Heartache On the Big Screen

This is a story about two girls (Vanessa and Alexandria) who have a Youtube channel for their "band" called 13 Ways. These girls do covers and a lot of people like them, including four boys from a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. The six all DM and comment to each other. Next thing you know Alexandria and Vanessa are on summer vacation and decide (with the help of the boys) to go to Sydney for the summer. They leave New York City and move in with the boys. All goes well, until they start falling in love Vanessa loves Luke and Luke likes her, a lot. Alexandria likes Ashton.. and Ashton likes her, but so does Calum. One summer night everything changes for all of them. The love gets harder and soon falls apart, but never quite ends. What will happen?


4. Shopping Trip

We both heave our things off of the luggage carousel. Basically all I brought was clothes and a huge suit case. I have only six outfits, some personal things, like two other pairs of shoes, and other things. Vanessa actually put some stuff in my bag. We walk out to the main area and find Luke, Michael, Calum, and Ashton waving at us. We walk over and give each other awkward hugs. Like really awkward. But hey they were still hot as hell. The car ride was almost more awkward as the hugs were. We arrive at this huge house and I decide to try to break silence.

"So do you guys all live here all the time?" I ask.

"Oh um no. It's a friend's they um moved out and said if we keep it clean we can live in it. It supposedly is a house that is family owned but people only go in it for vacation so yeah." Luke says as the others get the things out of the car.

"It's one hell of a vacation home. It's more like a hotel." Vanessa says.

"It's meant to hold three six people families at once. So I guess it's like a hotel." Calum says.

"Yeah. Yeah it is." I say as Michael unlocked the door. This place looks like a bunch of boys have lived here for at least a month.

"Is this the furniture that has been here the whole time?" I ask mainly because it looks to new.

"No we ordered it. They said because we would be living here for four months we could make it our own. Yeah." Michael says. I nod and go on a hunt for my room. I decide on a blue-violet colored room. The walls were blue-violet there was a black couch in there facing a 48' flat screen tv. Along with a huge window that I found out was actually a door to a balcony. There is a black fuzzy bean bag and a cool lamp. The bed had a black frame and a purple comforter and black pillow cases with black sheets. Needless to say this room is mine. I unload the few clothes I brought and someone says

"This is not acceptable. I have more clothes than you." I turn around and see Ashton leaning on the door with his arms crossed.

"I obviously don't care. I have one for everyday and that's all I need." I say shrugging. Ashton shakes his head and says

"You and me are going shopping." I sigh.

"Do I look like the kind to shop with out another girl?" I say.

"So we bring Luke." He says and I laugh a bit at that.

"I'll get Vanessa." I say. "Quick question. Where is she?"

"East wing. We're in the West." Ashton says.

"Okay I'll meet up with you in an hour in the middle of this mansion." I say. He nods and says

"I'll get Luke." After he says that I start sprinting to the other wing. I eventually find Vanessa in a turquoise room.

"Hi. So Ashton wants to go shopping and  he is bringing Luke. Lastly I am on the complete opposite side. I'm in the West wing." I say.

"Well you can't go shopping like that and neither can I." She says.

"What? I look fine. All I need really is a shower." I say. She rolls her eyes and says

"Whatever you say." I laugh a little and say

"We are meeting up in like 50 minutes in the main area." I say walking out and she shouts

"You mean the lobby!" And we both laugh. I eventually after five minutes of walking get to my room and pull out a black shirt that has the batman logo on it and a pair of ripped jean shorts and my black converse high tops and go into my bathroom. After my shower I decide to let my hair air dry because when it does that it gets really curly and I like it, sometimes. Once I'm dressed I have like five minutes to I dry out my hair and brush it quickly. I grab my phone and walk to the "lobby." I get there and everyone is waiting for me. I look at Luke and steal his beanie and say

"I need it more." As I put it on my head. Ashton drives as I sit shot gun because Vanessa has the hugest and I mean the HUGEST crush on Luke. I roll the window down and put Luke's beanie in my lap and by the time we get to the mall my hair is curly as hell and looks good. Just so you know Vanessa and Luke were flirting the entire ride. We walk out of the car and I throw the beanie to Luke and follow Ashton. By the way Vanessa looks out of place. I look punk/hipster along with Ashton and Luke kind of punk/hipster then there is Vanessa in her glasses and a pair of white shorts and a blue tank top and the shoes she had on before. Right now personally I want to sleep because I haven't slept for like 48 hours. Yep it's a party right now for me. On the other hand Vanessa passed out on the plane. I saw her. Wasn't fazed by anything. Away Vanessa wants to go into American Eagle and I just laugh and say 'hell no' and Luke goes in with her. Ashton and I go into Hot Topic. I get a new Nirvana, Paramore, and a bunch of other shirts along with two beanies. I walk out and I see Luke and Vanessa going into Hollister. Their I buy four pairs of shorts and two pairs of ripped skinny jeans. We all walk out and Luke and I are laughing at a band reference he made. Luke and I are actually getting along well. Ashton seems cool. Though I don't think Vanessa is to happy about it. Luke has his arm around my shoulders as we walk. Ashton is holding my bags and walking by me and Vanessa is on Luke's other side. To the unknowing eye you would think Luke and I were dating. For real though I don't like dating you see people, currently I am closer to 18 than 16. Also I don't want to take Luke away from Vanessa.


We get back to the "hotel" and I go to put way my clothes. I change into like the worlds shortest pajama shorts and white tank top. Vanessa said she was coming over to this wing (mainly cause Luke is over here but that's none of my business) she is coming over tonight then moving her stuff over here tomorrow. It's eight at night here and I'm so hungry it's not even funny. So I slide on a pair of sweatpants I brought and go find a room with a boy in it.

"Luke!" I say excited. "Where is the kitchen?!"

"Follow me." He says linking his arm in mine. We reach the kitchen which is by the "lobby" and it is huge.

"What would you like? We've got cold pizza, warm pizza, pop tarts, we need more food." Luke say and I laugh a bit at that.

"Pizza preferably warm." I say. Luke pulls out a pizza box and picks out two huge slices and I say.

"I hope you get yourself some." He laughs and gets his own plate. Vanessa come down and like creepily stares at Luke.

"Heyyy." Vanessa says.

"Hola." I say and she laughs. At some point everybody comes into the kitchen and we are all eating food.

"Al we need to make a video tomorrow." Vanessa says as we walk to my room.

"Sounds good to me." I say. "So what all is in the East wing?"

"Oh there are like three bedrooms over there and a huge swimming pool with a hot tub, a movie room, arcade. Yeah. And I was the only one in the bed rooms over there so yeah." She says. We reach my room and we both sit on the bed.

"So what kind of video do you want to do?" I ask.

"Do you think they would let us borrow one of their guitars?" She asks.

"I think we should do a Q&A." I suggest.

"Yeah they have been asking for that." Vanessa says and Michael runs in and says

"Hey! So we due for a video soon you want to collab? Vocally?" We both nod and Michael smile and skips off.

"You think we could get them to join us for the Q&A?" I ask. Vanessa nods and I DM all of them and they all said yes. So I tell them the hashtag and tweet.

AlexStarr13: So video idea so Vanessa, 5sos and I are doing a group Q&A tweet with #13sos
I put my phone down and roll off the bed and walk to the doorway and yell

"Night!" I receive various mumble nights and I close the door. I take off my sweatpants and go back on the bed and sleep.

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