First Introductions

A girl bumps into a man and from a series of events, ends up meeting the vamps for the first time and there friendship grows in unexpected ways.


7. 7:00pm




When they finish we clap and cheer for there performance. Brad hops down from the stage with beads running off the tips of his hair.

I move toward him and stick my hand out, to shake. "Hello," I say and he takes my hand "I'm Gillian. Call me Gilly." We shake.

"Hello Gilly, I'm Simpson, Brad Simpson" I laugh and notice the other boys are jumping down from the stage, all sweaty just not as bad as Brad.

"You guys are really good!" I then add "sweat tells a lot about a band". James comes toward me, arms wide open. "Oh no! No!" I screech and he hugs me and rubs his sweat all over.

They all laugh then James let's go. "Now, a band's sweat tells a lot about its groupies."

"Oh my god! We are there groupies!!" Liza awkwardly whispers at herself witch makes me chuckle.

"Now I have to take another shower when I get home tonight" I joke as we start to walk back stage. I always follow behind everyone and apparently brad notices so he sticks by my side.

"We got you two a hotel room so you can shower there. It's across the street" he tells me.

"You didn't have to do that" I say and playfully bump into him.

"Ya. I did because then we could hang out tonight." He starts to blush "and so Liza can see our concert tomorrow" I probably couldn't even duplicate the speed of his tongue.

"Well thank you so much" I really do mean it. We enter a lounge area with a couple couches and a long table. "So what now?" I ask messing up is sopping wet hair.

"Well I'm going to take a shower and will be right back, so you can hang with the boys for now"

"Okay" I happily say looking down and knocking my feet together. Then look up to see Brad staring at me. We look into each other's eyes for what feels like forever. Yes that is the corniest line imagined but there is no other way I could have described it as, besides pure happiness(Which is worse).

Brad leaves and I focus back into reality. Conner is sitting toward the end on the couch so I sit on the end and throw my legs over his lap. He looks at me with disdain. "What's your story?" I ask him.

He smile. "How much of it?"

"As much as you want to tell me" I answer.


I love hearing about peoples lives and how different and complex each can be. It's like a new story, one never more important than another but having unequal amounts of disaster and the same goes for happiness.


Conner is at the end of a very funny story about a summer vacation he took with is family that ended up being quite awful but also brought him his first kiss, when we both notice Liza talking James's ear off.

We both laugh watching the repetitive motion of Liza moving toward James, then James backing away then Liza going closer. Then repeat. When James finally hits a wall I look to Conner and we decide its time for me to chime in.

"Hey" I say springing up from the couch all friendly like "let's play a game".

"Okay like what" James says jumping out of the corner, away from Liza.

"I don't know." I think looking around the room, searching. I see a bag of stacked plastic cups. I then go and open the fridge in another corner. "Pong!" I say swinging open the fridge door so the boys can see in.

"I'm in" I hear James say. So we start to set up.

"Yay! We can be on a team!" Liza screams hugging James. I laugh.

"No Liza you're with me. Don't forget what happened last time you were up against me". I tell her.

"Oh ya. Okay!" Her voice just as cheery as ever.

"What happened last time?" Tristan asks.

"She lost. Got extremely smashed then puked all over herself." I tell them.

"That's not so bad" Conner comments.

"Wait for it" Liza says looking at me. I have to finish the story.

"And then" I add "she wanted to play again. Then lost again. Then through up again. But it was on..." I look at Liza for her approval to finish the sentence. She nods. "...a guy she was riding. oh ya, then got alcohol poisoning" I tell like its no big deal.

"Gross" Tristan says enthusiastically.

"Was that whole story some way of telling us you are going to win?" James asks.

"Ya. Pretty much. Sometimes I like to beat around the bush." I say. With a smile on my face.

"Okay let's go" Conner says standing at the other side with James. Conner keeps shifting his cups making them perfectly aligned.

"I'll be with Blondie next game" Tristan says winking at me as he takes a sip from his cup. I playfully wink back.

"You first." I say taking the ball out of my pocket.

"You carry a pong ball in your pocket?" Conner laughs.

"Hey, you never know when you're going to need one." I say like I'm teaching them a life lesson.

"Naw" James insists "ladies first".

Then I toss the ball, it lands in the front cup. They're speechless. "Bring it back. Oh. And drink" I laugh then they throw back the ball and a drink. I throw it again and again it goes in.

"You guys are not doing so well" Tristan points out trying to be an ass, though i do laugh. 

"Shut your trap" Conner says as he drinks again. "Oh alright. do it again. I'm ready"

"Ya alright! Alright!" Tristan says then the rest of the boys join.

I start to laugh. I though it and i hit the rim and miss it. "Crap!" a snap.

"Ha" James says then grabs the ball and throws it and it starts to spin around the rim. I quickly blow in the cup and the ball shoots out. I grab it out of the air.

"Wow" Conner breathes as he brushes his fingers through his hair.

"okay Liza your turn" then hand her the ball. she misses.

"tough luck" Tristan tells her. I think if her smile gets any bigger the sides of her mouth are going to rip apart. Occasionally she makes a strange giggle noise that could probably cripple a kitten. But really this is why I love her.Hopefully she does stop this soon though so I can talk to her like a normal person and not on a second grade level.

Conner then takes his turn and makes two in a row so I drink a couple but don't feel anything. I put up my hands "Wait!" I announce.

"Quitting already" Conner teases. 

"No" I smile at him. "I just need to put on some music" my phone easily slides out of my back pocket then i quickly choose the playlist 'favorites'. the first song to play is Say My Name by ODESZA.

Conner then misses his third shot. My turn. I toss the ball and it goes in. "oh no boys. you better start praying" Tristan says, making me blush. I am really starting to like these boys!

Soon I'm on my third throw in a row and a new song comes on and its I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco. "oh my God. This is my favorite song!" he freaks out.

"Same" I tell him not being able to hold in my laughter. No time passes and we start to sing the lyrics together. Well he sings, I sort of just speak them because I cant even sing a little.



We start a second game after maybe an hour or so and I team up with Tristan. Mainly because he called dibs. "I've never seen a game go so one-way like this before" Tristan tells me as he gives me a side hug. 

"Okay James you drink this one" Conner says slurring a little. Tristan and I laugh. 

"I've never see boy who are so light weights." I obviously joke. "Should we give them a break, give them time to recover" I ask Tristan. 

"ya. probably." he points over to one of the big chairs. "I cant believe she is asleep."

"Ha". I giggle "four beers and she is either switching to tequila or sleeping. Ya I know its two completely different options." we walk over to the big couch and the two tipsy boys follow. We sit and James squeezes his way in between Tristan and I. Soon comes Conner who lays down across all of us putting his head on my lap. James starts to fall asleep on Tristan's shoulder, while Tristan is busy on his phone 

"Love," Conner says to me "I like you. We are going to be good friends".

"Sounds great" I tell him running my fingers through his hair. "Too bad, a little birdie told me you guys are heading home soon" clearly suggesting Liza.

"I could fit you in my carry-on" I laugh "You are too fun to leave behind". He is still a little out of it.

"Oh Conner. Sometimes the best thing get left behind and its always okay.... as long as you write" I tell him.

"I don't think we could never forget you, especially Bradley " he says smiling at me. I smile back. He knows. I don't mind.

Then right after, Brad walks in from the hallway. "speak of the devil" I whisper to him and keep playing with his hair. he laughs. 

"What did I miss" he asks and I ketch a little disappointment in his voice. 

"only this one kicking our asses in pong" Conner tells him pointing at me.

"guilty" I say. Brad smiles. " we can play again" i suggest. 

"Noooo" all of the boys moan. Then a little voice comes from the big char. "too tired." its Liza's bed time. I smile and look up at brad to see the same smile looking down at me.

"She had a little too much to drink." I tell Brad

"You had more than she did" Tristan points out as he escapes from his cell phone bubble.

"In a bit can you help me bring her over to the room" I ask Brad.

"Of course I can" he says sitting down next to me, really close. are legs more than brush, they squish together. I don't mind. 

I look down a Conner and he is smiling at me like crazy. "stop" I mouth to him but then smile back. We keep talking for a while and I still play with his hair. Probably after an hour we go and take Liza to the room. 

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