First Introductions

A girl bumps into a man and from a series of events, ends up meeting the vamps for the first time and there friendship grows in unexpected ways.


4. 4:00pm



"I love you I love you I love you" Liza screams as I come out of the locker room. She squeezes me until I can't breath.

"Okay okay" I say as I pull her off. My happiness starts to fade as I realize, "Hey,where did they go?"

For a little all she does is smile. But then she starts, "Brad said he will text you. When I was about to give him your number he said he already had it. Then Tristan told me you guys hit it off. Then Connor and James got really into the game. Especially when you hit that girl into the boards..." Liza's rambling becomes hard to understand so I start to zone out.

"Do you want to spend the night." I ask, interrupting her.

"Of course !" She says. "I have so much to tell you"!

Then as she starts up again I feel a buzz in my back pocket and look. It's brad.

"Hey, great game GILLIAN!" I chuckle to myself

"Thanks and it's Gilly lol"

"We will come pick you up in half an hour"


"YA! Be ready"

"How do you know where I live?"

"Liza told me"


"Bring a change of clothes"

I put my phone away and look up to see Liza staring at me. "Come on let's go. Your mom is already in the car" she grabs my arm and we run. She knew who texted me.

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