Sharp Academy

Elli Ryan goes to the prestigious Sharp Academy, a school for supernaturals of all kinds. When a human starts attending, the kids have trouble hiding their supernatural tendencies. But something bigger is at large than the risk of exposing the existence of supernaturals. Something that could destroy the whole school.


1. An audience with Her Majesty

Every school has its secrets. Little rumors, small gossips, trivial little things everyone thinks is huge. Things like the Principal is dating a teacher or the food is made of horse meat. These secrets are very carefully kept hidden from the other schools. After all, they have their reputations to protect. But no reputation is as grand and prestigious as the one Sharp Academy has. And, of course, to match their impeccable reputation, they need a secret. A big one. People are always saying the kids at Sharp Academy are too good. To perfect. Their not right. Well, unbeknownst to them, they're right. 

The second Miss Cozack walked through the door, I knew something was wrong. Her shoulders were slumped and strands of hair framed her face. Her skirt was wrinkled and bags were under her eyes. The reason this piqued my attention was because Miss Cozack pried herself on her good etiquette. Proper poster, presentable attire, good health, she firmly believes in these things and often lectures us on them. To ignore them must mean that something big was on her mind.

"Class," she called as she placed her things on her desk and stood at the head of the classroom. "I have an announcement to make."

"Is it that your not feeling well and that today we're just going to screw the lesson plan and sleep?" My friend James asked from his seat beside me. His feet were propped on the table in font of him, his hands behind his head and his eyes closed.

"James." Miss Cozack warned, and James took his feet off the table. "That wasn't it, but I've told you repeatedly about the benefits of good sleep. You should heed my advice and go to sleep earlier."

"What about those of us who can't sleep?" Ronan asked from beside James, even though he already knew the answer.

"For those who can't sleep proper nutrition is essential. But your getting off topi-"

"What if you only eat one thing?" A girl asked from across the room.

"Or don't eat at all?" Another boy piped up.

"Class!" Miss Cozack snapped, and the room quieted. "As I was saying, I have an announcement. The headmistress, Madame Sharp, has enrolled a new student." The classroom mumred.

"This is great!" My friend Tazy burst out from her seat beside me, her excitement too big to be contained. "We haven't had a new student since Jay Mackie was old enough to attend! Is he from one of the old families?" She asked. Miss Cozack looked uncomfortable.

"No, he isn't. In fact he's not from any of the families. And that's not the biggest thing." She took a deep breath before continuing. "Our newest student is a human."

Pandemonium struck, hard and fast, and the class all but erupted into flames. Questions were hurled like spears at Miss Cozack. "Are you serious?" "Is he in our class?" "What was Madame Sharp thinking?" Miss Cozack gave a sharp whistle and shouted, "In your seats, Class, before I lose my temper!" The class was restless, but they settled down long enough for Miss Cozack to answer questions.

"Yes, I'm serious. Yes, he's in our class. And Madame Sharp was thinking of our reputation. The locals think that our school is only for the extremely rich. Our newest student is from a very rich family, and if Madame Sharp had turned him down, it would have raised suspection. The local would have started investigating and our secret would be in jeopardy. One human is easy to keep quiet. An entire town isn't.

"But don't think this means you can be careless. Madame Sharp wants you all to try your best to suppress your supernatural urges, abilities, and appendages. In short, be human."

"Good luck with that." My voice cut across the murmuring room like a blade, low and lethal. Miss Cozack tensed, like always, and turned to look at me.

"Ah, yes, thank you for reminding me, Elizabeth. You're wanted in Madame Sharp's office. Please head there now." I nodded silently and walked through the door.

Sharp Academy is a huge, old brick edifice, four stories tall. The halls were carpeted, the lockers made of polished oak wood, and the lights were lamps on the wall. The windows were tall and wide, angled so that they let in the most amount of sunlight possible at any time of day. The staircases were wide and ornate. All in all, the school looked like the home of a mid 18th century duke.

Of course, Madame Sharp's office was no exception to the elegance of the academy. Bookcases lined the walls and sunlight streamed onto the deeply colored wood desk. Madame Sharp sat in her swivel chair looking eternally young. Her honey blonde hair framed her smooth face, making her eyes pop. She smiled and as I entered, I realized she wasn't alone.

"Ah, Elizabeth, come in. Have a seat." Madame Sharp's voice was like music, light and flowing. I scowled when I heard it, and took my seat. Madame Sharp had not only called me to her office, but my siblings as well. My sister Emmali was seated the farthest away from me, her long legs  crossed in font of her. Beside her was my brother Shale, the ever present baseball cap atop his head facing backwards. And beside him, seated closest to me, was my brother Dimtri, his dark eyes drinking Madame Sharp in like he expected her to grow a second head.

"Now that you're all here, we have something extremely important to discuss. As you all know, a new student is attending our school starting today, and he's human. As the only vampires on campus, I want the four of you to exercise extreme precaution around him."

"If you wanted us to exercise extreme precaution around him, maybe you shouldn't have put him in a classroom with one of the only vampires on campus." I told Madame Sharp as I crossed my arms over my chest. She glared slightly at me.

"I don't see how that's your decision, so I don't want to hear your opinion. Now, Dimtri, as the eldest-" I snorted at that remark, earning me another glare from the Madame. "I want you to keep a close eye on Elizabeth. In fact, I want all three of you to keep a close eye on her."

"I'm not a child in need of constant supervision." I snapped, and tightened my arms. "I can control myself.

"This does not concern you, Elizabeth." Madame Sharp's lyrical voice was tight, squeezing out of her throat and into my face. If there's anything the Madame hates, it's defiance. And I'm full of it.

"Seeing as how your telling my siblings to keep a close watch on me because your afraid of my behavior, it does." I corrected. The Madame's temper was on a short leash that was constantly become shorter. Before she could say anything rash, Dimtri stepped in.

"Don't worry Madame Sharp." His deep voice reassured. "We'll make sure Elli keeps her behavior in check."

"But then again, that's easier said than done." Emmali chirped in.

"And why is that?" The Madame asked, still seething in her quick anger.

"Because Elli has a hard time listening." Shale said. Emmali and Dimtri nodded in agreement and I scowled.

"Thanks alot." I grumbled. My siblings smirked. Madame Sharp closed her saphire blue eyes and sighed.

"Alright, I'm pasified. The new student will be here after lunch, so prepare yourselves adequetly. Dismissed." The four of us nodded and left the office.


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