First Introductions

A girl bumps into a man and from a series of events, ends up meeting the vamps for the first time and there friendship grows in unexpected ways.


5. 5:00pm



"What do you mean you are going out and what's with the bags?" My mother yells. All I packed was an extra pare of underwear, a large guy flannel, regular blue jean shorts and a pink tank top.

"We won a contest and are being picked up and hanging out with a band and watching there concert tomorrow." Okay I have to fib just a little but. She is a cool mom but she's not that cool.

She starts to rub her temples then as calm as she can, says "Who is this band?!"

"THE VAMPS!!" Liza screams. I think she has been holding that in for a long while. My mom stands there, confused: of course she won't know who that are. Heck, until 2 weeks ago I didn't know either. "Ya! I'm so ready" Liza runs out the door like a little kid waiting to go to the zoo for the first time.

"Okay. Fine! It looks like you are going to be the level headed one for this trip. Just promise me you will be safe." She says with worry struck across her face.

"That was the plan all along, mom" I say smiling. A horn honks so I drop everything and hug her. "I love you" then I head out the door.

As I walk outside Liza gesture at me to walk faster. What is waiting for us is a mini van not anything I was expecting but this day isn't what I would ever expect. The boys aren't even in the car.

"Hello ladies" the driver says as we enter the car. I close the door and he turns around, "my name is..." But before he could finish Liza interrupts.

"Joe Johnson. The Vamps bus driver!!" Liza goes all wide eyed and kind of looks like she want to touch him of hug him of something.

Joe laughs, "and you must be Liza" he says and turns to face the front. "It's nice to meat you Gillian" he tells me and tips his hat to me while looking through the rear view mirror. Then starts to drive toward the highway.

The whole ride I listen to Liza tell me facts about the boys and there band. Usually I tell her to stop talking but since it's her birthday I have to do it politely.

"So, Joe?" I ask moving to the front seat. "Where might we be going?"

"Well" he says occasionally glancing over at me. "I was told to bring you two over to the..." Then he mumbles at the end, on purpose.

"What?" I ask laughing.

"I was given orders to take you to the...." He does it again. I'm obviously not going to get mad at something so silly so I just laugh and turn on the radio.

"So who are you?" I ask.

"What?" he chuckles out.

"Like, how's your life? Got any kids? Married? Apples or bananas? Red or indigo? Hufflepuff or slitherin? Springsteen or Bon Jovi?" He laughs and I smile.

"Well, to make thing short" he starts "life's good enough. If you ketch my drift. Zero on the kids. Fiancé. Apples all the way. Me I prefer a nice sea foam green. I'm more of a middle earth guy. Springsteen all the way"

"I like you Joe. We are going to be good friends." I tell him


For the rest of the car ride Joe and I talked about, well mostly everything. I agreed to wake up Liza 15 min before we get to where ever we are headed. So for that I am relying on Joe to help with.

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