Mrs. All American

My best friend and I got tickets to a 5sos concert!!! But what happens when I meet them and we become friends...will it turn into more?


1. Tickets!!


"GUESS WHAT?!" My best friends Jesse Garther yells and runs in my apartment.

"Owww!" I cover my ears, "what?" I turn to her putting on my shoes.

"I couldn't wait to tell you after work," Jess said pacing impatiently, "I had to tell you now!"

"And I'm still waiting for this surprise.." I say, sitting on my bed.

"Oh right!" She pulls out 2 tickets and 2 badges. "I got two tickets and backstage passes to 5SOS!!!!"

I stand from my bed, "are you serious?! Omg! When?"

"In a few hours!"

"I can't breathe!" I hyperventilate, "how??"

"I won a contest on the radio!!" She smirked, "let's go shopping! Now!" She yanks my arm and we are out the door.

-----------------------------AT THE MALL----------------------------

We arrived at the mall and went to different stores to find the perfect outfit for the concert. "Is this cute?" Jess asked, holding up a black dress.

"Ehh not really. But this is." I smiled pointing at all the colorful dresses and skirts. Her smile grew wide and she ran to the skirts. Jess loves color, best thing since sliced bread. I, unlike Jess, like simple casual wear. I like it classy and usually black with blue. She likes pink and yellow a lot. We are the complete opposites which is why we are best friends. Oh that's right! I never introduced myself. My name is Bex Auburn, I'm 19 and I live with my best friend Jesse Garther. She has been my best friend since the 1st grade. I've been living with her for a few months after I moved out of my parents house. They never actually cared that much about me so we decided to get our own apartment. I work at Starbucks across the street from our apartment building. She works at In-n-out. We make enough money to pay the rent and have groceries and other necessities. I also am in boxing. Hmm what else? Oh I have a black hair that reaches my butt, and sky blue eyes. I have an average size butt and c-cup boobs. I also have an "hourglass figure" something Jesse says. We gather the things we want to buy, pay and leave back home.


When arrive at the house, we have exactly 3 hours to get ready for the concert. We walk into the bathroom and I take a quick shower. Jesse was in my room doing her hair and makeup. I walk out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my body and I walk to our shopping bags. I pulled out my red halter cropped top and black high-waisted skinny jeans. I walked back to the bathroom and put on my clothes. After that I blow dried my hair and crimped it, so it reached my mid-back. I walked to my room once again to see Jesse in a floral dress that hugged all the amazing assets of her body. She was applying mascara and saw me through the mirror.

"Hey. Need to borrow my mascara?" She hands me the mascara as I nod. I quickly apply about 3 coats and look in the mirror, my eyes look even brighter than usual. I dig through her makeup bag and get some eyeliner and apply that too with some red lipstick. I turn around and spread my arms out in a "how do I look" pose. "Damn sexy girl!" She laughed.

"Haha of course," I flip my soft jet black hair over my shoulder, "and so do you!"

"Um duh!" She locked arms with me and we walked out the door and into the car.

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