Heartache On the Big Screen

This is a story about two girls (Vanessa and Alexandria) who have a Youtube channel for their "band" called 13 Ways. These girls do covers and a lot of people like them, including four boys from a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. The six all DM and comment to each other. Next thing you know Alexandria and Vanessa are on summer vacation and decide (with the help of the boys) to go to Sydney for the summer. They leave New York City and move in with the boys. All goes well, until they start falling in love Vanessa loves Luke and Luke likes her, a lot. Alexandria likes Ashton.. and Ashton likes her, but so does Calum. One summer night everything changes for all of them. The love gets harder and soon falls apart, but never quite ends. What will happen?


5. Covers, Q&A, and bowling

I wake up to Vanessa or someone pushing me off the bed. I shoot up seeing Calum instead I yell at Calum and he runs out of the room. I look over at Vanessa already dressed and laughing at me. She was wearing a white Paramore shirt with black shorts. I actually get off the floor now and hit her very hard on the arm. She winces and I laugh. I go over and pull out a gray AC DC shirt that I bought with Ashton and some black shorts. Once I'm changed I brushed my hair and left it knowing it would curl out soon. I stay barefoot and walk down to the kitchen. I grab some leftover pizza and I see that there is a camera set up.

"You guys know Teenage Dirtbag?" Michael asks.

"Didn't you guys just do a cover of that?" I ask with pizza in my hand.

"Yeah but do you guys know it?" Ashton says doing something with the camera.

"I know it. I can't say Vanessa does." I say.

"Can't say Vanessa what?" Vanessa asks walking down.

"Do you know Teenage Dirtbag?" I ask her.

"I know like the chorus." She says. I turn around to the boys and Calum shrugs saying

"That works."

"Okay so this is how we are doing it. You two learn your part. We will be ready soon." Michael says handing us just lyric sheets with our parts highlighted. Vanessa's just had the chorus but from the looks I get a solo. Cool.


We were all siting.

From left to right

Back:    Michael   Ashton   Vanessa

Front:    Calum        Me        Luke

Don't worry Vanessa was sitting on a chair and Luke was on the floor.

"Hey guys we are 5 Seconds of Summer!" Luke says.

"And 13ways!" I add.

"We will be doing a cover of Teenage Dirtbag." Michael says. Ashton does a count down and we start. I didn't pay attention to who was singing then cause I was focusing on the right words and time to sing.

"Her name is Noel.

I had a dream about her,

She rings my bell.

Got gym class in half an hour.

Oh how she rocks.

In keds and tube sock.

But she doesn't know who I am.

And she doesn't give a damn about me."

Then I think we all sing. I'm not sure if Ashton did though.

"Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby.

Yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby.

I've got two tickets to Iron Maden baby.

Yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby like you."

I think Luke was singing this part but I'm not sure.

"He boyfriends a dick.

He brings a gun to school.

And he simply kick,

My ass if he knew the truth.

He lives on my block.

He drives an IROC.

But he doesn't know who I am.

And he doesn't give a damn about me."

We all sing again.

"Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby.

Yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby.

I've got two tickets to Iron Maden baby.

Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby like you."

Then Vanessa sings with Luke... I think.

"Oh yeah dirtbag!

No she doesn't know what she's missing."

Someone sings.

"Man I feel like mold.

It's prom night an I'm lonely.

Low and behold

She's walking over to me.

This must be fake,

My lips start to shake."

Then I sing

"I've got to tickets to Iron Maden baby.

Come with me Friday don't say maybe.

I'm just a teenage dirtbag

Like you."

We all sing.

"Oh yeah. Dirtbag.

No she doesn't know what she's missing!"

I might have left out a few spots but that's not important.

We cut the camera and I got my camera.

I literally ran to get it.

I put it on the tripod. We like pre-picked the questions. So this will be interesting.

I sit were I was before with my phone in hand this time and next to Luke and Ashton. Here is our order.

Back:  Calum  Vanessa   Michael

Front:  Ashton    Me       Luke

Yep. Except we are close together. Anyway.

"Hey guys as you can see here today it is not just 13ways. Today we invited 5 Seconds of Summer to join us in our Q&A. For you who don't know who they are. There is Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael." I say.

"Yesterday we tweeted out the hashtag 13sos. And did you guys tweet. So here it is." Vanessa says.

"I'll start." Michael says. "Luke how tall are you? Asked by @Windylol2"

"I am currently. Tall." Luke says and we all laugh a little.

"Alex? What is the first word that comes to your mind as you read this? Asked by @13waysfandy464" Ashton says.

"Well you were saying it but it was cats." I say smiling and giving a thumbs up." And Vanessa says

"Thumbs up for cats!" And I laugh.

"Ashton why are you so sexy? Asked by @Ashysbabehh5" Calum says. Ashton laughs and says

"Because God mixed in to much hotness. Sorry you can't have any." Ashton also winks.

"Vanessa how many years of age do you have? Asked by @5waysofcats" Luke says.

"Umm I guess the answer is sixteen." She says and Ashton says.

"We have two young children in the room." And we all laugh.

"Calum can you speak french? Asked by @calsshhhhutupp" Vanessa says.

"I think I'm fluent. Haha no." He says.

"But your Asian!" Michael says and we all laugh but Calum.

"I am not Asian." He pouts a bit.

"Alright Michael how about food? Asked by @5sosbabey" I say.

"Brb." He says and next thing I know he had pizza in his hand.

"Alex, are you single? Asked by @justinstarr18" says Luke.

"I wanna see his picture first." I say. Luke shows me his profile picture and I say. "Well dang yes sir I am." I add a wink there. Hey. It was a hot guy.

"THUMBS UP FOR JUSTIN HE JUST SCORED ALEX!" Vanessa shouts and we all laugh. We continue the video and in the end we were all laughing so much.

"Well thanks everybody for watching. If you guys want to hear us sing we filmed a cover over on the boys channel. The link will be in the description. Bye!" I say and turn off the camera.

"We should do that more often." Vanessa says.

"Yeah. Lets call up that Justin guy." I say laughing as I look up his twitter on my phone @justinstarr18. And I click the follow button and Vanessa takes my phone.

"Oh my God. Give it!!" I shout at her.

"Lol. Nope." She says running away. I sit down.

"I don't run." I mumble as walk to my room. I come back into the kitchen and I connect my camera with my laptop. As it transfers the video I order some Panda Express for me. Then I start to edit the video. Vanessa comes back skipping and places my phone next to my laptop.

"What did you do?" I ask as I turn on my phone.

"You will see." She says smiling and she walks away. I look at my phone. She DM the guy. She said

Heyy you're kinda cute. Where do you live? How old are you?

I just laughed and put my phone down and went back to editing the video. I added names and stuff like that edited out me going to the camera. And when we were laughing to hard to keep in. Which there was a lot of. I actually kept a lot of the laughing too. After I finish editing the video the door bell rings.

"Thanks." I say as I pay the guy working.

I go back to the kitchen and play over the video and I call everyone down.

"WHO WANTS TO SEE THE VIDEO!!" I shout and they all come in and Michael says

"Is that Panda Express?" I nod and say

"It's mine. Here. Watch." I slide the laptop over and I turn my phone on. Hey that guy answered. I type my passcode in and read the full thing.

Oh my god you followed me! Well first off my last name is actually Jacobs so my friends call me J.J.

*new message*

I live actually close to those 5sos guys I actually go to their school. And I'm eighteen.

I laugh after reading it.

Hey sorry Vanessa took my phone. You will find out tomorrow why. But I actually did follow you. If you want we can hang out some time.

I sent it and everyone was looking at me.

"May I help y'all?" I ask as take a bite of food.

"Are you like an editing nerd?" Ashton asks.

"My dad was good with computers so when he heard I was filming videos he gave me tips on what software to use and everything." I say eating more food.

"So editing nerd?" Luke says.

"Sure. Whatever flies your pig." I say.

"So who wants to play truth or dare?" Michael asks.

"You mean tell everyone your secrets or do something sexual? No thanks." I say smiling.

"Can you edit our video?" Calum ask.

"Sure. You all play truth or dare." I say taking the camera from Calum. Started the uploading process the Q&A as the other video downloaded. Once that was set up I edited the song as I listened to Vanessa tell her love life story. Causally not including the fact that it is about Luke. I asked

"You guys want anything special? With the video?"

"Nah. Your good." Michael shouts at me and I keep doing what I was doing. I fixed the lighting you know the usual. Once I was finished with everything they were begging to eat food.

"Well watch this first." I say.

"Wow. Nobody becomes like Jesus." Luke says and I laugh and say

"Thanks. I tried."

"I want food." Michael says. Yeah I kind of eat like all the Panda Express food. Sorry not sorry.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"Panda Express." He says.

"I just ate that." I say.

"Here's an idea lets all go bowling and eat there." Calum says with a thumbs up.

"I'm cool with that." I say.

"Come with me!" Vanessa shouts as she pulls my arm. Oh yeah. As I was editing they all shifted Vanessa's stuff to a room on the side that everyone else is on. She happens to be in a room next to Luke. Coincidence? I think not! She says to me

"You are wearing my clothes today." I just laugh.

"Yeah. No. But I will let you pick out an outfit for me out of my clothes." I say with a thumbs up. She rolls her eyes and sits on her bed.

"Why you want to do that?" I ask.

"I don't know I feel like I don't fit in with you guys." She says.

"Vanessa. You are sixteen. And you look fine." I say.

"I want to be punk rock." She says and I just laugh and pat her head.

"In time my young one, in time." I say.

"Well make me look at bit more punk rock please." She says.

"Fine." I say as I sigh and I take out the huge ass white bow in her hair and put a small black one. Personally if never wear a bow but she is sixteen so yeah. I look for her black converse and hand them to her. I walk to my room and put on my make up as I lean like right by the mirror. I didn't put on contacts today. I almost poked my eye out with the eyeliner. I grab my glasses and put on my combat boots. I curled my hair and I looked decent.

"Vanessa here." I say throwing her a black jean jacket I forgot I packed. "Wear this." She puts on the jacket and sees me in my glasses.

"Hi." She says. "Nice glasses." She states.

"Gee thanks. I forgot to put my contacts in before I put on my makeup." I say smiling. I check my outfit.

My AC DC shirt with black shorts and my combat boots. I look pretty punk rock/hipster tonight. My black nerd glasses add a bit of girly when paired with my curled hair.

"You look like to many different styles right now I can't even." Vanessa says and I laugh and say as we walk down the hall.

"Need a Starbucks?" Vanessa laughs and says

"Java Chip with two shots of chocolate and caramel please." We both show up in the main area laughing. They were all looking at us.

"What?" Vanessa asks.

"You guys took an hour." Michael says.

"Correction I took an hour. Alex was fixing me for like 45 minutes and then did herself for fifteen." Vanessa explains.

"Shot gun!" I yell as I run to the van.

"Alex remember when you owned a mini van?" Vanessa asks.

"Oh yeah. I was like a soccer mom driving my little brother around town in it. My parents genuinely said that I should have taken it with me." I say.

"Hahaha. I can see you driving around in a mini van. So punk rock." Calum says sitting next to me.

"Thanks." I mumble.

"I actually have a picture!" Vanessa says pulling out her phone and then showing all of the boys. I put my head in my hands and mentally stab Vanessa.

When we get to the bowling ally we rent the shoes we need. By this time of night it was cosmic bowling. So it was pretty cool.

"We won't loose you Vanessa." Luke says putting his arm around her shoulder.

"I SHIP IT!" I yell. And Vanessa laughs. We set up our game and I get myself some chilly cheese fries and some pop. I walk over and see Ashton bowling. And Luke and Vanessa talking. At least I hope it's talking. Ashton sits down next to me and takes one of my fries. Keep in mind this is a big ass thing of fries and it's all mine.

"Hey! Those are my fries!" I say as I smack his hand.

"Well you better hope I don't eat them all when you bowl." Ashton says with a wink as he takes another fry. I smack him again and go bowl. I get a strike and walk back like a boss and Luke gets up to bowl. As I sit down and claim my fries.

"So where exactly are you two from?" Ashton asks.

"New York City." I say with a smile also as I eat more.

"That's really cool. Take us there someday." Calum says walking over with some food and sits across from me.

"Yeah. When I have my own apartment and am staring on broadway." I say with a slight laugh.

"What's so funny?" Ashton asks as Michael bowls.

"It's one thing to live in New York it's another to visit. It's terrible growing up there. I hate it." I say.

"So what your saying is don't be Australian transfers at your fancy school for the fine arts. Got ya." Calum says.

"Basically. How'd you know Vanessa and I go to a fancy school for fine arts?" I ask.

"Vanessa told us." Ashton says as he lifts up to bowl. I glance over and see Vanessa and Luke practically making out and Michael just laughs and says

"Play it safe!" I smack him and throw a fry at the two love birds. And we all just laughed as Vanessa flicked us off. And I continue my conversation.

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