First Introductions

A girl bumps into a man and from a series of events, ends up meeting the vamps for the first time and there friendship grows in unexpected ways.


6. 6:15pm




I start to rapidly blink my eyes, trying to fix my vision. "Joe? How could you let me fall asleep?"

"Sorry, we didn't want to wake you" a very British voice says. i quickly sit up and see him behind the wheel.

"James?" I ask "whats going on?"

He laughs and says "Conner and Brad took Liza inside and Tris went to the loo. He has been in there a while, hopefully he didn't fall in." I laugh at his attempt to make a joke.

I put my feet up on the head board and lean back.

"So what now?" I ask James.

"Well everyone is inside, so... Let's go!" He says full of energy. I watch him start to walk up some stairs but soon enough he notices I'm not behind him. Then James skips back down the stairs and opens my door. "Come on" he encourages. But I don't budge. He grabs my hand and pulls me out of the car. "You can sleep later"

"Fine" I say smiling "let's make this interesting" I tell him pulling him back, getting up close and personal.

"Like how?" He asks, very intrigued.

"How many flights of stairs are in this arena?" I ask

"I don't know. A lot" he tells me.

"First one to the very top has to buy the other ice cream." I laugh.

"Why ice cream" he smiles.

"Ice cream makes everything better. And I like to be spontanious once and a while." I put out my hand to shake. He does too.

As soon as I let go my body takes off. But he's not very far behind. After the 2nd flight of stares we both slow down quite a bit.

One more flight left and I need to win! Like who doesn't want free ice cream?

I feel a pair of hands on my hips, pulling me back and it's James. "Cheater"! I scream.

"What?" He yells while he passes me "I can't hear you! You're too far behind!" Before all my hopes are lost I see Tristan coming out of a bathroom up ahead."Tristan" I scream "stop him"! Thankfully he does but only for a little.

"Cheater!" James yells as I pass him.

"What? I can't hear you! You're too far behind!" I say mocking him in a British accent.

I round the corner and head up the arena seat stairs. I walk the last couple of steps and then hit the wall. "I made it!" I yell. "Woot woot. What is better than ice cream? Free ice cream!" I'm getting kind of sweaty and I'm starting to regret the race (lol- no I'm not).

"Gillian?" I hear Liza yell from the stage "what are you doing"?

"What? You didn't just hear me yell?" I say leaning over the railing. "Never mind, I'll tell you later"

"Come down" she yells back.

"Okay" I shout and turn to see James's face all red from running, probably the same as mine. We smile childishly at each other. Then he sticks out is tongue. "Maybe next time" I tease him. Then James, Tristan and I head down to the stage together.


"Gilly!" Liza screams and drags me tho the first row of seats. "They are practicing for tomorrow and we are going to watch!!" I'm surprised she hasn't calmed down yet.

As the boys start to play Liza screams like she is actually at there concert. I've heard there music before, from Liza of course but as they go on I really start to get into it. Soon Liza and I shave our shoulders back and fourth, then laugh at how silly we are being. Eventually we get up out of our seats and dance all around.

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