Heartache On the Big Screen

This is a story about two girls (Vanessa and Alexandria) who have a Youtube channel for their "band" called 13 Ways. These girls do covers and a lot of people like them, including four boys from a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. The six all DM and comment to each other. Next thing you know Alexandria and Vanessa are on summer vacation and decide (with the help of the boys) to go to Sydney for the summer. They leave New York City and move in with the boys. All goes well, until they start falling in love Vanessa loves Luke and Luke likes her, a lot. Alexandria likes Ashton.. and Ashton likes her, but so does Calum. One summer night everything changes for all of them. The love gets harder and soon falls apart, but never quite ends. What will happen?


3. Meeting the boys

I look out the window of my plane.

"We will be landing in Sydney, Australia in ten minutes. The captain has instructed that you return to your seats thank you for flying United Airlines." Their is a loud ding and I let out a huge sigh. Do you have any idea how awkward it is flying alone? We okay I'm not flying alone I'm flying with my best friend Vanessa but we needed cheep seats so we are separate. I pull up my seat and put away my headphones and phone. I had to buy a new phone before I got here. I had to transfer all of my data onto it and get an Australian number. So Vanessa and I are in a band. It's called 13 ways. Basically all we do is covers but we are huge on YouTube. We had a few people notice us on the plane. So you maybe wonder who we are if you haven't heard of us. So I will tell you


Name: Alexandria Starr

Eyes: Bright blue and has glasses but really doesn't need them unless reading

Height: 5'5

Age: 17 years old

Hair:Long, wavy; practically curly on some days, brown with blonde tips

Style: Punk/Hipster/Girly


Name: Vanessa Love

Eyes: Chocolate brown and has thick black glasses and wears them all the time, but has contacts

Height: 5'4

Age: 16

Hair: Very long, basically black, wavy has hell

Style: Hipster/Girly

There now you know about us. Now you are probably wondering why a sixteen and seventeen year old are on a plane moving to Australia by themselves.

Well thanks to YouTube we met these boys called 5 Seconds of Summer. We don't know much about them.

Luke Hemmings: 16

Michael Clifford: 17

Calum Hood: 17

And newest member

Ashton Irwin: 18

Basically all we know. Well also that they are hot as hell and can sing. We all DM each other a lot on twitter. Follow each other. Comment on videos. Well we are meeting up with them, and maybe living with them. Yeah. YouTube.

The plane lands and I stand up a soon as possible so I can check my clothes. My black muscle shirt that has Nirvana's logo on it and my jean shorts looks good. I smooth out my shirt and fix my hair. It's still a little curly in the barrels I did what feels like ages ago. Guess who was smart and didn't sleep on the plane? Hey at least I had a nice movie marathon. Anyway I fix my converse and get my bag from over head. I meet up with Vanessa and she says

"So do you think that the boys will like this?" I look at here shirt with Ariel and the words 'Kiss the Girl' on it and her blue shorts with her blue and white checkered converse.

"It looks cute. I would have brought contacts to change into in the airport but that's none of my business." I say and she laughs.

"But do I look hot?" She asks.

"Sure. Why are you trying so hard. You is sixteen." I say.

"Have you looked at them? And Luke is sixteen." She says as we walk into the airport.

"Whatever. Remember we are here for the summer. So you should make it last okay." I say.....


If only it was only for the summer. But it was more than that. Much more than that...

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