Heartache On the Big Screen

This is a story about two girls (Vanessa and Alexandria) who have a Youtube channel for their "band" called 13 Ways. These girls do covers and a lot of people like them, including four boys from a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. The six all DM and comment to each other. Next thing you know Alexandria and Vanessa are on summer vacation and decide (with the help of the boys) to go to Sydney for the summer. They leave New York City and move in with the boys. All goes well, until they start falling in love Vanessa loves Luke and Luke likes her, a lot. Alexandria likes Ashton.. and Ashton likes her, but so does Calum. One summer night everything changes for all of them. The love gets harder and soon falls apart, but never quite ends. What will happen?


2. Characters

Alexandria Starr- Mila Kunis




Vanessa Love- Odette Annabelle

(The rest of these are pretty obvious, just saying)

Ashton Irwin- Ashton Irwin


Luke Hemmings- Luke Hemmings




Calum Hood- Calum Hood




Michael Clifford- Michael Clifford



There is a few more characters thrown into the story but there are the basics :)

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