What if....

What if the Whinchesters payed a visit to the Salvatore brothers.... Will there be blood shed.... Or will something surprising happen?

It's a normal day for the Winchesters when out of nowhere there is a blinding white light and next thing they know they are transported to a different world... The home of the Salvatore Brothers.


3. On our way to meet his friends...

Dean's POV

We walked back to the stranger my hand clenched ready just in case he tries anything else. We stop a couple of feet away I glance at Sam and see no expression on his face is he not scared or something..?! I thought to myself but then said aloud "ok... Where are we?! Who did this to us?!! And how do we get back!!" I took a step forward slightly raising my clenched hand. However Sam placed an arm across my chest and pushed me back "Excuse my brother..." He said almost annoyed "what he meant was... This is going to sound crazy but... We come from a different world..."

I glanced at the stranger to see his reaction and surprisingly his face was blank. We stood there a couple minutes in complete silence when finally I had enough of the silence "Well say something!" I push against Sam's arm and feel him slightly push back. The stranger seemed to snap out of a daze as he slowly looks over to me "I can tell you're the tough brother" he says quietly but I could hear the annoyance in his voice "I'm also the tough brother but boy are you more annoying!" I stand there in complete silence what did this guy just say to me?! That I'm annoying? Well... I'll show him! I thought in my head as I relaxed and Sam's arm went away from my chest "You're someone to talk... Attacking people in the in the middle of the forest... Does the sheriff know this..? About your little... Secret"

I could see the strangers expression change... Was it fear? Annoyance? I couldn't tell, but there was some kind of expression there. I could feel a smirk start to crawl on to my face. I had him, now we could get some answers I took a slight step forward "I'm guessing that's a no?" The strangers head snapped to look at me, there was a clear expression on his face now... Anger. Before I knew it he was in front of me with his hand on my throat choking me. Wow this guy is strong... I should've known he's a vampire for crying out loud! Good one Dean.. I mentally rolled my eyes as I said that last sentence. My attention went back to the stranger as he started talking "You think you can scare Me?!"

I tried to shake me head as much as possible with him having me in a chokehold. After a while he let me go and I immediately pushed him away from me while falling to the ground and coughing. I look up glaring at him while rubbing my neck "Was that necessary?!" He looks at me for a while before nodding "Yes... You need to learn your place! This is my town you can't come in here threatening me!" I glance at Sam the whole time that was happening he was just standing there and watching "Thanks for the help bro" I say sarcastically. He just glances at me then looks back at the stranger "Have you ever heard of anything like this...? Of people coming from different worlds?" He says trying to be as kind as possible after what happened. I rolled my eyes knowing Sam would do that, I got up and brushed myself off waiting for the strangers answer.

Sam's POV

I waited patiently for the stranger's answer, hearing Dean get up from the ground. I see him shake his head and feel my hope shatter "No I haven't... But maybe the others have..." He says half to himself. I slightly tilt me head "uhh others?" I ask confused he looks up and nods "Yes, my friends I'll take you to them c'mon" he turns and starts walking away without waiting to see if we were following.

I glance at Dean and see a confused expression on his face and without saying anything to him I start following the stranger. I hear Dean sigh and hear the crunches of the leaves as he also starts following. I catch up to the stranger and see him send a text telling someone to meet him at his house and to bring the others. He looks up at me and I quickly move my eyes away from his screen "uh hey I never got your name.." I say trying to make some conversation, but the strangers just slightly smirks and keeps walking. I slow down to keep pace with Dean he looks over at me and chuckles "You look like someone just rejected you" I roll my eyes and sigh "I just asked him for his name, but he just ignored me and kept walking" I glance at Dean and see him still rubbing his neck "By the way that was totally your fault, next time keep your mouth shut" I say finally letting my annoyance out.

Dean opens his mouth to say something but gets interrupted by the stranger calling back to us "Can you two walk any slower?!" I hear Dean grumble something under his breath and he starts walking faster I follow. We catch up to the stranger keeping a few feet away from him Dean and I decided to keep quiet the rest of the way, after a while of walking through the woods we come upon a car in the middle of a dirt road. The stranger took out a car key from his back pocket and unlocks the car walking to the drivers door "Get in" he said flatly before opening the drivers door and getting in starting the engine. I glance at Dean and he gives me a shrug walking to the passenger door suddenly the window rolls down and the stranger shakes his head "You in the back seat, your brother rides shotgun" I stifle a chuckle as I hear Dean groan with annoyance.

I get into the passenger seat and close the door, I glance at Dean through the rear view mirror and see him with his arms crossed across his chest and an annoyed look on his face. I blow air out of my nose as a small laugh and look out my window as the stranger starts driving out of the woods. I see trees fly by in a blur as the stranger speeds up, this car kinda reminded me of the Impala and I wondered for the first time since we got here if the Impala also got zapped here. My thoughts got cut short when the stranger cleared his throat, I glance at him and he looks at me "My name is Damon.... Damon Salvator"

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