on my mom' side and he was the same age as me BENNY BOO i screamed as i jumped into his arms he laughed Bella here' to she says with her mom i hugged them to all our gifts for each other where under the tree Santa coming tonight   you gonna stay up and watch him come with me she says I smile sure.She smiled

~later that night~

I took allot of pictures saying me and my fam waiting for Santa Yay!!!  Niall liked it as I was about to fall asleep we saw SANTA or my dad in a Santa suit SANTA SANTA SANTA Bell yelled she whispered something in his ear then we went to bed.I herd the door open and we got woken up to open presents I  walked into the kitchen and fell making a Knife fall into my Arm. I got up as blood came out i took it out slowly OMG EWE Danielle says as she walks in and i was on my way to the hospital I  had 10 stitches on my arm i took a pic of me showing them then on Twitter before and after Marry Christmas I said Of course El wrote.Danielle and Bella where running around I told my mom she can go home with my dad and sisters  but Bella Janelle and Aburie wanted to stay until i left witch was when i was done getting blood.

HEY HEY HEY someone said and it was Pierre and Zayn and EL and Lou Marry Christmas El  says I smile I saw Dani and Bella ruining around Pierre says i shake my head a Janelle walks in Okay you got friends she says I roll my eyes as faith walks in Janelle is here Faith says Every  introduced each other.As Liam and Sofia walked in i was trying to pull my stitches  out What are you doing Harry asked as he walked in I shrug.

Okay so wears Blonde  Janelle asked I laughed He lives in  Ireland Zayn says Oh my phone rang 

Niall-I know you probably  don't wanna talk to me but Marry Christmas and hope you feel better.
Britton-Marry Christmas

He likes  you Janelle says i  roll my eyes after everyone left we could finally go home. As we pulled in I walked in and saw NATHAN i scream he smiles as I hug him..

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