What if....

What if the Whinchesters payed a visit to the Salvatore brothers.... Will there be blood shed.... Or will something surprising happen?

It's a normal day for the Winchesters when out of nowhere there is a blinding white light and next thing they know they are transported to a different world... The home of the Salvatore Brothers.


1. Where are we?!

Dean's POV


I quickly got out of the Impala and rushed into the warehouse my gun ready. I kicked open the door and saw three demons surrounding a tied up Sam, I quickly raised my gun and shot the first one. It yelled out in pain and I smirked "Rock salt bitch!" Sam quickly untied himself and stabbed the second demon with the Demon knife. We both looked at the third one and I raised my gun to fire and Sam his knife, but the demon had other plans and smoked out of its vessel.


"Son of a bitch!" I yelled out as the lifeless body fell to the floor. I walked over to Sam and helped him up "You ok Sammy?" He nodded "Yeah, just some cuts..." I nodded and motioned for us to leave "Well let's get going" we walked out of the warehouse and put everything back in the trunk. "So what's next?" I said looking over at Sam still at the trunk. He closes the trunk and puts dead mans blood on the trunk and also our machetes.


I nodded understanding "So where are theses vampires?" He took out a newspaper article from his back pocket and looked it over "Columbus, Ohio." I nodded and walked over grabbing three vials of blood and my machete "Let's go gank theses sons of bitches" we both nodded and walked over to the doors of the Impala. Suddenly, there was a bright white light I covered my eyes with my arm "What the hell is that?!" I look over at Sam who was doing the same thing "I don't know" he said confused. The light kept getting brighter and brighter then I suddenly heard a loud thud, I looked over and saw that Sam had passed out "Sammy!" I called out but heard no answer. I started to feel light headed and then I too passed out.


I wake up with a start and look around I was in a forest, I didn't recognize where I was. The last thing I remember was a bright white light I look around and notice Sam. "Sammy?! Are you alright?" I call over to him I hear him groan and sit up "Yeah, are you?" I nodded and looked around "Where are we?!" Sam shrugs and stands up but stumbles a bit I quickly get up and walk over to him grabbing him by the shoulder "Easy there...." He nods and looks around "How did we get here?"


"It must of been that white light... I think it brought us to another... World?" Sam looks at me and nods "Like that one time where we went into another world where we were actors" I laugh slightly "An adventure that was" Sam points to a sign "Look a sign it says.... Mystic falls that way" I look at the sign "Where's Mystic falls? Colorado maybe?" I ask looking at Sam confused. He shrugs and starts walking towards the direction the sign is pointed "It doesn't matter let's just hope there's a town with answers...."


I take one more look at the sign then started to follow Sam out of the forest "You think we just got teleported to a new state... Or another world?" I ask nervously. Sam looks back "I hope the first one." We soon walk out of the woods into a small town I smile "Perfect! Now let's find some answers" I start to walk ahead of Sam but he grabs my shoulder I look back confused "What's wrong?" He looks around before looking at me "I don't know... Something just feels... Wrong" I give him a worried look "What do you mean... Wrong?" He shrugs "It's probably nothing let's just go to the sheriffs office" He walks ahead of me like nothing happened. I follow closely behind trying to figure out what he meant by wrong.


We enter the sheriffs office and get greeted by a older lady with blue eyes and blond hair that was cut shoulder length wearing a sheriffs uniform "Hello boys, I'm sheriff Forbes, how can I help you today?" I take a step forward "Hi I'm Dean Whinchester and this is my brother Sam... We are uhh new in town and was wondering where are we?" Sam turns to me and give me annoyed look "What my brother is trying to say is our car broke down a couple miles out and we were wondering where we are?" The sheriff nods "You're in Mystic falls, Virginia" Sam nods and smiles "Thank you, well we will be on our way" the sheriff nods and walks away. "Seriously? New in town?" Sam says annoyed "What? It was a good excuse" I say defending myself.

~~~~~~~~Authors note!! ~~~~~~~

That's it for this chapter everyone! I hope you liked it and continue reading! Sorry for all the mistakes and sorry if it's short I'll try to make it longer next time and thanks for reading!!


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