Mrs. All American

My best friend and I got tickets to a 5sos concert!!! But what happens when I meet them and we become friends...will it turn into more?


2. Concert!!

Bex's Pov

While driving to the concert, I scroll through my Instagram and Twitter. "Hey what seats are we in again?"

"Front row. Dead center. It's amazing."

I nod even though she can't see me. I plug in my phone to Jesse's car and start playing all the 5SOS songs. We turn up the volume and start jamming out to 5SOS.


We arrive at the concert and sit in our seats. We literally could reach over and touch the stage. Omg! This is gonna be great! After about 45mins, 5SOS walks out and there is cheering, screaming and crying. "Hii, We're 5 Seconds of Summah!!! How are you guys tonight?!" Luke yells into the mic as there are more screams and yells. I cannot get over their accent, it is amazing!!

"This song is called 18! Hope you guys like!" Luke says as he grabs his mic and Ashton starts on the drums.

I wish that I was eighteen

To do all the things you read in a magazine

I'm not saying I wanna be Charlie Sheen

She's just a little bit older

and I want to get to know her

But she says it already over

So tell me what else should I do ?

I bought my fake ID for you...


We were the last people in line, which is fine since there weren't a lot of people in front of us. Soon enough, there was only one person in front. Deep breath Bex.

"Hi what's your name beautiful?" Luke asks as he takes my phone case to sign. My legs start to numb. Oh no, can't stand. Going down and I pass out.

"Hello?" I feel a gentle shake on my shoulder. My eyes flutter open and then I realize what happened. I just fainted and probably fell into Luke. I snap up and hit my head on something really hard. "Ow!" I hear someone say. Oh shit!

"I'm so sorry." I rub my head and my eyes open again and I see Luke rubbing his head with a half smile. "Oh my gosh!! I'm so sorry!" I rest my hand on his head and gently rub. " I didn't mean to- I just- I didn't know- and then-"

"It's okay." He half smiles, "Bex right?"

"Uh yeah.. How'd you know?" I remove my head.

"You're friend." He points to the bathroom. "She said her name was Jesse and she had to use the restroom so."

"Oh uh yeah."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Are you?" He just nods and stands up. Damn he's tall.

"Um, I'll go get some ice for your head."

"Thanks." I say as Jesse walks out the bathroom and sees me awake.

"Bex! Are you okay?" She asks. I nod.

"Where are we?"

"Still backstage. Luke carried you to the couch after you fell on him."

"How long was I out?"

"Bout a half an hour." I shake my head. Ugh. I must look like a total klutz. "And for the last half an hour Luke and Calum have been non-stop talking about how sexy you are." My eyes widen.

"Are you serious?"

She nods, "Um duh!"

Luke comes back with the ice and hands it to me. "Thank you. For everything. I'm really sorry about.."

"Falling on top of me?" He asks with a chuckle. I laugh.

"Yeah, basically. We should probably get home, Jesse." I turn to her.

"Uh yeah. It was really nice hanging with you guys. I can finally say I hung out with 5SOS." She smiled. The boys laughed.

"Well, we can hang out again." Michael suggests.

"Hopefully. I mean I was passed out for most of it." I laugh.

"Yeah. Let's numbers?" He replies and everyone agrees. After that Jesse and I walk back to our in complete and utter shock at what the hell just happened.

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